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Although and Wilson
Although it has a unified theme in its emotional content, the writers ( Brian Wilson and Tony Asher ) have said repeatedly that it was not necessarily intended to be a narrative.
Although the concept of consilience in Whewell's sense was widely discussed by philosophers of science, the term was unfamiliar to the broader public until the end of the 20th century, when it was revived in Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, a 1998 book by the humanist biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, as an attempt to bridge the culture gap between the sciences and the humanities that was the subject of C. P. Snow's The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution ( 1959 ).
Although Wilson invited Marshall to cabinet meetings, Marshall's ideas were rarely considered for implementation, and Marshall eventually stopped attending them regularly.
Although Marshall sought to meet with Wilson to personally determine his condition, he was unable to do so, and relied on vague updates he received through a few bulletins published by Wilson's physician.
Although Wilson promised African Americans ' fair dealing ... in advancing the interests of their race in the United States " the Wilson administration implemented a policy of segregation for federal employees.
Although the school's endowment was barely $ 4 million, Wilson sought $ 2 million for a preceptorial system of teaching, $ 1 million for a school of science, and nearly $ 3 million for new buildings and salary increases.
Although Ms. May was the first elected Member of Parliament, the first seat was gained in the Canadian House of Commons on August 30, 2008 when sitting Independent MP Blair Wilson joined the party.
Although U. S. President Woodrow Wilson had insisted that the région was self-ruling by legal status, as its constitution had stated it was bound to the sole authority of the Kaiser and not to the German state, France tolerated no plebiscite, as granted by the League of Nations to some eastern German territories at this time, because Alsatians were considered by the French public as fellow Frenchmen liberated from German rule.
Although Wilson had two abortive attempts at an All Souls Fellowship, he continued in academia, becoming one of the youngest Oxford University dons of the century at the age of 21.
Although the First Wilson Government had enacted a wide range of social reforms and arguably did much to reduce social inequalities during its time in office, the economic difficulties that it faced led to austerity measures being imposed on numerous occasions, forcing the government to abandon some of its key policy goals.
Although Byrd supported Congressional acceptance of the amendment, he contended that Wilson had deviated from " historic tradition " by not waiting for Congress to consider the validity of the ratification, given the more than 202-year lapse since the Amendment had been proposed.
Although the United States promoted Woodrow Wilson's Fourteen Points and the ideals of self-determination at the conference, Wilson was unable to advance these ideals in the face of stubborn resistance by David Lloyd George, Georges Clemenceau and the U. S. Congress.
Although the CIA in general and Charlie Wilson, a Texas Congressman, have received most of the attention, the key architect of this strategy was Michael G. Vickers, a young Paramilitary Officer.
Although the record was issued under the group's name, Pet Sounds is arguably seen as a Brian Wilson solo album — Wilson even toyed with the idea by releasing " Caroline, No " as a solo single in March 1966 — reaching no.
Although the book drew on interviews with Wilson and others ( by Todd Gold ) it is widely believed to be Landy's account of Brian's life.
Although one biographer writes that " it is difficult to say how far the relationship went " evidence from her letters suggests that they may have become lovers in 1887 and may have engaged in some form of sado-masochism, a claim echoed by A. N. Wilson.
Although Burke ultimately won the chart war, Burke broke rank and supported his rival: “ I would go to the radio stations and say, ‘ Hi, I ’ m Solomon Burke, and I ’ m here promoting the new record “ If You Need Me ”… by Wilson Pickett .’” Despite his efforts, Burke's version jockeyed with Pickett's for position in the Hot 100, before " beating Pickett to the punch " because of " Solomon ’ s popularity and Atlantic ’ s distribution.
Although some in the Conservative party agreed with Wilson ( and Jo Grimond, the Liberal leader ) that the Conservatives would have won the 1964 election if Butler had been Prime Minister, The Times observed, " it should not be overlooked that in October 1963 Home took over a Government whose morale was shattered and whose standing in the opinion polls was abysmal.
Although her on-stage appearance brought loud cheers from the crowd, Ballard told Wilson that she had no interest in continuing a career in music.
Although German Jews generally leaned Republican in the second half of the 19th century, the East European elements voted Democratic or for left parties since at least 1916, when they voted 55 % for Woodrow Wilson.
Although political scientist James Q. Wilson has also denounced the abuse excuse, he points out that it is only effective if a jury finds it to be compelling evidence of innocence or a substantial mitigating factor.
Although she won the Democratic Party's nomination for the office, she then lost in the general election to Republican Senator Pete Wilson, who vacated his seat in the Senate to assume the governorship.
Although the Conservatives were still officially supporting the Lloyd George Coalition, Wilson wrote that all his energies would be devoted to overthrowing the present government.

Although and was
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
Although New Orleans was not to learn of it for a spell, she also was a sadist, a nymphomaniac and unobtrusively mad -- the perpetrator of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil.
Although Faulkner was the heir in his own family to this tradition, he did not have Stark Young's inclination to romanticize and sentimentalize the planter society.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
Although after much trouble he did manage to get it back, he discovered there was no trade to be had.
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
Although the fort was evacuated in the face of the force of Cornwallis, Morgan and his men did have a chance to take another swing at the redcoats.
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although Mr. Brown was not himself its inventor ( it was a French idea ), it is typical that his intuition first conceived the importance of mass producing this basic tool for general use.
Although it was a mere fragment of the victim's remains, it was enough.
Although there were only four fluids tested, it was apparent that there were two distinct types.
Although the tape was run for over 1 hr., a steady state was not reached, and it was concluded that the reason for this was that the back pressure of the manometer was built up from the material fed from between the blocks and this was available at a very slow rate.
-- Although there was some variation in results which must be attributed either to trace impurities or to variation in wall effects, the photochemical exchange in the gas phase was sufficiently reproducible so that it seemed meaningful to compare the reaction rates in different series of reaction tubes for the purpose of obtaining information on the effect of chlorine concentration and of carbon tetrachloride concentration on the reaction rate.
Although the Taylor Scale was designed as a group testing device, in this study it was individually administered by psychologically trained workers who established rapport and assisted the children in reading the items.

Although and one
Although one meets with occasional extremists like Zachrisson or, very recently, Arthur Wade-Evans the majority of scholars have taken a middle position between the extremes of scepticism and gullibility.
Although they are forbidden to sit with the customers, the dancers are sometimes proffered drinks, and most of them can bolt one down in mid-shimmy.
Although this technique is simple and satisfactory, one practical difficulty does exist: the direction of true north must be known for each launch point.
Although the training is only for one month, it is intensive and thorough.
Although there was no doubt in my mind and we've been handling it as one I'm glad to have it made official ''.
Although economic and personal circumstances vary widely among those now choosing apartments, Leo J. Pantas, vice president of a hardware manufacturing company, pointed out recently that many apartment seekers seem to have one characteristic in common: a desire for greater convenience and freedom from the problems involved in maintaining a house.
Although the resolution might have been far more specific, it was considerably tougher than the earlier one.
Although a complete picture cannot be given, we can indicate some aspects of life into which the Christian faith entered as at least one creative factor.
Although there are landscapes in the show ( one of the strongest is a vista of `` Gloucester Harbor '' in 1915 ), the human element was the compelling factor in Sloan's art.
Although there are seven other types of annual awards presented by the Academy ( the Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award, the Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award, the Gordon E. Sawyer Award, the Scientific and Engineering Award, the Technical Achievement Award, the John A. Bonner Medal of Commendation, and the Student Academy Award ) plus two awards that are not presented annually ( the Special Achievement Award in the form of an Oscar statuette and the Honorary Award that may or may not be in the form of an Oscar statuette ), the best known one is the Academy Award of Merit more popularly known as the Oscar statuette.
Although short a was not written, as in the Indic abugidas, one could argue that the linear arrangement made this a true alphabet.
Although the name actually applies to a group of snakes, it is often used to refer only to one species in particular, the common or green anaconda, Eunectes murinus, which is one of the largest snakes in the world.
Although an explanation for the phenomenon was not provided until 1919, duralumin was one of the first " age hardening " alloys to be used, and was soon followed by many others.
Although only one of his four children survived to adulthood, Antoninus came to be ancestor to generations of prominent Roman statesmen and socialites, including at least one empress consort.
Although Romans who had been adopted into a new family usually retained their old nomen in cognomen form ( e. g. Octavianus for one who had been an Octavius, Aemilianus for one who had been an Aemilius, etc.
Although the general direction of the mountains, ridges, and valleys is northeast and southwest, irregularity is one of the most prominent characteristics.
Although Ealdred gave up the bishopric, the appointment of Wulfstan was one that allowed Ealdred to continue his considerable influence on the see of Worcester.
Although its function is unknown, it has been often suggested that the jewel was one of the æstels — pointers for reading — that Alfred ordered sent to every bishopric accompanying a copy of his translation of the Pastoral Care.
Although few details of his life are known, he is regarded as one of the leading scientists in classical antiquity.
Although Cambria Iron and Steel's facilities were heavily damaged by the flood, they returned to full production within a year .. After the flood, Carnegie built Johnstown a new library to replace the one built by Cambria's chief legal counsel Cyrus Elder, which was destroyed in the flood.
Although the hardware is limited to four separate sound channels, software such as OctaMED uses software mixing to allow eight or more virtual channels, and it was possible for software to mix two hardware channels to achieve a single 14-bit resolution channel by playing with the volumes of the channels in such a way that one of the source channels contributes the most significant bits and the other the least.
Although Acorn were able to shrink substantially the same functionality as the BBC into just one chip, manufacturing problems meant that very few machines were available for the Christmas period — to the extent that some shops reported eight presales for every delivered machine.

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