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Although and cheap
Although these early hand-held calculators were very expensive, these advances in electronics, together with developments in display technology ( such as the vacuum fluorescent display, LED, and LCD ), lead within a few years to the cheap pocket calculator available to all.
Although silk was a somewhat expensive medium to paint upon in the past, the invention of paper during the 1st century AD by the Han court eunuch Cai Lun provided not only a cheap and widespread medium for writing, but also a cheap and widespread medium for painting ( making it more accessible to the public ).
Although the computer was hyped as being advanced for its time, and relatively cheap, it failed to sell well, and UK production was suspended in 1985, due to lack of demand.
Although much of it goes to small scale speciality soaps, large scale producers also use it, mainly because it is cheap.
Although slavery had been legally abolished in Mozambique by the Portuguese authorities, at the end of the 19th century the Chartered companies enacted a forced labor policy and supplied cheap – often forced – African labor to the mines and plantations of the nearby British colonies and South Africa.
Although, the change to Compressed Natural Gas ( CNG ) cars saved over 4000 premature deaths in 2009, their cheap price has spiked the total numbers of cars on the streets.
Although the exact date of the final show is currently unknown, it seems to have petered out sometime in 1983 and was replaced with WLVI-TV's Martial Arts Theater, showing cheap English dubbed Hong Kong martial arts movies, as a replacement.
Although methanol is not produced in toxic amounts by fermentation of sugars from grain starches, contamination is still possible by unscrupulous distillers using cheap methanol to increase the apparent strength of the product.
Although the prohibition has been lifted, cheap soju continues to be made this way.
Although this design makes for simplified and cheap construction, it has two major drawbacks ; the tortuous path followed by the intake charge limits air flow and effectively prevents speeds greater than 2, 000 – 2, 500 RPM, and the travels of the exhaust through the block can cause overheating under sustained heavy load.
Although print times vary among different dye-sublimation printers, a typical cheap home-use dye-sub printer can print a 6 " x 4 " photo in 45 – 90 seconds.
Although overseas colonies provided cheap slave labor for part of the Industrial Revolution period, local labor in Britain itself was more expensive than in China, providing the capitalist class an incentive to improve worker efficiency.
Although popular works, including popular poems or collections of poems, were already being distributed for private reading and study in manuscript form, there can be little doubt that the introduction of cheap printing technologies accelerated this trend considerably.
Although cheap and easy to build, a gunfighter pā required a significant input of labour and resources.
Although made of relatively cheap parts, the prototypes also proved to be considerably more rugged and resistant to jamming than the somewhat temperamental MG 34.
Although the service offered by these buses is cheap, passengers with large luggage are often not carried as the buses lack luggage capacity.
Although not designed for the role, the SU-152 proved to be a cheap, widely produced and effective heavy tank killer, second only to the SU-100 as an antitank vehicle, as well as highly successful at its original role against infantry and fortifications.
Although early developers and users of distributions built on top of the Linux kernel could take advantage of cheap optical disks and rapidly declining prices of CD drives for personal computers, the Linux distribution CDs or " distros " were generally treated as a collection of installation packages that must first be permanently installed to hard disks on the target machine.
Although this is on the decline, in part due to the growth of chain stores that desire national distribution networks and cheap wholesales prices — prices driven down by the low cost of imported produce.
Although clogs are sometimes negatively associated with cheap and folkloric footwear of farmers and the working class, some types of clogs are considered as fashion wear today, such as Swedish clogs or Japanese geta.
Although this would be more expensive than recording in London, bassist Steve Harris comments, " We decided that doing it on the cheap was a false economy.
Although relatively cheap and quick to build, they were unsuited to heavy loads and required ' excessive maintenance '.
Although this leads to some minor variation in thickness, it produces a much smoother edge to the wink than seen on cheap moulded winks.

Although and effective
Although science has given us more effective materials, preparations from anise, castorbean, colchicum, nux vomica, mustard, fennel, and stramonium are familiar to many for the relief of human ailments.
Although the early German Panzerjäger carried more effective weapons than the tanks on which they were based, they were generally lacking in protection for the crew, having thinly armored open-topped superstructures.
Although it is involved in " brown-water " ( riverine and coastal ) operations, the navy's primary goal has been to become an effective " blue-water " navy, able to project power on the high seas.
Although effective in quick campaigns against Poland and France, mobile operations could not be sustained by Germany in later years.
Although data are still lacking, carbamazepine appears to be as effective and safe as lithium for the treatment of bipolar disorder, both in the acute and maintenance phase.
Although the catapult has been used since ancient times, it has proven to be one of the most effective mechanisms during warfare.
Although effective while he ruled, Diocletian's Tetrarchic system collapsed after his abdication under the competing dynastic claims of Maxentius and Constantine, sons of Maximian and Constantius respectively.
Although the abuses and atrocities that characterized the Macias years have been eliminated, effective rule of law does not exist.
Although this principle was held by all emperors after Constantine, it met with increasing resistance and ultimately rejection by bishops in the west after the effective end of Imperial power in there.
Although this should, in theory, be highly effective in counteracting genetic disorders and hereditary diseases, many jurisdictions prohibit this for application in human beings, at least for the present, for a variety of technical and ethical reasons.
Although the Privy Council declined after the death of Elizabeth, while she was alive it was very effective.
Although the goals of the minimum wage are widely accepted as proper, there is great disagreement as to whether the minimum wage is effective in attaining its goals.
Although it was illegal to offer or accept bribes exchange for votes, effective enforcement of this prohibition proved impossible.
Although Pedro's brother Ramón Martínez, then a star pitcher for the Dodgers, declared that his brother was an even better pitcher than he, the younger Martínez was thought by manager Tommy Lasorda too small to be an effective starting pitcher at the Major League level ; Lasorda used Pedro Martínez almost exclusively as a relief pitcher.
Although the government had been established with support of the people, it had failed to implement effective reforms which brought about endless social unrest, political turmoil and ultimately, the 5. 16 coup d ' état.
Although Egypt claimed all of the present Sudan during most of the 19th century, and established a province Equatoria in southern Sudan to further this aim, it was unable to establish effective control over the area.
Although the importance of sea travel for passengers has decreased due to aviation, it is effective for short trips and pleasure cruises.
Although some safe sex practices can be used as contraception, most forms of contraception do not protect against all or any STIs ; likewise, some safe sex practices, like partner selection and low risk sex behavior, are not effective forms of contraception.
Although they are still considered to be highly effective, they have been increasingly replaced by antidepressants with an improved safety and side effect profile, such as the SSRIs and other newer antidepressants such as the novel reversible MAOI moclobemide.
Although a proposed amendment is effective after three-fourths of the states ratify it, states have, in many instances, ratified an amendment that has already become law, often for symbolic reasons.
Although William was an effective soldier, he was a ruthless ruler and, it seems, was little liked by those he governed: according to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle, he was " hateful to almost all his people and odious to God.
Although this solution is effective, it leads to many problems.
Although photos that were published at the time showed rows of Sheridans ready to defend against Iraqi tanks, they would not have been very effective against the Soviet-designed T-72s which comprised the bulk of the Iraqi Republican Guard.
Although some function without SSA, they are most effective with SSA.

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