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Although and each
Although this technique is simple and satisfactory, one practical difficulty does exist: the direction of true north must be known for each launch point.
Although democracy predated Athenian imperialism by over thirty years, they are sometimes associated with each other.
" Although heterogeneous, the major CAM systems have many common characteristics, including a focus on individualizing treatments, treating the whole person, promoting self-care and self-healing, and recognizing the spiritual nature of each individual.
Although most cultural systems of astrology share common roots in ancient philosophies that influenced each other, many have unique methodologies which differ from those developed in the West.
Although variations of the blood supply to the adrenal glands ( and indeed the kidneys themselves ) are common, there are usually three arteries that supply each adrenal gland:
Although it has been known for a while that the Black Sea and the Sea of Marmara flow into each other in an example of a density flow, findings of a study by the University of Leeds in August 2010 reveal that there is in fact an underwater channel of high density water flowing across the floor of the Bosphorus ( caused by the difference in density of the two seas ), which would be the sixth largest river on Earth if it were to be on land.
Although each variant of bridge has its own particular scheme for awarding and accumulating points, all are based upon whether or not the contract for each deal was made or defeated and by how many tricks.
Although each series is set in a different era, all follow the " misfortunes " of Edmund Blackadder ( played by Atkinson ), who in each is a member of a British family dynasty present at many significant periods and places in British history.
Although Baltimore had the best overall record in the AL East in 1981, they finished second in each half.
Although there are many people who identify as being into BDSM who don't share the experience with anyone besides play-or sexual partners, " BDSM " is also used to denote a subculture of people interested in BDSM who may socialize together, educate each other, and throw " play parties " at which BDSM activities are welcome.
Although the referendum approved the CAFTA, each new law had to be analyzed and approved individually ; this has caused delays in Costa Rica's compliance to CAFTA.
Although dream sleep and non-dream sleep appear very similar to an outside observer, each is associated with a distinct pattern of brain activity, metabolic activity, and eye movement ; each is also associated with a distinct pattern of experience and cognition.
Although the Bogotá junta called itself a " Supreme Junta of the New Kingdom of Granada ," it failed to provide political unity, and battles broke out between cities and towns as each tried to defend its sovereignty.
Although all of these behaviors merge into each other seamlessly in various bonding situations so that there is no clear line to be drawn between them, nevertheless behaviors of atoms become so qualitatively different as the character of the bond changes quantitatively, that it remains useful and customary to differentiate between the bonds that cause these different properties of condensed matter.
Although Young threw over 400 innings in each of his first four full seasons, he did not lead his league until 1902.
Although the approximately 2, 000 queries received each week are screened by the Car Talk staff, the questions are unknown to the Magliozzis in advance as " that would entail researching the right answer, which is what?
Although Darwin discussed evolutionary ideas with him from 1842, Lyell continued to reject evolution in each of the first nine editions of the Principles.
Although the court at Celliwig is the most prominent in remaining early Welsh manuscripts, the various versions of the Welsh Triads agree in giving Arthur multiple courts, one in each of the areas inhabited by the Britons: Cornwall, Wales and the Old North.
Although each individual repeating unit is very small, DNA polymers can be very large molecules containing millions of nucleotides.
Although a lens can precisely focus at only one distance at a time, the decrease in sharpness is gradual on each side of the focused distance, so that within the DOF, the unsharpness is imperceptible under normal viewing conditions.
Although the Legacy DOM implementations were largely compatible since JScript was based on JavaScript, the DHTML DOM extensions were developed in parallel by each browser maker and remained incompatible.

Although and country
Although the need for outside trained manpower exists in every newly developing nation, the readiness to receive such manpower, or to receive it from the United States will vary from country to country.
Although asado is eaten all over the country, its origin may be traced back to the Pampas.
Although Nelson had previously been castigated in the press for failing to intercept the French fleet, rumours of the battle had begun to arrive in Britain from the continent in late September and the news Capel brought was greeted with celebrations right across the country.
Although drops in its external assistance budget have reduced French military and social development aid to the country, France remains the most important bilateral donor and the country from which C. A. R.
Although they can sometimes be found on InterCity routes in the continental part of the country.
Although the mechanism differs from country to country, most use a similar mechanism based on a central bank's ability to create as much fiat money as required.
Although Canada is internationally a fairly strong country in diving, the vast majority of Canadian high schools and universities do not have diving teams, and many Canadian divers accept athletic scholarships from American colleges.
Although it looked like Parton's career had been revived, it was actually just a brief revival before contemporary country music came in the early 1990s and moved all veteran artists out of the charts.
Although no country has adopted Esperanto officially, Esperanto was recommended by the French Academy of Sciences in 1921 and recognized in 1954 by UNESCO ( which later, in 1985, also recommended it to its member states ).
Although Hanzei is considered to have ruled the country during the early-5th century, there is a paucity of information about him.
Although other countries have points extending north, virtually all of Finland is north of 60 degrees north latitude ; nearly a quarter of the land area and fully one-third of the latitudinal extent of the country lie north of the Arctic Circle.
Although the country was culturally, socially, and politically Western, Finns realised they had to live in peace with the USSR and take no action that might be interpreted as a security threat.
Although Guinea's external debt burden remains high, the country is now current on external debt payments.
Although he listened to some country music, especially that of George Jones, Brooks was most fond of rock music, citing James Taylor, Dan Fogelberg, and Townes Van Zandt as major influences.
" Although Brooks remained polite, he did observe that Yates was obviously unfamiliar with modern country music.
Although the juntas, that had forced the French to leave Spain, had sworn by the liberal Constitution of 1812, Ferdinand VII openly believed that it was too liberal for the country.
Although, strictly speaking, he did not establish slavery, he imposed a semi-feudal system, fumage, in which every able man was required to work in plantations ( similar to Latifundios ) to produce goods for the fledging country.
Most of the country has an elevation of fewer than 200 m. Although Hungary has several moderately high ranges of mountains, those reaching heights of 300 m or more cover less than 2 % of the country.
Although Scotland and England had both rejected papal authority, the Reformation in each country proceeded in slightly different directions.
Although it had a distinctive name in each country, it was everywhere regarded as a kind of psalterium.

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