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Although and early
Although the standard deviation values on which spread of the lines is based are relatively larger for those centers which begin to ossify early ( Table 1 ), there are considerable differences in this value between centers having the closely timed Onsets.
Although Tylor undertook a field trip to Mexico, both he and Frazer derived most of the material for their comparative studies through extensive reading, not fieldwork, mainly the Classics ( literature and history of Greece and Rome ), the work of the early European folklorists, and reports from missionaries, travelers, and contemporaneous ethnologists.
Although blind students have benefited from talking calculators, the abacus is still very often taught to these students in early grades, both in public schools and state schools for the blind.
Although they are often considered to be weeds in gardens, this viewpoint is not always necessary, as most of them die when the soil temperature warms up again in early to late spring when other plants are still dormant and have not yet leafed out.
Although early Commodore advertisements attempted to cast the computer as an all-purpose business machine, the Amiga was most commercially successful as a home computer, with a wide range of games and creative software.
Although the early German Panzerjäger carried more effective weapons than the tanks on which they were based, they were generally lacking in protection for the crew, having thinly armored open-topped superstructures.
Although this is a relatively small value, it was well within the observational capability of the instruments available in the early eighteenth century.
Although he had long suffered from heart trouble, his early death was unexpected ; taken ill suddenly at the end of 1934, he lay bedridden for three months before dying of pneumonia.
Although Housman's early work and his sphere of responsibilities as professor included both Latin and Greek, he began to focus his energy on Latin poetry.
Although bluetongue disease was already recognized in South Africa in the early 19th century, a comprehensive description of the disease was not published until the first decade of the 20th century.
Although the various Baltic tribes were mentioned by ancient historians as early as 98 B. C., the first attestation of a Baltic language was in about 1350, with the creation of the Elbing Prussian Vocabulary, a German to Prussian translation dictionary.
Although probably on friendly terms with the Romans in the early 1st century, there is little evidence of the Peucini until ca.
Although his success lasted only a year and a half before his death in an airplane crash, Holly is described by critic Bruce Eder as " the single most influential creative force in early rock and roll.
Although little is known about his early life, he was likely born in Bristol, England.
Although the form declined in popularity towards the end of the 18th century its influence can be seen in light operas like that of Gilbert and Sullivan's early works like The Sorcerer as well as in the modern musical.
Although early Reichswehr periodicals contained many translated works from Allied sources, they were rarely adopted.
According to Kenneth S. Rogoff, " Although the development of international capital markets was quite limited prior to 1800, we nevertheless catalog the numerous defaults of France, Portugal, Prussia, Spain, and the early Italian city-states.
Although in its early days, the Cayman Islands ' most important relationships were with Britain and Jamaica, in recent years, this has shifted, and they now rely more so on the United States and Canada.
Although central banks today are generally associated with fiat money, the 19th and early 20th centuries central banks in most of Europe and Japan developed under the international gold standard, elsewhere free banking or currency boards were more usual at this time.
Although most early codices were made of papyrus, papyrus was fragile and supplies from Egypt, the only place where papyrus grew and was made into paper, became scanty ; the more durable parchment and vellum gained favor, despite the cost.
Although Latin Jazz is most popularly associated with artists from the Caribbean ( particularly Cuba ) and Brazil, young Mexican Americans have played a role in its development over the years, going back to the 1930s and early 1940s, the era of the zoot suit, when young Mexican American musicians in Los Angeles and San Jose began to experiment with banda, a Jazz-like Mexican music that has grown recently in popularity among Mexican Americans such as Jenni Rivera.
Although founded as a preparatory and vocational school by Amos G. Throop in 1891, the college attracted influential scientists such as George Ellery Hale, Arthur Amos Noyes, and Robert Andrews Millikan in the early 20th century.
Although, in these early years, engines came in a number of configurations, typically Q < sub > H </ sub > was supplied by a boiler, wherein water was boiled over a furnace ; Q < sub > C </ sub > was typically a stream of cold flowing water in the form of a condenser located on a separate part of the engine.
Although classical liberals aspired to a minimum of state activity, they accepted the principle of government intervention in the economy from the early 19th century with passage of the Factory Acts.
Although experiencing some defeats early on in the campaign, Emperor Wu's war from 104 BC to 102 BC succeeded in gathering the prized tribute of horses from Fergana.

Although and examples
Although there are few examples of such systems competitive with traditional analysis techniques, potential advantages include size / portability, speed, and cost.
Although most stand alone in the landscape, some examples exist of brochs surrounded by clusters of smaller dwellings.
Although mainly concentrated in the northern Highlands and the Islands, a few examples occur in the Borders ( for example Edin's Hall Broch ), on the west coast of Dumfries and Galloway and near Stirling.
Although killing oneself is forbidden under normal Jewish law as being a denial of God's goodness in the world, under extreme circumstances when there has seemed no choice but to either be killed or forced to betray their religion, Jews have committed suicide or mass suicide ( see Masada, First French persecution of the Jews, and York Castle for examples ).
Although Johnson would attest in a 1984 radio interview that the " two tribes " of the song potentially represented any pair of warring adversaries ( giving the examples of " cowboys and Indians or Captain Kirk and Klingons "), the song does contain the line " On the air America / I modelled shirts by Van Heusen ", a clear reference to then US President Ronald Reagan, who had advertised for Phillips Van Heusen in 1953 ( briefly reviving the association in the early 1980s ), and whose first film had been titled Love Is On The Air.
Although the Greek-language-origin prefix geo refers to Earth, " geology " is often used in conjunction with the names of other planetary bodies when describing their composition and internal processes: examples are " the geology of Mars " and " Lunar geology ".
Although longbows were much faster and more accurate than the black powder weapons which replaced them, longbowmen always took a long time to train because of the years of practice necessary before a war longbow could be used effectively ( examples of longbows from the Mary Rose typically had draws greater than ).
Although Mach is often mentioned as one of the earliest examples of a microkernel, not all versions of Mach are microkernels.
Although humorous, Peter's book contains many real-world examples and thought-provoking explanations of human behavior.
Although examples of " over-provision " like this can be found all over Berlin, it is Potsdamer Platz that, rightly or wrongly, has been used to highlight the problem.
Although there are depictions of sieges from the ancient Near East in historical sources and in art, there are very few examples of siege systems that have been found archaeologically.
Although ignored for a decade, this view was subjected to substantial criticism, resulting in several widely believed counter examples to the theory.
Although Hebrew and Greek words meaning " world " are used in Scripture with the normal variety of senses, many examples of its use in this particular sense can be found in the teachings of Jesus according to the Gospel of John, e. g. 7: 7, 8: 23, 12: 25, 14: 17, 15: 18-19, 17: 6-25, 18: 36.
Although this result might appear to settle the existence and uniqueness of solutions, there are examples of linear partial differential equations whose coefficients have derivatives of all orders ( which are nevertheless not analytic ) but which have no solutions at all: see Lewy ( 1957 ).
Although Steward and Barnett seemed to be suggesting that anthropology as such should restrict itself to purely academic affairs, people within and without the academy have continued to debate the ways non-anthropologists have used this principle in public policy concerning ethnic minorities or in international relations ( see this interview or this article on cultural relativism and human rights for examples of this debate ).
Although clear examples of the difference between cake and bread are easy to find, the precise classification has always been elusive.
Although these examples offer alternate strategies for achieving the same abstraction, they do not fundamentally alter the need to support abstract nouns in code-all programming relies on an ability to abstract verbs as functions, nouns as data structures, and either as processes.
Although very unusual and perhaps outside standard heraldic practice, there are some examples of the particular appearance of the motto scroll and letters thereon being blazoned.
Although the term is now most commonly used in reference to modern electronic devices such as a monome, the piano and guitar may also be said to be early examples of music technology.
Although there are Victorian examples of counterfactual history, it was not until the very late 20th century that the exploration of counterfactuals in history was to begin in earnest.
Although examples of half-identical twins have been found, the exact mechanism of their conception is not well-understood, but could theoretically occur in polar body twinning where sperm cells fertilize both the ovum and the second polar body.
Although Eudocia's work has been mostly ignored by modern scholars, her poetry and literary work are great examples of how her Christian faith and Greek upbringing were intertwined, exemplifying a legacy that the Byzantine Empire left behind on the Christian world.
Although he himself had never been there, he undoubtedly knew from drawings and engravings of examples in buildings, such as the Palazzo Barberini in Rome, and had already used one to great effect at his Château du Raincy.
Although Beckwith does not cite any examples, the Swedish sinologist Bernhard Karlgren edited two dictionaries: Analytic Dictionary of Chinese and Sino-Japanese ( 1923 ) and Grammata Serica Recensa ( 1957 ).

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