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Although and formed
Although Dio is the earliest writer to mention them, Ammianus Marcellinus used the name to refer to Germans on the Limes Germanicus in the time of Trajan's governorship of the province shortly after it was formed, circa 98 / 99.
Although by nature rather withdrawn, Housman formed strong friendships with two roommates, Moses Jackson and A. W. Pollard.
Although the newly independent provinces formed a Federation, border disputes broke out among them, adding to the region's turbulent history and conditions.
Although the ČSLA, as formed in 1945, included both Soviet-and British-equipped / trained expatriate troops, the " Western " soldiers had been purged from the ČSLA after 1948 when the communists took power.
Although Wegener's theory was formed independently and was more complete than those of his predecessors, Wegener later credited a number of past authors with similar ideas:
Although the acronym ECU is formed from English words, écu is also the name of an ancient French coin.
Although not participating at all in the opening days of the invasion, Prime Minister Jean Chrétien announced on October 7 that Canada would contribute forces to the international force being formed to conduct a campaign against terrorism.
Although it was not legally recognized until 1982, the CGT was originally formed in 1970 by the Christian Democrats and received external support from the World Confederation of Labour ( WCL ) and the Latin American Workers Central ( Central Latinoamericana de Trabajadores — CLAT ), a regional organization supported by Christian Democratic parties.
Although the supergroup was never formed, Page remembered Moon's odd expression and later adopted it as the name of a new band.
Although their political structure and autonomy varies widely, union leaderships are usually formed through democratic elections.
Although born from the same history of Unix, Internet free software, and the hacker culture as the free software movement launched by Richard Stallman and his Free Software Foundation, the Open Source Initiative was formed and chose the term open source, in Michael Tiemann's words, to " dump the moralizing and confrontational attitude that had been associated with ' free software ' in the past and sell the idea strictly on the same pragmatic, business-case grounds that had motivated Netscape.
Although these may also be legitimately referred to as " pearls " by gemological labs and also under U. S. Federal Trade Commission rules, and are formed in the same way, most of them have no value, except as curiosities.
Although government is formed in the lower house, the House of Representatives, the support of the Senate is necessary in order to govern.
Although the Whigs at first formed the most important part of the coalition, the Whiggish elements of the new party progressively lost influence during the long leadership of the Peelite William Ewart Gladstone, and many of the old Whig aristocrats broke from the party over the issue of Irish home rule in 1886 to help form the Liberal Unionist Party — which itself would merge with the Conservative Party by 1912.
Although a headland, it was not formed by coastal erosion – as headlands are usually formed – but is a remnant of the orogenic processes that created the Apennines.
Although the spots were formed of black pigment, the less dense pigmentation gives a hazy, grayish effect.
Although no part of Manchuria was glaciated during the Quaternary, the surface geology of most of the lower-lying and more fertile parts of the region consists of very deep layers of loess, which have been formed by the wind-born movement of dust and till particles formed in glaciated parts of the Himalayas, Kunlun Shan and Tien Shan, as well as the Gobi and Taklamakan Deserts.
Although they are common in South America today, peccaries did not reach that continent until about three million years ago during the Great American Interchange, when the Isthmus of Panama formed, connecting North America and South America.
Although his writings were not accepted by his contemporary peers, Zhu's commentary and emphasis upon the Confucian classics of the Four Books as an introductory corpus to Confucian learning formed the basis of the Neo-Confucian doctrine.
Although much of the highly divisive public debate about EU membership turned on political rather than economic issues, it formed economic policy in several important ways:
Although Williams remained open, Amherst was formed and diverged from its Williams roots into an individual institution.
Although the first continents formed during this eon, rock of this age makes up only 7 % of the world's current cratons ; even allowing for erosion and destruction of past formations, evidence suggests that continental crust equivalent to only 5-40 % of the present amount formed during the Archean.

Although and upstate
Although numerous political references to the " Wizard " appeared early in the 20th century, it was in a scholarly article by Henry Littlefield, an upstate New York high school history teacher, published in 1964 that there appeared the first full-fledged interpretation of the novel as an extended political allegory of the politics and characters of the 1890s.
Although, Bush did win a majority of the counties in upstate NY, including his largest victory in rural Hamilton County.
Although the brewery looked to expand its brewing capacity in the City, originally most of the production, including all Brooklyn Lager and all bottled products, were brewed by contract in the upstate New York city of Utica, due to the limited ability to meet demand at the Williamsburg brewery, its lack of a bottling line, and the cost benefits of contract brewing.
Although born in upstate New York he was raised in Peabody, Massachusetts and attended the city's Peabody High School.

Although and New
Although New Orleans was not to learn of it for a spell, she also was a sadist, a nymphomaniac and unobtrusively mad -- the perpetrator of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil.
Although he still didn't speak to anyone, he grew fond of saying, `` The future lies in Asia '', when the opportunity arose, and when he graduated from high school his parents sent him to New York to give him a foundation, they said, for his life in Asian studies.
Although Doubleday achieved minor fame as a competent combat general with experience in many important Civil War battles, he is more widely remembered as the supposed inventor of the game of baseball, in Elihu Phinney's cow pasture in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839.
Although much of Inge's principles, above, still apply to the New Agrarianism, the affiliation with a particular religion and patriarchal tendency have subsided to some degree.
Although " Amazing Grace " set to " New Britain " was popular, other versions existed regionally.
Although he had for many years " harbored an ambition to create work for a public square ", he " had never set foot in New York, and knew nothing about life in a rapidly evolving metropolis.
Although colour change in leaves occurs wherever deciduous trees are found, coloured autumn foliage is noted in various regions of the world: most of Anglo-America, Eastern Asia ( including China, Korea, and Japan ), Europe, parts of Australia and New Zealand.
Although the New Synagogue is still an anchor for Jewish history and culture, Oranienburger straße and surrounding areas are increasingly known for the shopping and nightlife.
Although this passage is only three words in the original Hebrew, it is quoted three times in the New Testament.
Although Louisbourg was captured by New Englanders with British naval assistance in 1745 and by the British again in 1758, Île Royale remained formally part of colonial France until it was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
Although the Bogotá junta called itself a " Supreme Junta of the New Kingdom of Granada ," it failed to provide political unity, and battles broke out between cities and towns as each tried to defend its sovereignty.
Although the doctrine of the resurrection comes to the forefront in the New Testament, it predates the Christian era.
Although Japan eventually recognized the People's Republic in 1972, shortly after Kakuei Tanaka succeeded Sato as Prime Minister of Japan, the memory of this relationship was strong enough to be reported by The New York Times ( April 15, 1978 ) as a significant factor inhibiting trade between Japan and the mainland.
Although Coleco presented a mock-up of the SGM at the 1983 New York Toy Show, that product was never manufactured.
Although the CCC was probably the most popular New Deal program, it never became a permanent agency.
Although he sought to slow or contain the New Deal and other federal programs, he did not attempt to repeal them outright and in doing so was popular among the liberal wing of the Republican Party.
Although it had been funding British experimental films as early as 1952, the British Film Institute's foundation of a production board in 1964 — and a substantial increase in public funding from 1971 onwards — enabled it to become a dominant force in developing British art cinema in the 1970s and 80s: from the first of Bill Douglas's Trilogy My Childhood ( 1972 ), and of Terence Davies ' Trilogy Childhood ( 1978 ), via Peter Greenaway's earliest films ( including the surprising commercial success of The Draughtsman's Contract ( 1982 )) and Derek Jarman's championing of the New Queer Cinema.
Although much of his legal reform proposals were not established in his life time, his legal legacy was considered by the magazine New Scientist, in a publication of 1961, as having influenced the drafting of the Code Napoleon, and the law reforms introduced by Sir Robert Peel.
Although some notable New Testament scholars affirm traditional Johannine scholarship,
Gun ownership in Australia is not a wide social issue, and major political parties are generally supportive of pro-control legislation ( Although parties such as the New South Wales Shooters Party, which represent pro-deregulation, have a small number of seats in State Parliaments ).
Although eating tainted beef can lead to New Variant Creutzfeldt Jakob Disease ( the human variant of mad-cow disease, Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy ), there is no known case of BSE having been transmitted through collagen products such as gelatin.
Although the white jerseys of the Minnesota Vikings at the time also had a similar striping pattern and continued as such ( as well as the throwbacks the New England Patriots wore in the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions in 2002, though the Patriots later wore the same throwbacks in 2009 with truncated stripes and in 2010 became their official alternate uniform ), the Colts and most college teams with this striping pattern did not make this adjustment.
Although not himself a Pilgrim he had been hired to repair Mayflower while she lay off Southampton, England and decided to journey when she set sail, perhaps with the hope of being prosperous in the New World, or because he wished to follow Priscilla Mullins.
Although Josephus ' account of the method of death of James differs from that of the New Testament, this is seen as an indication that the Josephus account is not a Christian interpolation.
Although Marx won this contest, the transfer of the seat of the General Council from London to New York in 1872, which Marx supported, led to the decline of the International.

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