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Although and has
Although he is perfectly willing to cooperate with Scotland Yard, Holmes has nothing but contempt for the intelligence and mentality of the police.
Although Patchen has given previous evidence of an interest in jazz, the musical group that he works with, the Chamber Jazz Sextet, is often ignored by jazz critics.
Although the wood has been changed to coal, much of it still retains its original cell structure.
Although today's trucks are as fast as passenger cars, a truck driver has to be a sensible person and guard against hogging the road.
Although the matter has not been unequivocally demonstrated, the available data show that micelles in themselves do not contribute significantly to the detergency process.
Although a somewhat technical subject, it has important political implications as the above discussion of the voting system indicated.
Although the pause in the advance of general business activity this year has thus far been quite modest, it is hard to escape the conclusion that the softening process will continue into the first quarter of 1961 and possibly somewhat longer.
Although refrigeration has served to extend the storage life of these products, substantially increased consumption might be possible if areas remote from the seacoast could be served adequately.
Although science has given us more effective materials, preparations from anise, castorbean, colchicum, nux vomica, mustard, fennel, and stramonium are familiar to many for the relief of human ailments.
Although progress has been made in America's system of libraries it still falls short of what is required if we are to maintain the standards that are needed for an informed America.
Although I have emphasized the barriers which an aroused nationalism has raised against relations between Christians and non-Christians in Asia, the fact is that this development has also widened the gulf between certain Afro-Asian religions themselves.
Although the axiom of countable choice in particular is commonly used in constructive mathematics, its use has also been questioned.
Although argon is a noble gas, it has been found to have the capability of forming some compounds.
Although the Indian and Greek concepts of the atom were based purely on philosophy, modern science has retained the name coined by Democritus.
Although panic attacks are not experienced by every person who has anxiety, they are a common symptom.
Although a cease-fire has held since 1994, the conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh has not been resolved.
Although MacDougall's results varied considerably from " 21 grams ", for some people this figure has become synonymous with the measure of a soul's mass.
Although, as of 2009, none of the extrasolar planets detected by ground-based astrometry has been verified in subsequent studies, astrometry is expected to be more accurate in space missions that are not affected by the distorting effects of the Earth's atmosphere.
Although hydrogen-like orbitals are still used as pedagogical tools, the advent of computers has made STOs preferable for atoms and diatomic molecules since combinations of STOs can replace the nodes in hydrogen-like atomic orbital.
Although the sign still exists, the " of " has now been replaced by the URL of their website.
Although the Caiman has not been studied in-depth, scientists have learned that their mating cycles ( previously thought to be spontaneous or year-round ) are linked to the rainfall cycles and the river levels, which increases chances of survival for their offspring.
Although Albert has received relatively little recognition in German history, his dissolution of the Teutonic State caused the founding of the Duchy of Prussia ( and also the Hohenzollern dynasty ), which would eventually become arguably the most powerful German state and instrumental in uniting the whole of Germany.
Although the family ( Amaranthaceae ) is distinctive, the genus has few distinguishing characters among the 70 species included.

Although and never
Although wanted by the sheriff for killing an old man named Asher Jones, the warrant for his arrest had never been served.
Although she found she was thirsty, she was about to refuse ( never, never take candy from a strange man ) when she saw the bottle was unopened.
Although he never gets to play while the clock is running, he gets a big kick -- several every Saturday, in fact -- out of football.
Although reaching No. 8 in the world in 2000, she never won a WTA Title in singles.
Although Asser never mentions Alfred's law code, he does say that Alfred insisted that his judges be literate, so that they could apply themselves " to the pursuit of wisdom.
Although Grothendieck himself never published his work in this area, the proposal became the inspiration for work by other mathematicians and the source of the theory of dessins d ' enfants.
Although he had for many years " harbored an ambition to create work for a public square ", he " had never set foot in New York, and knew nothing about life in a rapidly evolving metropolis.
Although Capp's endorsement activities never rivaled Li ' l Abner's or Fearless Fosdick's, he was a celebrity spokesman in print ads for Sheaffer Snorkel fountain pens ( along with colleagues and close friends Milton Caniff and Walt Kelly ), and — with an irony that would become apparent later — a brand of cigarettes, ( Chesterfield ).
Although Buzzcut's first name was never given in the series, it was revealed in This Book Sucks.
Although the embargo was never officially ratified by the United Nations Security Council, most countries refrained from official trade with Burundi.
Although the original had been one of Marc Almond's all-time favourite songs, he had never read the lyrics and thus incorrectly sang " What'll it be, what'll it be, you and me " instead of " Falling free, falling free, falling free ".
Although Pasternak never left his wife, this initiated an extramarital relationship which would last for the remainder of Pasternak's life.
Although BJU never reapplied for federal tax-exempt status, and it continues to pay federal taxes, a number of its ancillaries, including Bob Jones Academy and the BJU Museum & Gallery, are tax-exempt entities.
Although the Bible never says " Jesus is God ", trinity based theology summarily claims: " Jesus Christ was fully God and fully man in one person, and will be so forever.
Although never president, Diego Portales dominated Chilean politics from the cabinet and behind the scenes from 1830 to 1837.
Although Love said she would " never write a book ", she did publish a memoir in 2006 titled Dirty Blonde: The Diaries of Courtney Love.
Although Confucius claimed that he never invented anything but was only transmitting ancient knowledge ( see Analects VII, 1 ), he did produce a number of new ideas.
Although never formally endorsed by CND nationally, INDEC candidates were generally put up by local CND groups as a means of raising the profile of this issue in public politics.
Although Coleco presented a mock-up of the SGM at the 1983 New York Toy Show, that product was never manufactured.
Although an amphibious invasion was never in question, blockading by Union naval forces was common, particularly at Halifax, where Confederate navy ships sought refuge and reprovisioning.
Although Van Gogh never boarded with him, Pissarro did explain to him the various ways of finding and expressing light and color, ideas which he later used in his paintings, notes Lucien.
Although the Christadelphian movement originated through the activities of John Thomas, he never saw himself as setting up his own disciples.
Although the CCC was probably the most popular New Deal program, it never became a permanent agency.
Although the PDP-2 never proceeded beyond the initial design, the PDP-3 found some interest and was designed in full.

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