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Although and was
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
Although New Orleans was not to learn of it for a spell, she also was a sadist, a nymphomaniac and unobtrusively mad -- the perpetrator of some of the worst crimes against humanity ever committed on American soil.
Although Faulkner was the heir in his own family to this tradition, he did not have Stark Young's inclination to romanticize and sentimentalize the planter society.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
Although after much trouble he did manage to get it back, he discovered there was no trade to be had.
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
Although the fort was evacuated in the face of the force of Cornwallis, Morgan and his men did have a chance to take another swing at the redcoats.
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although Mr. Brown was not himself its inventor ( it was a French idea ), it is typical that his intuition first conceived the importance of mass producing this basic tool for general use.
Although it was a mere fragment of the victim's remains, it was enough.
Although there were only four fluids tested, it was apparent that there were two distinct types.
Although the tape was run for over 1 hr., a steady state was not reached, and it was concluded that the reason for this was that the back pressure of the manometer was built up from the material fed from between the blocks and this was available at a very slow rate.
-- Although there was some variation in results which must be attributed either to trace impurities or to variation in wall effects, the photochemical exchange in the gas phase was sufficiently reproducible so that it seemed meaningful to compare the reaction rates in different series of reaction tubes for the purpose of obtaining information on the effect of chlorine concentration and of carbon tetrachloride concentration on the reaction rate.
Although the Taylor Scale was designed as a group testing device, in this study it was individually administered by psychologically trained workers who established rapport and assisted the children in reading the items.

Although and committed
Although the manufacturer committed to re-do the broken parts, Gaudí liked the aesthetic of the broken masonry and asked that the pieces be stuck to the main structure with lime mortar and held in with a brass ring.
Although a committed Christian, she has characterised the issue as one of life and death on which her view had been the same when she was agnostic.
Deane and J. R. Thomson write this valid conclusion, “ The Book of Obadiah is occupied with one subject – the punishment of Edom for its cruel and unbrotherly love conduct towards Judah ...” One can link this idea of punishment to one of the major prophets “ Ezekiel ” who “... interprets the exile to Babylon and the destruction of Jerusalem as deserved punishments for the sins of those who themselves committed them .” Verses 3-7 in Obadiah explain to the reader the reason for the punishment theme, “ Confidence in one ’ s power, intelligence, allies, or the topographical features of one ’ s territory is often mentioned as an attribute of those who foolishly confront the Lord and are consequently punished .” Although destruction is vital to understanding Obadiah, it is of note to understand the destruction being a consequence of action.
Although Young did not walk a batter, the Spiders committed four errors while on defense.
Although killing oneself is forbidden under normal Jewish law as being a denial of God's goodness in the world, under extreme circumstances when there has seemed no choice but to either be killed or forced to betray their religion, Jews have committed suicide or mass suicide ( see Masada, First French persecution of the Jews, and York Castle for examples ).
Although he was tempted, Jesus committed no sin, and was therefore a perfect representative sacrifice to bring salvation to sinful humankind.
Although tariff cuts that were expected in July 1996 were delayed until 1997, the Government of El Salvador is committed to a free and open economy.
Although Orestes ’ actions were what the god Apollo had commanded him to do, Orestes had still committed matricide and because of this, he was pursued by the terrible Erinyes.
Although the assassination did not go exactly as planned, Iruka was killed, and his father and predecessor, Soga no Emishi, committed suicide soon after.
'" ( 7: 29 ) Although common people may falter in this area, none of the prophets of God or their successors ever committed any act of injustice.
Although Albinus came close to victory, Severus ' reinforcements won the day, and the British governor committed suicide.
Although critical of the Tsar, General Kornilov felt that Russia, as part of the Triple Entente, was committed to continue the war against the Central Powers, and he shared the widespread belief of some Russians that after the February Revolution the country was descending into anarchy and that military defeat would be disastrous for Russia.
Although bowmen were still deadly at close range, they were light troops unsuited to prolonged hand-to-hand combat and were vulnerable to a committed attack by cavalry.
Although Pius XII received frequent reports about atrocities committed by and / or against Catholics, his knowledge was incomplete ; for example, he wept after the war on learning that Cardinal Hlond had banned German liturgical services in Poland.
Although some of the RICO predicate acts are extortion and blackmail, one of the most successful applications of the RICO laws has been the ability to indict or sanction individuals for their behavior and actions committed against witnesses and victims in alleged retaliation or retribution for cooperating with federal law enforcement or intelligence agencies.
Although the character was written with Cromwell in mind, Tom Hanks, a big fan of Star Trek, was approached for the role by Paramount first, but he had already committed to the film That Thing You Do!
Although " terrorism " originally referred to acts committed by a government, currently it usually refers to the killing of innocent people by a non-government group in such a way as to create a media spectacle.
Although Harding was committed to putting the " best minds " on his cabinet, he often rewarded those persons who were active and contributed to his campaign by appointing them to high federal department positions.
Although Mills, like many of the founders, was a Presbyterian minister, they were committed to the idea that Wabash should be independent and non-sectarian.
Although the United Kingdom committed to officially adopting the metric system for many measurement applications, it is still not in universal use there and the customary imperial system is still in common and widespread use.
Although nothing further was proven and Edward denied he had committed adultery, the suggestion of impropriety was damaging.
Although Paul II was a committed opponent of humanist learning, he oversaw and approved the introduction of printing into the Papal States, first at Subiaco in 1464 by Arnold Pannartz and Konrad Sweynheim, and at Rome itself in 1467.
Although war crimes committed during the Algerian War are amnestied in France, this was publicised by the newspapers Le Canard Enchaîné, Libération, and Le Monde, and by Michel Rocard ( ex-Prime Minister ) on TV ( TF1 1993 ).

Although and maintaining
Although the teacher must be concerned with maintaining standards, he must also be concerned about understanding differences in ability, background, and experience.
Although economic and personal circumstances vary widely among those now choosing apartments, Leo J. Pantas, vice president of a hardware manufacturing company, pointed out recently that many apartment seekers seem to have one characteristic in common: a desire for greater convenience and freedom from the problems involved in maintaining a house.
Although most of the legions were lost, about 10, 000 Romans cut their way through to safety, maintaining unit cohesion.
Although nominally it exists alongside the United Front, a coalition of governing political parties, in practice, the CPC is the only party in the PRC, maintaining a unitary government and centralizing the state, military, and media.
Although he was an immensely capable general and statesman, Cesare would have trouble maintaining his domain without continued Papal patronage.
Although Albania has made strides toward democratic reform and maintaining the rule of law, serious deficiencies in the electoral code remain to be addressed, as demonstrated in the June 2001 parliamentary elections.
Although the Basic Law states that the Macau SAR government may " when necessary " ask the central government to allow the garrison to assist in maintaining public order or disaster relief, Chief Executive Ho has said that, in keeping with the Basic Law the garrison will play no role in internal security.
Although most Oxfordians accuse mainstream academics of rejecting their theory only because they have a vested interest in maintaining the status quo, they often cite the work of individual scholars to create the appearance of widespread agreement on an issue, even when the opinion in question is more widely considered eccentric or outdated.
Although not a particularly large country in absolute terms, Paraguay presently is the largest country maintaining official diplomatic relations with the Republic of China.
Although always maintaining that women were just as capable of attaining enlightenment as men, the canonical texts depict the Buddha as being reluctant to permit women to join the Sangha.
Although they did not succeed in maintaining a presence in Tibet, their texts found their way into the Tibetan Buddhist canon, providing the Tibetans with almost all of their primary sources about the Foundation Vehicle.
Although, he was taken with intellectual and cultural pursuits, he had no greater priority in his pontificate than maintaining peace.
Although animals with natural buoyancy need not expend much energy maintaining vertical position, some will naturally sink and must expend energy to remain afloat.
Although Congress refused to ratify the CTBT in 1999, the United States has adhered to the spirit of the treaty by maintaining a moratorium on nuclear testing since 1992.
Although, continuing to largely comprise of bedroom communities, the county is experiencing and maintaining significant growth in both the service and industrial economic sectors with major employers including Pepsico, Citizens Insurance and Ogihara Industries.
Although such behavior at times made Bradford uncomfortable, he found it an expedient means of maintaining the treaty with the Pokanoket.
Although maintaining the future position has a slightly higher cost structure than traditional passive sampling, synthetic indexing can result in more favourable tax treatment, particularly for international investors who are subject to U. S. dividend withholding taxes.
Although they were aware of the historical significance of the old house, they had no means of maintaining it.
Although a partisan of political freedoms, he hoped to preserve revolutionary liberties together while maintaining the ruling House of Bourbon.
Although maintaining a neutral position, Corto instinctively supports the disadvantaged and oppressed.
Although popular, maintaining this species in captivity is rather complex.
Although Westmoreland's appraisal of the military situation was correct, he made himself look foolish by continuously maintaining his belief that Khe Sanh was the real objective of the communists and that 155 attacks by 84, 000 troops was a diversion ( a position he maintained until at least 12 February ).
" Although he criticizes the dedication of his neighbors to working, he himself is quite busy at Walden – building and maintaining his house, raising thousands of bean plants and other vegetables, making bread, clearing land, chopping wood, making repairs for the Emersons, going into town, and writing every day.
Although the major factor in the success or failure of this business model is in the control of costs, as usually maintaining a physical presence — paying for many physical store premises and their staffing — requires larger capital expenditure which online only businesses do not usually have.

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