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Although and ledger
Although disputed by some, the ledger books of Takeda clearly show that Ueshiba spent a great deal of time training in Daitō-ryū between 1915 and 1937.
Although several multi-user commercial packages ( e. g. sales and purchase ledger systems ) were developed and trialled with customers, this was not commercially successful, and the service was soon withdrawn.

Although and lines
Although the standard deviation values on which spread of the lines is based are relatively larger for those centers which begin to ossify early ( Table 1 ), there are considerable differences in this value between centers having the closely timed Onsets.
Although he pointed out that mandatory legislation impinging on home rule is basically distasteful, he added that the vital interest in election results transcended county lines.
Although as many as 70 percent of Colombians accessed the Internet over their ordinary telephone lines, dial-up access is losing ground to broadband.
Although lines were blurred by intermarriage and tribal re-affiliation, the Hassane were considered descendants of the Arab Maqil tribe Beni Hassan, and held power over Sanhadja Berber-descended zawiya ( religious ) and znaga ( servant ) tribes.
Although the Cirth were later largely replaced by the Tengwar ( which were enhanced and brought by Fëanor ), they were adopted by Dwarves to write down their Khuzdul language ( Angerthas Moria and Angerthas Erebor ) because their straight lines were better suited to carving than the curved strokes of the Tengwar.
Although Dada itself was unknown in Georgia until at least 1920, from 1917-1921 a group of poets called themselves " 41st Degree " ( referring both to the latitude of Tbilisi, Georgia and to the temperature of a high fever ) organized along Dadaist lines.
Although Ecuador's political elite is highly factionalized along regional, ideological, and personal lines, a strong desire for consensus on major issues often leads to compromise.
Although Ireland's political spectrum was traditionally divided along Civil War lines, rather than the traditional European left-right spectrum, Fine Gael is described generally as a centre-right, Christian democratic party, with a focus on law and order, enterprise and reward, and fiscal rectitude.
Although chided for " acknowledging acquaintances in the audience " and " inadequate memorisation of his lines ", he became a national celebrity.
Although Infocom started out with Zork, and although the Zork world was the centerpiece of their product line throughout the Zork and Enchanter series, the company quickly branched out into a wide variety of story lines: fantasy, science-fiction, mystery, horror, historical adventure, children's stories, and others that defied categories.
Although he is an ethnic Tajik by origin, he was widely respected beyond sectarian lines.
Although Ferrigno and Bixby did not share lines on camera ( except for one episode, " King of the Beach "), the two were friends, with Ferrigno describing Bixby as a " mentor " and " father figure " who took Ferrigno under his wing.
Although his role in Rocky III was originally intended as just a few lines, Mr. T was eventually cast as Clubber Lang, the primary antagonist.
Although the team colors remained the same, trim lines were added to the outside shoulders and sleeves, and the sides of the jerseys and pants.
Although Miller claims he invented the words " epismetology " ( metathesis of epistemology ) and " pompatus ", all of his song-writing demonstrates strong rhythm and blues influences, and a 1954 song called " The Letter " by the Medallions had the lines:
Although almost any low-fire glaze can be used, potters often use specially formulated glaze recipes that " crackle " or craze ( present a cracked appearance ), because the crazing lines take on a dark color from the carbon.
Although PAL does not eliminate half of vertical color information during encoding, it combines color information from adjacent lines at the decoding stage, in order to compensate for " color sub carrier phase errors " occurring during the transmission of the Amplitude / Phase-Modulated color sub carrier.
Although Franciscus Vieta ( 1540 – 1603 ) gave the first notation of modern algebra, John Napier ( 1550 – 1617 ) invented logarithms, and Edmund Gunter ( 1581 – 1626 ) created the logarithmic scales ( lines, or rules ) upon which slide rules are based.
Although all of the western branches of the District and Piccadilly lines were included for the first time in 1933 with Harry Beck's first map, the portion of the Metropolitan line beyond Rickmansworth did not appear until 1938 and the eastern end of the District line did not appear on the map until the mid-1950s.
Although the railroad was to go bankrupt, he was convinced that a properly financed railroad could pass from Sacramento through the Sierra Nevada mountains to reach the Great Basin and hook up with rail lines coming from the East.
Although the relation between vapor pressure and temperature is non-linear, the chart uses a logarithmic vertical axis to produce slightly curved lines, so one chart can graph many liquids.
Although the power-alley dimensions are relatively cozy, the foul lines are currently the deepest in the major leagues.
Although some lines were originally intended to be horse trams, and the MTOC did operate three horse tram lines on the edges of the system, the core of the system was built as cable trams.
Although she did not have as many lines as the other actors, Tate's performance was considered crucial to the film, and she was required, more than the other cast members, to set an ethereal tone.

Although and are
Although he questions the extent and nature of the alleged revival of religion and the alleged increase in conformity, and thinks that `` hedonistic '' present-time orientation does not have the meaning usually attributed to it, he does conclude that Americans increasingly enjoy leisure without guilt, do not stress achievement so much as formerly, are more accepting of group harmony as a goal, more tolerant of diversity and aware of other cultures.
Although the false glamour surrounding bourbon or other whisky commercials is possibly no more fatuous than the pseudo-sophistication with which TV soft-drinks are downed or toothpaste applied, there is a sad difference between enticing a viewer into sipping Oopsie-Cola and gulling him into downing bourbon.
Although the United States and the U.S.S.R. have been arguing whether there shall be four, five or six top assistants, the most important element in the situation is not the number of deputies but the manner in which these deputies are to do their work.
Although today's trucks are as fast as passenger cars, a truck driver has to be a sensible person and guard against hogging the road.
Although they are forbidden to sit with the customers, the dancers are sometimes proffered drinks, and most of them can bolt one down in mid-shimmy.
Although there are many sound reasons for adopting uniform and coordinated fiscal years in Rhode Island, there are also certain difficulties encountered.
Although the site may not contain the features themselves, there are often opportunities to include them as additional interest to the site.
Although the play does show a certain structural amateurishness ( there are eleven acts varying in length from twenty-five seconds to an hour and a half ), the statement it makes concerning the ceaseless yearning and searching of youth is profound and worthy of our attention.
Although there is no question but that the process of washing fabrics involves a number of phenomena which are related together in an extremely complicated way and that these phenomena and their interrelations are not well understood at the present, this section attempts to present briefly an up-to-date picture of the physical chemistry of washing either fabrics or hard surfaces.
Although in both emotions sympathetic symptoms are present, different autonomic-somatic patterns underlie aggression and anxiety, respectively, as indicated by the rate of the excretion of the catecholamines, the state of the muscle tone, and the Mecholyl test.
Although we are still far from a complete understanding of these problems, as a first approximation, it is suggested that alterations in the hypothalamic balance with consequent changes in the hypothalamic-cortical discharges account for major changes in behavior seen in various moods and states of emotions in man and beast under physiological circumstances, in experimental and clinical neurosis, and as the result of psychopharmacological agents.
Although the inner functions of religion are not of direct significance in social organization, they have important indirect consequences.
Although the Brandywine population is still predominantly rural, `` there are indications of a consistent and a statistically significant trend away from the older and relatively isolated rural communities.
Although science has given us more effective materials, preparations from anise, castorbean, colchicum, nux vomica, mustard, fennel, and stramonium are familiar to many for the relief of human ailments.
Although the Administration's program cut crop acreage to the lowest point since 1934, farmers, with the help of extra fertilizer and good weather, are getting such high yields per acre that many are being forced to buy new harvesting machines.
Although progress has been made in America's system of libraries it still falls short of what is required if we are to maintain the standards that are needed for an informed America.
Although the theological forms of the past continue to exist in a way they do not in a more secularized situation, the striking thing is the rapidity with which they are being reduced to a marginal existence.
Although there are landscapes in the show ( one of the strongest is a vista of `` Gloucester Harbor '' in 1915 ), the human element was the compelling factor in Sloan's art.

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