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Although and many
Although it was dark as usual I could see that the hall had only recently contained a great many people.
Although Sam Rayburn affects a gruff exterior in many instances, nevertheless he is fundamentally a man of warm heart and gentle disposition.
Although there are many sound reasons for adopting uniform and coordinated fiscal years in Rhode Island, there are also certain difficulties encountered.
Although science has given us more effective materials, preparations from anise, castorbean, colchicum, nux vomica, mustard, fennel, and stramonium are familiar to many for the relief of human ailments.
Although economic and personal circumstances vary widely among those now choosing apartments, Leo J. Pantas, vice president of a hardware manufacturing company, pointed out recently that many apartment seekers seem to have one characteristic in common: a desire for greater convenience and freedom from the problems involved in maintaining a house.
Although the Administration's program cut crop acreage to the lowest point since 1934, farmers, with the help of extra fertilizer and good weather, are getting such high yields per acre that many are being forced to buy new harvesting machines.
Although modern scholars have expressed surprise that `` the simple magic square of three '', a mere `` mathematical puzzle '', was able to exert a considerable influence on the minds and imaginations of the cultured Chinese for so many centuries, they could have found most of the answers right within the square itself.
Although in many frog species, females are larger than males, this is not the case in most species where males are actively involved in territorial defence.
Although it had at first been somewhat established in many colonies, in 1861 it was ruled that, except where specifically established, the Church of England had just the same legal position as any other church.
Although ataxia is not present with all cerebellar lesions, many conditions affecting the cerebellum do produce ataxia.
Although Doubleday achieved minor fame as a competent combat general with experience in many important Civil War battles, he is more widely remembered as the supposed inventor of the game of baseball, in Elihu Phinney's cow pasture in Cooperstown, New York, in 1839.
Although an explanation for the phenomenon was not provided until 1919, duralumin was one of the first " age hardening " alloys to be used, and was soon followed by many others.
Although Romanticism and Neoclassicism were philosophically opposed, they were the dominant European styles for generations, and many artists were affected to a greater or lesser degree by both.
Although not as accurate by themselves as STOs, combinations of many Gaussians can attain the accuracy of hydrogen-like orbitals.
Although he was not an innovator, he would not follow the absolute letter of the law ; rather he was driven by concerns over humanity and equality, and introduced into Roman law many important new principles based upon this notion.
Although the authenticity of this epigram was accepted for many centuries, it was probably not composed for Agathon the tragedian, nor was it composed by Plato.
Although metics had no direct political influence many were wealthy business owners who could, and sometimes did, influence policy by not allowing their citizen employees time off to attend the assembly, as well as having the simple expedient of wealth.
Although many other chemists have repeated this advice, IUPAC and most chemistry texts still favour the usage of allotrope and allotropy for elements only.
" Although heterogeneous, the major CAM systems have many common characteristics, including a focus on individualizing treatments, treating the whole person, promoting self-care and self-healing, and recognizing the spiritual nature of each individual.
Although game reports and social reactions are common parts of many A & E contributions, it has also, over the years, become a testing ground for new ideas on the development of the RPG as a genre and an art form.
Although still actively involved in running his many businesses, Carnegie had become a regular contributor to numerous magazines, most notably the Nineteenth Century, under the editorship of James Knowles, and the influential North American Review, led by editor Lloyd Bryce.
Although there are many other acropoleis in Greece, the significance of the Acropolis of Athens is such that it is commonly known as " The Acropolis " without qualification.
Although the Falcons selected many good players in those drafts, they still were not able to win right away.
Although most cultural systems of astrology share common roots in ancient philosophies that influenced each other, many have unique methodologies which differ from those developed in the West.
Although modern analytical chemistry is dominated by sophisticated instrumentation, the roots of analytical chemistry and some of the principles used in modern instruments are from traditional techniques many of which are still used today.

Although and Caribbean
Although the Bahamas participates in the political aspects of the Caribbean Community ( CARICOM ), it has not entered into joint economic initiatives with other Caribbean states.
Although Latin Jazz is most popularly associated with artists from the Caribbean ( particularly Cuba ) and Brazil, young Mexican Americans have played a role in its development over the years, going back to the 1930s and early 1940s, the era of the zoot suit, when young Mexican American musicians in Los Angeles and San Jose began to experiment with banda, a Jazz-like Mexican music that has grown recently in popularity among Mexican Americans such as Jenni Rivera.
( see also Slavery in the Spanish New World colonies ) Although Spain claimed the entire Caribbean, they settled only the larger islands of Hispaniola ( 1493 ), Puerto Rico ( 1508 ), Jamaica ( 1509 ), Cuba ( 1511 ), and Trinidad ( 1530 ), although the Spanish made an exception in the case of the small ' pearl islands ' of Cubagua and Margarita off the Venezuelan coast because of their valuable pearl beds which were worked extensively between 1508 and1530.
Although population estimates vary, Father Bartolomé de las Casas, the “ Defender of the Indians ” estimated there were 6 million ( 6, 000, 000 ) Taíno and Arawak in the Caribbean at the time of Columbus's arrival in 1492.
Although the Dutch colonizers initially were motivated by the prospect of trade in the Caribbean, their possessions became significant producers of crops.
Although the city is in the Caribbean, the mainland is quite far south, isolating it from the wind currents that feed the hurricanes.
Although John Bottom was later designated the cult's " Archbishop of Venezuela and the Caribbean ", their family received no financial support from the group and lived in poverty.
Although the War of the Austrian Succession was indecisive – despite French successes in India under the French Governor-General Joseph François Dupleix and Europe under Marshal Saxe – the Seven Years ' War, after early French successes in Minorca and North America, saw a French defeat, with the numerically superior British ( over one million to about 50 thousand French settlers ) conquering not only New France ( excluding the small islands of Saint-Pierre and Miquelon ), but also most of France's West Indian ( Caribbean ) colonies, and all of the French Indian outposts.
Although this recipe bore similarities to gumbo, it more closely resembled the Caribbean dish callaloo.
Although located near the Caribbean Sea, Caracas is on a plateau at an approximate height of, so its weather can vary greatly due to the abrupt changes in altitude.
" Although Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest was written to propel the trilogy's plot, Sparrow's state-of-mind as he is pursued by Davy Jones becomes increasingly edgy, and the writers concocted the cannibal sequence to show that he was in danger whether on land or at sea.
Although these were incomplete statistics, Eric Williams ( see references ) believed they were " sufficient to show a total introduction of nearly half a million Indians into the Caribbean " ( Williams 100 ).
Although distinct from each other, the relationship of the Floridian subspecies to ( and its distinctness from ) the Caribbean birds is not quite clear:
Although malaria has existed since old times, its eradication was possible in Europe, North America, the Caribbean and parts of Asia and southern Central America during the first regional elimination campaigns in the late 1940s.
Although the group produces merengueros rhythms, the Calypso and other Caribbean rhythms, their specialty is the Punta style, which they popularized during the 1990s.
Although Edward Winslow is reported to have been buried at sea in the Caribbean somewhere between Hispanola and Jamaica, Winslow Cemetery in Marshfield, Massachusetts has a stone monument to " The Settlers of Green Harbor Marshfield " with the name of Edward Winslow and his wife Susannah ( White ) and many others.
Although Bonny has historical renown as a female Caribbean pirate, she never commanded a ship of her own.
Although its development was complex, it is rather common in the western Caribbean.
Although the Caribbean today is considered “ a tropical paradise ”, the islands contributed a perfect level of moisture and heat to facilitate the spread of viral and bacterial organisms that led to the death of a large number of people.
Although the Spanish were successful in integrating the coast of Mexico, including northern Yucatán in their empire, and the Pacific side of Central America, they failed to conquer the Caribbean ( or Atlantic ) coasts of Central America from Guatemala down to Panamá.
Although the Caribbean Command was designated by the Defense Department on 1 November 1947, it did not become fully operational until 10 March 1948, when the old Caribbean Defense Command was inactivated.
Although the regiment's primary role is to defend Barbados, it also provides the country's commitment to UN peacekeeping forces, predominantly in the Caribbean region.

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