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Page "religion" ¶ 137
from Brown Corpus
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Although and modern
Although Utopian communism is both new in 1516 and also modern, it is not modern communism or even modern socialism, as they exist or have ever existed in theory or in practice.
Although the Indian and Greek concepts of the atom were based purely on philosophy, modern science has retained the name coined by Democritus.
Although when burned, amber does give off a characteristic " pinewood " fragrance, modern products, such as perfume, do not normally use actual amber.
Although there have been attempts to show that the Ainu language and the Japanese language are related, modern scholars have rejected that the relationship goes beyond contact, such as the mutual borrowing of words between Japanese and Ainu.
Although Muslim scholars have often debated over who this verse refers to, most classical commentators and modern translators have taken the opinion that this refers to Amram, the father of Moses and Aaron.
Although Rodin is generally considered the progenitor of modern sculpture, he did not set out to rebel against the past.
Although such a conversion can be prone to loss, most modern audio systems use this approach as the techniques of digital signal processing are much more powerful and efficient than analog domain signal processing.
Although modern analytical chemistry is dominated by sophisticated instrumentation, the roots of analytical chemistry and some of the principles used in modern instruments are from traditional techniques many of which are still used today.
Although the form declined in popularity towards the end of the 18th century its influence can be seen in light operas like that of Gilbert and Sullivan's early works like The Sorcerer as well as in the modern musical.
Although this epidemic has long been considered an outbreak of plague, many modern scholars believe that typhus ,< ref >
Although newer systems have updated game mechanics significantly, the ideas presented in Bunnies & Burrows created the framework for modern role-playing games.
Although technically even modern paperbacks are codices, the term is now used only for manuscript ( hand-written ) books which were produced from Late antiquity until the Middle Ages.
Although modern cathode ray tubes used in televisions and computer displays have epoxy-bonded face-plates or other measures to prevent shattering of the envelope, CRTs must be handled carefully to avoid personal injury.
Although Cantor himself defined the set in a general, abstract way, the most common modern construction is the Cantor ternary set, built by removing the middle thirds of a line segment.
Although there has been an old tradition and like for making census in Spain, the oldest ones dating back to the 12th century ( by Alfonso VII of the Kingdom of Castile ), the first modern census was carried out in 1768 by Conde de Aranda, under the reign of Carlos III.
Although these works were not actually composed with a computer in the modern sense, it uses a rudimentary form of the random combinatorial techniques sometimes used in computer-generated composition.
Although many Canadian whiskies are still labelled as “ rye ”, the modern mash bill for a Canadian “ rye ” whisky often contains little or no rye grain, and their flavour is derived in other ways ( such as flavour development from the aging process, blending with stronger-tasting Canadian whiskies, and the addition of flavourings ).
Although Story was highly intelligent and familiar with all the relevant English precedents, he merely summarized them in a confused fashion because he " could not conceive of a modern function or a coherent theory for representative litigation: why?
Although not flag officers, modern day commodores in the U. S. Navy rate a blue and white command pennant that is normally flown at their headquarters facilities ashore or from ships that they are embarked aboard when they are the senior officer afloat.
Although machines capable of performing all four arithmetic functions existed prior to the 19th century, the refinement of manufacturing and fabrication processes during the eve of the industrial revolution made large scale production of more compact and modern units possible.
Although many modern commentators have demurred from Hume's solution, some have notably concurred with it, seeing his analysis of our epistemic predicament as a major contribution to the theory of knowledge.

Although and scholars
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although one meets with occasional extremists like Zachrisson or, very recently, Arthur Wade-Evans the majority of scholars have taken a middle position between the extremes of scepticism and gullibility.
Although written records found at Anyang confirm the existence of the Shang dynasty, Western scholars are often hesitant to associate settlements that are contemporaneous with the Anyang settlement with the Shang dynasty.
Although many hard-line and extremist Muslim societies have adopted capital punishment for other than the crime of murder, this is in violation of the Qur ' anic law mentioned above, and so is rejected by most orthodox commentators and scholars.
Although many scholars today consider the Treatise to be Hume's most important work and one of the most important books in Western philosophy, the critics in Great Britain at the time did not agree, describing it as " abstract and unintelligible ".
Although some scholars consider the letter a pseudonymous work written between the end of the 1st century and the first quarter of the 2nd century, arguing from the references to the apostles, tradition ; and the book's competent Greek style, conservative scholars date it between 66 to 90.
Although he was not mentioned as one of the Prophets of Islam, he is considered as one of them by some Muslim scholars, based on Islamic traditions.
" Although the form is a feminine participle, virtually no scholars dispute that the author is a man.
Although not mentioned in the Qur ' an by the name, all Muslim scholars, both classical and modern have included Ezekiel in the prophetic pantheon.
Although there were seven other reigning empresses, their successors were most often selected from amongst the males of the paternal Imperial bloodline, which is why some conservative scholars argue that the women's reigns were temporary and that male-only succession tradition must be maintained in the 21st century.
Although there were seven other reigning empresses, their successors were most often selected from amongst the males of the paternal Imperial bloodline, which is why some conservative scholars argue that the women's reigns were temporary and that male-only succession tradition must be maintained in the 21st century.
Although genealogy information described in Shaku Nihongi leaves room for discussion, many scholars acknowledge the blood relationship with the Okinaga clan, a powerful local ruling family or the collateral line of the Imperial family-governed Oumi region ( a part of present-day Shiga Prefecture ).
Although the text identifies Peter as its author the language, dating, style, and structure of this letter has led many scholars to conclude that this letter is pseudonymous.
Although some scholars still postulate pre-Christian gnosticism, no evidence has been found to date.
Although some notable New Testament scholars affirm traditional Johannine scholarship,
Although his home is not identified, scholars conclude that Habakkuk lived in Jerusalem at the time he wrote his prophecy.
Although the Neijing has long been attributed to the mythical Yellow Emperor ( twenty-7th century BC ), Chinese scholars started doubting this attribution as early as the 11th century and now usually date the Neijing to the late Warring States period ( 5th century-221 BC ).
Although Origen makes no direct reference to the Testimonium, scholars such as Louis Feldman and Zvi Baras have presented arguments that Origen may have seen a copy of the Testimonium and not commented on it for there was no need to complain about its tone.
Although originally hailed as authentic ( notably by Robert Eisler ), it is now almost universally acknowledged by scholars to have been the product of an 11th century creation as part of a larger ideological struggle against the Khazars.
Although some Islamic scholars have differed on the implementation of Jihad, there is consensus amongst them that the concept of jihad will always include armed struggle against persecution and oppression.

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