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Although and released
Although his respect for Aristotle was diminished as his travels made it clear that much of Aristotle's geography was clearly wrong, when the old philosopher released his works to the public, Alexander complained " Thou hast not done well to publish thy acroamatic doctrines ; for in what shall I surpass other men if those doctrines wherein I have been trained are to be all men's common property?
Although sometimes this energy is released in the form of an emitted photon, the energy can also be transferred to another electron, which is ejected from the atom.
Although the former bishop is released from his duties, he continues to hold the Aaronic priesthood office of Bishop.
Although the game had " incredible role-playing potential ", the concept of role-playing rabbits can be viewed as bizarre, and as such at least one commentator believes that " most people thought it was stupid " when it was first released.
Although the film had originally been released in 1952, due to Chaplin's political difficulties at the time, it did not play for one week in Los Angeles, and thus did not meet the criterion for nomination until it was re-released in 1972.
Although no cable company released data as to what such a monitoring service would cost, the end-result was that no cable company elected to carry the station, either, leaving many Arabic-speaking Canadians using free-to-air satellite dishes to watch the station.
Although the band had created a twenty-minute follow-up to Part 1 in the mid-nineties, it hadn't been released.
Although that performance was canceled due to rioting, a live recording of the group ( After the Riot at Newport ) was released.
Although most users did not purchase the registered version, over one million copies have been sold, and the popularity helped the sales of later games in the Doom series that were not released as shareware.
Although the track was edited out of the final cut, it would later be re-recorded and released as " Safe " on the B-side of Bowie's 2002 single " Everyone Says ' Hi '".
Although Coppola was not credited for his effort, according to one source, " by the time the final version was released in 1982, only 30 percent of Wenders ' footage remained, and the rest was completely reshot by Coppola, whose mere ' executive producer ' credit is just a technicality.
Although it received enthusiastic reviews, the release failed to chart ; his next album, Grievous Angel ( released posthumously in 1974 ) met with a similar reception, and peaked at number 195 on Billboard.
Although finished in August 1927, the film was not released until June 1928.
Although there was a national census taken in Haiti in 2003, much of that data has not been released to the public.
Immediately prior to insertion, the clinician will perform a pelvic exam to determine the position of the uterus .< ref name =" Dean 2011 "> p. 150: Mechanism of action Although the precise mechanism of action is not known, currently available IUCs work primarily by preventing sperm from fertilizing ova .< sup > 26 </ sup > IUCs are not abortifacients: they do not interrupt an implanted pregnancy .< sup > 27 </ sup > Pregnancy is prevented by a combination of the " foreign body effect " of the plastic or metal frame and the specific action of the medication ( copper or levonorgestrel ) that is released.
Although not released until 1996, in 1990 a documentary about children playing chess, Chess Kids, featuring Polgár was filmed.
( Although this passage was quoted in Stalin's book " The October Revolution " issued in 1934, it was expunged in Stalin's Works released in 1949.
Although reuptake of Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > by the ER ( concomitant with its release ) modulates the intensity of the puffs, thus insulating mitochondria to a certain degree from high Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > exposure, the MAM often serves as a firewall that essentially buffers Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > puffs by acting as a sink into which free ions released into the cytosol can be funneled .< ref name = Kopach > This Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > tunneling occurs through the low-affinity Ca < sup > 2 +</ sup > receptor VDAC1, which recently has been shown to be physically tethered to the IP3R clusters on the ER membrane and enriched at the MAM.
Although four songs were released as singles to promote the album ( lead single " Everything I Need ", " Man With Two Hearts ", " Maria ", and " Hard Luck Story "), only the first song charted in the US, and that only at No. 47.
Although Wirth never released Modula, a compiler from the University of York, UK, was released.
Although deaths from methadone are on the rise, methadone-associated deaths are not being caused primarily by methadone intended for methadone treatment programs, according to a panel of experts convened by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which released a report titled " Methadone-Associated Mortality, Report of a National Assessment ".
Although only a minor hit when first released, when used in the opening sequence of the movie Blackboard Jungle, a year later, it really set the rock and roll boom in motion.
Although originally announced to be released direct-to-DVD as an extra on the Planet Terror DVD, the film was produced as a theatrical release.

Although and until
Although an explanation for the phenomenon was not provided until 1919, duralumin was one of the first " age hardening " alloys to be used, and was soon followed by many others.
Although the Principate continued in theory until the reign of Diocletian, Severus Alexander's death signalled the beginning of the chaotic period known as the Crisis of the Third Century which brought the empire to near collapse.
Although systems similar to AARP existed in other systems, Banyan VINES for instance, nothing like NBP has existed until recently.
Although Cyril Davies left the group in 1963, Blues Incorporated continued to record, with Korner at the helm, until 1966.
Although anthems were written in the Elizabethan period by Tallis ( 1505 – 1585 ), Byrd ( 1539 – 1623 ), and others, they are not mentioned in the Book of Common Prayer until 1662, when the famous rubric " In quires and places where they sing here followeth the Anthem " first appears.
Although forms of brass have been in use since prehistory, its true nature as a copper-zinc alloy was not understood until the post medieval period because the zinc vapor which reacted with copper to make brass was not recognised as a metal.
Although he assumed use of his stepfather's surname, it was not until Billy ( as he was known then ) turned fifteen that he formally adopted the surname Clinton as a gesture toward his stepfather.
Although the National League began its LCS MVP award in 1977, the American League did not begin its LCS MVP award until 1980.
Although bluetongue disease was already recognized in South Africa in the early 19th century, a comprehensive description of the disease was not published until the first decade of the 20th century.
Although many types of balls are today made from rubber, this form was unknown outside the Americas until after the voyages of Columbus.
Although probably on friendly terms with the Romans in the early 1st century, there is little evidence of the Peucini until ca.
Although The Tale of Pigling Bland was not published until 1930, it had been written much earlier.
Although the process of fermentation was not fully understood until Pasteur's work in 1857, it is still the first use of biotechnology to convert a food source into another form.
Although it contains passages written in the 1910s and 1920s, Doctor Zhivago was not completed until 1956.
Although BJU admitted Asians and other ethnic groups from its inception, it did not enroll black students until 1971, eight years after the University of South Carolina and Clemson University had been integrated by court order.
Although this can be seen as social commentary, Chaplin's films did not contain overt political themes or messages until later on his career in the 1930s.
" Although based on a simplistic analysis of internal strife in Greece and Turkey, it became the single dominating influence over U. S. policy until at least the Vietnam War.
Although the Portuguese arrived on Cameroon's doorstep in the 16th century, malaria prevented significant European settlement and conquest of the interior until the late 1870s, when large supplies of the malaria suppressant, quinine, became available.
Although all administrative links with Jamaica were broken in 1962, the Cayman Islands and Jamaica continue to share many links and experiences, including membership in the Commonwealth of Nations ( and Commonwealth citizenship ) and a common united church ( the United Church in Jamaica and the Cayman Islands ) and Anglican diocese ( although there is debate about this ) as well as a common currency ( until 1972 ).
Although technically even modern paperbacks are codices, the term is now used only for manuscript ( hand-written ) books which were produced from Late antiquity until the Middle Ages.
Although Louisbourg was captured by New Englanders with British naval assistance in 1745 and by the British again in 1758, Île Royale remained formally part of colonial France until it was ceded to Britain under the Treaty of Paris in 1763.
Although the Three Kingdoms were reunified by the Jin Dynasty in 280, this structure was essentially the same until the Wu Hu uprising.
Although the system established by the Sitges agreement was phased out by 1974, the 1886 Colombian constitution in effect until 1991 required that the losing political party be given adequate and equitable participation in the government which, according to many observers and later analysis, eventually resulted in some increase in corruption and legal relaxation.
Although European explorers and traders visited the area since the 18th century, permanent white communities were not established until some time later.

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