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Although and specifically
Although it had at first been somewhat established in many colonies, in 1861 it was ruled that, except where specifically established, the Church of England had just the same legal position as any other church.
Although many psychologists believe that the entire brain is involved with memory, the hippocampus and surrounding structures appear to be most important in declarative memory specifically.
Although Müller did not specifically have an influence in advocating Haeckel's embryo drawings, both shared a common understanding of development from lower to higher forms, for Müller specifically saw humans as the last link in an endless chain of evolutionary development.
Although listed under the general heading of " panoramas " in the sales catalogues of the time, those films shot straight forward from in front of a railway engine were usually specifically referred to as " phantom rides ".
Although in one of its early forms Godwin's law referred specifically to Usenet newsgroup discussions, the law is now often applied to any threaded online discussion, such as forums, chat rooms and blog comment threads, and has been invoked for the inappropriate use of Nazi analogies in articles or speeches.
Although this does not specifically cite the marriage of George Hayward Lindsay to Lady Mary Catherine Gore, George Lindsay almost certainly came into the lands at Glasnevin as a result of his marriage.
Although such a disaster did not fall under the duties of the Commerce Department, the governors of six states along the Mississippi specifically asked for Herbert Hoover in the emergency.
Although Ibn Battuta never mentioned this visit specifically, when he heard the story it may have planted a seed in his mind as he then decided to cross the Sahara and visit the Muslim kingdoms on its far side.
Although it can be used for general merchandise, the program is specifically targeted to be redeemed at the restaurant chain located inside each location.
"( ) Although the term is not specifically used of her in the New Testament, Eastern Christianity refers to her as " Equal to the Apostles "), and later traditions name her as " the apostle to the apostles.
Although not specifically Wiccan, one branch of traditional Witchcraft has provided a home for many Neo-Pagan LGBT men and women.
Although the concept of offering hospitality to the traveler dates back to early cultures ( notably ancient Greece: xenia and Viking Age Scandinavia ), the idea of applying it specifically to Esperanto speakers began in 1966 in Argentina when Ruben Feldman-Gonzalez started the Programo Pasporto.
Although Super-K had beaten SNO to the punch, having published evidence for neutrino oscillation as early as 1998, the Super-K results were not conclusive and did not specifically deal with solar neutrinos.
" The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights states that: " Although it is true that much of the friction between the Government and the churches arises from positions that are directly or indirectly linked to the political situation of the country, it is also true that statements by high government officials, official press statements, and the actions of groups under the control of the Government have gone beyond the limits within which political discussions should take place and have become obstacles to certain specifically religious activities.
Although it did not look at the space station specifically, over the next two years the office would become increasingly dedicated to this role.
Although he was expected to embed the Project ’ s research within a wider theoretical context, it soon became apparent that the Project was primarily concerned with data collection to be used by administrators for establishing whether groups of listeners could be targeted by broadcasts specifically aimed at them.
Although not specifically mentioned in the Constitution, Congress has also long asserted the power to investigate and the power to compel cooperation with an investigation.
Although the license of 6th Edition allowed classroom use of the source code, the license of 7th Edition specifically excluded such use, so the book spread through illegal copy machine reproductions ( a kind of samizdat ).
Although the first Chinese migrants had been invited by the Otago Provincial government they quickly became the target of hostility from white settlers and laws were enacted specifically to discourage them from coming to New Zealand.
Although other bands, including The Beatles, had made short promotional films or videos of songs prior to this, generally, those were specifically made to be aired on specific television shows.
Although she was quoted by a 1997 Time magazine article as saying she was germophobic, Diaz specifically denied this on the June 26, 2009, edition of Real Time with Bill Maher, saying that a small comment she made 12 years earlier regarding public bathroom doorknobs was distorted out of proportion.
Although Charles and Parliament granted amnesty to Cromwell's supporters in the Act of Indemnity and Oblivion, 50 people were specifically excluded.
Although Living City was relatively successful, RPGA wanted to expand the scope of their new campaign — instead of one city as a setting, the new campaign would involve thirty different regions of Greyhawk, each specifically keyed to a particular country, state, or province of the real world.
Although probably rare, it is possible for autoimmune processes to target the cochlea specifically, without symptoms affecting other organs.

Although and intended
Although a bishop was promptly appointed to Hereford, none was named to Worcester, and it appears that Ealdred intended to retain Worcester along with York, which several of his predecessors had done.
Although it could serve as a textbook, it appears to have been mainly intended as a reference work.
Although it could be used to mark rough surfaces such as leather, as Loud intended, it proved to be too coarse for letter writing and was not commercially viable.
Although earlier precursors to this presentation exist, its invention is generally credited to Russian chemist Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869, who intended the table to illustrate recurring trends in the properties of the elements.
Although it has a unified theme in its emotional content, the writers ( Brian Wilson and Tony Asher ) have said repeatedly that it was not necessarily intended to be a narrative.
Although the NIC at first used NLS, it was intended to be a production service to other network users, while Engelbart continued to focus on innovative research.
Although both it and Leinster House were intended to be temporary, they became the permanent homes of parliament from then on.
Although the existence of dark matter is generally accepted by the mainstream scientific community, several alternative theories have been proposed to try to explain the anomalies for which dark matter is intended to account.
Although formal certification of his freedom from Burghley's control was deferred until May 1572, Oxford was finally granted the income of £ 666 which his father had intended him to have earlier, but properties set aside to pay his father's debts would not come his way for another decade.
Although originally intended to feature a figure symbolising Glasgow ' with the Clyde at her feet sending her manufactures to all the world ', the Pediment was redesigned to celebrate Queen Victoria's Golden Jubilee.
Although it is not known whether Honoria intended this as a proposal of marriage to Attila, that is how the Hun King interpreted it.
Although it was intended to attract writers from both France and the German states, the Deutsch-Französische Jahrbücher was dominated by the latter, with the only non-German writer being the exiled Russian anarcho-communist Michael Bakunin.
Although this rule was not principally intended to prevent leg theory, it diluted the potency of short-pitched leg theory, as it allowed for fewer catching positions on the leg side.
Although his role in Rocky III was originally intended as just a few lines, Mr. T was eventually cast as Clubber Lang, the primary antagonist.
Although the opposition campaign was hurt by the desire of the Mexican electorate for stability, following the assassination of Luis Donaldo Colosio, the intended PRI candidate, and the recent outbreak of hostilities in the state of Chiapas, Zedillo's share of the vote was the lowest official percentage for any PRI presidential candidate up to that time.
Although such terms were not necessarily intended to be pejorative, Muslims argue that the terms are offensive because they allegedly imply that Muslims worship Muhammad rather than God.
Although MATLAB is intended primarily for numerical computing, an optional toolbox uses the MuPAD symbolic engine, allowing access to symbolic computing capabilities.
Although Gregory had intended London to be the southern archbishopric for the island, Augustine never moved his episcopal see to London, and instead consecrated Mellitus as a plain bishop there.
Although deaths from methadone are on the rise, methadone-associated deaths are not being caused primarily by methadone intended for methadone treatment programs, according to a panel of experts convened by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, which released a report titled " Methadone-Associated Mortality, Report of a National Assessment ".
Although it is computationally easy for the intended recipient to generate the public and private keys, to decrypt the message using the private key, and easy for the sender to encrypt the message using the public key, it is extremely difficult ( or effectively impossible ) for anyone to derive the private key, based only on their knowledge of the public key.
Although the Crusades were, in part, originally intended to support the Byzantine Empire at Constantinople from attack by Turkish invaders, the Fourth Crusade resulted in the sack of Constantinople by the Crusaders in 1204, which greatly upset Pope Innocent.
Although he never returned to the complementary work he intended to write, On the Dignity of Human Nature, Bartolomeo Facio took up the task writing De excellentia ac praestantia hominis.
Although its primary intent was to deal with organized crime, Blakey said that Congress never intended it to merely apply to the Mob.
Although SQL was originally intended for end-users, it is much more common for SQL queries to be embedded into software that provides an easier user interface.
Although the instruments transposed at either F or C have been considered " orchestral ," there is no evidence that Sax intended this.

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