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Although and without
Although they were forced to maintain a sharper watch, this activity enabled them to ride in and rack their broncs without any particular attention being paid them.
Although he questions the extent and nature of the alleged revival of religion and the alleged increase in conformity, and thinks that `` hedonistic '' present-time orientation does not have the meaning usually attributed to it, he does conclude that Americans increasingly enjoy leisure without guilt, do not stress achievement so much as formerly, are more accepting of group harmony as a goal, more tolerant of diversity and aware of other cultures.
Although the monarch had frequently asserted that the elections were to be without party significance, his action was an implicit admission that party identifications were a factor.
Although a straight drum shade would be adequate and sufficiently neutral that the puppets could be changed without disharmony, it is far more fun to create shades in the gay spirit of a child's playtime.
Although originally controversial, the axiom of choice is now used without reservation by most mathematicians, and it is included in ZFC, the standard form of axiomatic set theory.
Although there are many other acropoleis in Greece, the significance of the Acropolis of Athens is such that it is commonly known as " The Acropolis " without qualification.
Although cheap and effective in enabling use of some software that only used official ROM entry points for text output, this solution proved very slow because the Electron had to be placed into an 80-byte-pitch display to be able to get anywhere near to reproducing mode 7 and the CPU spent a lot of time drawing approximations of mode 7 characters and graphics that in a hardware solution would be achieved without any CPU processing.
Although programs can alter the position of the screen in memory, the non-linear format of the display means that vertical scrolling can only be done in blocks of 8 pixels without further work.
Although he used the usual French terms " avant J .- C ." ( before Jesus Christ ) and " après J .- C ." ( after Jesus Christ ) to label years elsewhere in his book, the Byzantine historian Venance Grumel used negative years ( identified by a minus sign, −) to label BC years and unsigned positive years to label AD years in a table, possibly to save space, without a year 0 between them.
Although he was selected for additional security by CAPPS and screened, he was able to board the flight without incident, with only his checked bags requiring extra screening for explosives.
Although any music which uses computers in its composition or realisation is computer-generated to some extent, the use of computers is now so widespread ( in the editing of pop songs, for instance ) that the phrase computer-generated music is generally used to mean a kind of music which could not have been created without the use of computers.
Although feedback is an important aspect of control engineering, control engineers may also work on the control of systems without feedback.
Although Judaism provides Jews with a word to label God's transcendence ( Ein Sof, without end ) and immanence ( Shekhinah, in-dwelling ), these are merely human words to describe two ways of experiencing God ; God is one and indivisible.
Although he was an immensely capable general and statesman, Cesare would have trouble maintaining his domain without continued Papal patronage.
Although the majority of WADs contain one or several custom levels mostly in the style of the original game, others implement new monsters and other resources, and heavily alter the gameplay ; several popular movies, television series, other video games and other brands from popular culture have been turned into Doom WADs by fans ( without authorization ), including Aliens, Star Wars, The X-Files, The Simpsons, South Park, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Red Faction, The Thing, Pokémon and Batman.
Although Scottish Labour won more seats than any other party, they did not have a majority in Parliament to allow them to form an Executive without the help of a smaller party.
Although Arthur Tree was himself from a wealthy American family, he now had to adjust to reduced circumstances without Ethel's support.
Although several versions of many-worlds have been proposed since Hugh Everett's original work, they all contain one key idea: the equations of physics that model the time evolution of systems without embedded observers are sufficient for modelling systems which do contain observers ; in particular there is no observation-triggered wave function collapse which the Copenhagen interpretation proposes.
Although the 140 mm gun was considered a real interim solution it was decided after the fall of the Soviet Union that the increase in muzzle energy was not worth the increase in weight, and therefore more money was poured into research programs that could augment the muzzle energy of existing guns to match the 140 mm gun without the incrementing weight disadvantages.
Although fear is one of the crucial evolutionary mechanisms for individual survival, in certain situations psychologically normal humans can behave without feeling fear, with a total neglect of potentially lethal risk.
Although no murder occurs in Gaudy Night, it is not without a great deal of suspense and psychological thrills.
Although his many anatomical experiments on animal models led him to a more complete understanding of the circulatory system, nervous system, respiratory system and other structures, his work was not without scientific inaccuracies.
Although generally disallowed, hiders could place caches on private property without adequate permission ( intentionally or otherwise ), which encourages cache finders to trespass.
Although the Governor-General and the Queen occasionally observe certain formalities, in practice the Governor-General has constitutional responsibilities without reference to the Queen.
Although a Franco-Scottish army was successful at the Battle of Baugé ( 1421 ), the humiliating defeats of Poitiers ( 1356 ) and Agincourt ( 1415 ) forced the French nobility to realise they could not stand just as armoured knights without an organised army.

Although and conflict
Although a cease-fire has held since 1994, the conflict with Azerbaijan over Nagorno-Karabakh has not been resolved.
Although the increased contact brought by trade between the Japanese and the Ainu contributed to increased mutual understanding, sometimes it led to conflict, occasionally intensifying into violent Ainu revolts, of which the most important was Shakushain's Revolt ( 1669 – 1672 ).
Although prepared for an armed conflict with Nigeria in recent years, the Cameroon Army does not have operational experience against other forces, therefore, it is not possible to assess its ability to respond to changing threats and opposing tactics.
Although the FARC and ELN accepted participation in the peace process, they did not make explicit commitments to end the conflict.
Although Constans called the Council of Sardica in 343 to settle the conflict, it was a complete failure and by 346 the two emperors were on the point of open warfare over the religious dispute.
Although Louis was a pious man, he soon came into a violent conflict with Pope Innocent II.
Although some consider Lang's work to be simple melodrama, he produced a coherent oeuvre that helped to establish the characteristics of film noir, with its recurring themes of psychological conflict, paranoia, fate and moral ambiguity.
Although Thietmar made no mention of warfare that possibly took place on this occasion, the information on the return of the accord, acting for the good of the country and release of prisoners indicate that a conflict actually did occur.
Although there is little ethnic strife in Paraguay to impede social and economic progress, there is social conflict caused by underemployment and the enormous gap between the rich and the poor.
Although on opposing sides of the Middle East Peace Process spectrum, Turkey and Sudan have in recent years joined forces to end the ongoing conflict between the Israelis and the Palestinians.
Although independent and often at conflict with each other, these guerrilla bands — along with a few others — all became generally known as " Contras " ( short for "", en.
Although the Peace of Augsburg created a temporary end to hostilities, it did not resolve the underlying religious conflict, which was made yet more complex by the spread of Calvinism throughout Germany in the years that followed.
Although there may be disagreements as to whether a particular game qualifies as a wargame or not, a general consensus exists that all such games must explore and illuminate or simulate some feature or aspect of human behaviour directly bearing on the conduct of war, even if the game subject itself does not concern organized violent conflict or warfare.
Although the SADR is not recognised as a state by the UN, the Polisario is considered a direct participant in the conflict as the legitimate representative of the Sahrawi people, recognized by the United Nations since 1979.
Although hesitant at first to take sides in the conflict, Arafat and Fatah played an important role in the Lebanese Civil War.
Although the Soviet Union and the United States never directly entered military conflict with each other, several proxy wars, such as the Korean War ( 1950 – 1953 ) and the Vietnam War ( 1957 – 1975 ), were waged as the United States implemented its worldwide " containment " policy against communism.
Although fighting in the Iberian Peninsula continued, the War of the Fifth Coalition was the last major conflict on the European continent until the French invasion of Russia in 1812 sparked the Sixth Coalition.
Although Tasmanian history is amongst the most contested by modern historians, conflict between colonists and Aborigines was referred to in some contemporary accounts as the Black War.
Although the four aims have equal status, in accordance with the Sandford Principle, the first aim ( conservation and enhancement of the natural and cultural heritage ) is to be given greater weight when it appears to the park authority that there is irreconcilable conflict with the other aims.
Although the city remained neutral in the conflict between Athens and Syracuse, its democracy was overthrown when the city was sacked by the Carthaginians in 406 BC.
Although the conflict in Macedonia was brief, it was not scant of war crimes.
Although Ali won the battle, the constant conflict had begun to affect his standing, and in the following years some Syrians seem to have acclaimed Muawiyah as a rival caliph.
Although initially a rural and pastoral area of little value, the area that became known as Glamorgan was a conflict point between the Norman lords and the Welsh princes, with the area being defined by a large concentration of castles.
Although the study of ethnic conflict has a long history, genuine interest in ethnic conflict beyond the comparative political science subfield dates from the collapse of the Soviet Union and Yugoslavia, both of which were followed by ethnic conflicts that escalated to violence and civil war.

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