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Although and numerous
Although MND refers to a specific subset of pathologically similar diseases ; there are numerous other afflictions of motor neurons that are pathologically distinct from MND and have a different clinical course.
Although still actively involved in running his many businesses, Carnegie had become a regular contributor to numerous magazines, most notably the Nineteenth Century, under the editorship of James Knowles, and the influential North American Review, led by editor Lloyd Bryce.
According to Kenneth S. Rogoff, " Although the development of international capital markets was quite limited prior to 1800, we nevertheless catalog the numerous defaults of France, Portugal, Prussia, Spain, and the early Italian city-states.
Although established to target the Irish Republican Army, the Black and Tans became notorious through their numerous attacks on the Irish civilian population.
Although besieged on numerous occasions by various peoples, it was taken only in 1204 by the army of the Fourth Crusade, in 1261 by Michael VIII, and in 1453 by the Ottoman Sultan Mehmed II.
Although there are numerous kinds of disaccharides, a handful of disaccharides are particularly notable.
Although the film was less than successful at the box office in the wake of 9 / 11, it reached cult film status after the DVD release, inspiring numerous websites devoted to unraveling the plot twists and meanings.
Although Dyson has won numerous scientific awards, he has never won a Nobel Prize, which has led Nobel physics laureate Steven Weinberg to state that the Nobel committee has " fleeced " Dyson.
Although numerous classification schemes have been proposed, the superfamily is classically divided into three main classes ( A, B, and C ) with no detectable shared sequence homology between classes.
Although not certain, it has been believed that during a 40 year period of the Third Dynasty, Imhotep influenced and was the ultimate master builder of numerous other projects which have been finished.
Although now focused primarily on spoken word, he has continued as a musician in numerous collaborations.
Although reduced, its range remains large ; given its historical distribution, the jaguar has featured prominently in the mythology of numerous indigenous American cultures, including that of the Maya and Aztec.
Although lutes were in widespread use in Europe at least since the 13th century, and documents mention numerous early performers and composers, the earliest surviving music for the instrument dates from the late 15th century.
Although it is a subject of debate whether Teotihuacan was the center of a state empire, its influence throughout Mesoamerica is well documented ; evidence of Teotihuacano presence can be seen at numerous sites in Veracruz and the Maya region.
Although most of the original writings of the founding prophet Mani ( in Persian: مانی, Syriac:, Latin: Manichaeus or Manes ) ( c. AD 216 – 276 ) have been lost, numerous translations and fragmentary texts have survived.
Although spun out of licensed properties, Shang-Chi is a Marvel-owned character and has been firmly established as a part of the Marvel Universe with guest appearances in numerous other titles, such as Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Knights and X-Men.
Although it has never been determined exactly how extensive Shang-Chi's fighting skills are, he has beaten numerous superhuman opponents.
Although Mad was an exclusively freelance publication, it achieved a remarkable stability, with numerous contributors remaining prominent for decades.
Although he never personally commanded troops in the field, he usually wore a general's uniform in public for the rest of his life, as seen in numerous paintings and photographs.
Although Falk appeared in numerous other television roles in the 1960s and 1970s, he is best known as the star of the TV series Columbo, " everyone's favorite rumpled television detective ", writes historian David Fantle.
Although he obtained numerous privileges for his see and Honorius always spoke encouragingly to him, Honorius avoided having to make a decision that might alienate the powerful archbishops of Canterbury.
Although numerous variations of ingredients for different pasta products are known, in Italy the commercial manufacturing and labeling of pasta for sale as a food product within the country is highly regulated. Italian regulations recognise three categories of commercially manufactured dried pasta as well as manufactured fresh and stabilized pasta:
Although largely replaced since the introduction of the compact disc in 1982, record albums still sell in small numbers and are available through numerous sources.
Although Orbison is counted as a rock and roll pioneer, and has been cited by numerous critics as one of the genre's most influential musicians, his style was noted for how it departed from the norm.

Although and political
Although a somewhat technical subject, it has important political implications as the above discussion of the voting system indicated.
Although Amalaric eventually became king in his own right, the political continuity of the Visigothic kingdom was broken ; " Amalaric's succession was the result of new power structures, not old ones ," as Heather describes it.
Although metics had no direct political influence many were wealthy business owners who could, and sometimes did, influence policy by not allowing their citizen employees time off to attend the assembly, as well as having the simple expedient of wealth.
Although the Bahamas participates in the political aspects of the Caribbean Community ( CARICOM ), it has not entered into joint economic initiatives with other Caribbean states.
Although Disraeli forged a personal friendship with John Bright, a Lancashire manufacturer and leading Radical, Disraeli was unable to convince Bright to sacrifice principle for political gain.
Although Franklin apparently reconsidered shortly thereafter, and the phrases were omitted from all later printings of the pamphlet, his views may have played a role in his political defeat in 1764.
Although the SDP was seen as being largely a breakaway from the right wing of the Labour Party, an internal party survey found that 60 % of its members had not belonged to a political party before, with 25 % being drawn from Labour, 10 % from the Conservatives and 5 % from the Liberals.
Although the March 2007 issue of Foreign Policy listed BJU as one of " The World's Most Controversial Religious Sites " because of its past influence on American politics, BJU has seen little political controversy since Stephen Jones became president.
Although this can be seen as social commentary, Chaplin's films did not contain overt political themes or messages until later on his career in the 1930s.
Although the project started in 1958, Chaplin only received his star in 1970 because of his political views.
Although the film had originally been released in 1952, due to Chaplin's political difficulties at the time, it did not play for one week in Los Angeles, and thus did not meet the criterion for nomination until it was re-released in 1972.
Although the Bogotá junta called itself a " Supreme Junta of the New Kingdom of Granada ," it failed to provide political unity, and battles broke out between cities and towns as each tried to defend its sovereignty.
Although the system established by the Sitges agreement was phased out by 1974, the 1886 Colombian constitution — in effect until 1991 — required that the losing political party be given adequate and equitable participation in the government which, according to many observers and later analysis, eventually resulted in some increase in corruption and legal relaxation.
Although Wang succeeded Sun as Chairman of the National Government, Chiang's relatively low position in the party's internal hierarchy was bolstered by his military backing and adept political maneuvering following the Zhongshan Warship Incident.
Although the census provides a useful way of obtaining statistical information about a population, such information can sometimes lead to abuses, political or otherwise, made possible by the linking of individuals ' identities to anonymous census data.
Although nominally it exists alongside the United Front, a coalition of governing political parties, in practice, the CPC is the only party in the PRC, maintaining a unitary government and centralizing the state, military, and media.
Although the FDN had its roots in two groups made up of former National Guardsmen ( of the Somoza regime ), its joint political directorate was led by businessman and former anti-Somoza activist Adolfo Calero Portocarrero.
Although he has become something of a political legend, Donald would have abhorred any attempt to turn him into some kind of secular saint.
Although his reign ended abruptly, he achieved some notable successes, and his efforts failed as much due to the centrifugal forces of tribal Afghanistan and the machinations of Russia and Britain as to any political folly on his part.
Although Bellamy claimed he did not write Looking Backward as a blueprint for political action, but rather sought to write " a literary fantasy, a fairy tale of social felicity ," the book inspired legions of inspired readers to establish so-called Nationalist Clubs, beginning in Boston late in 1888.
Although Ecuador's political elite is highly factionalized along regional, ideological, and personal lines, a strong desire for consensus on major issues often leads to compromise.
Although Equatorial Guinea lacks a well-established democratic tradition comparable to the developed democracies of the West, it has progressed toward developing a participatory political system out of the anarchic, chaotic, and repressive conditions of the Macias years.
Although he doled out offices, money, and titles mainly to Christian highlanders in the hope of co-opting would-be Eritrean opponents in early 1967, the imperial secret police of Ethiopia also set up a wide network of informants in Eritrea and conducted disappearances, intimidations and assassinations among the same populace driving several prominent political figures into exile.
Although Morris ' political work is well to the fore, Thompson also used his literary talents to comment on aspects of Morris ' work, such as his early Romantic poetry, which had previously received relatively little consideration.
Although Gerry does not seem to have been directly involved in the drafting of the district, the shape of one of the districts ( not far from his home in Essex County ) resembled a salamander, leading a local Federalist newspaper to print a political cartoon calling it a " Gerry-mander ".

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