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Although and architecture
Although the unused bits were not implemented in hardware such as TLBs, the architecture required implementations to check if they are zero to ensure software compatibility with implementations that implemented a larger or the full virtual address space.
Although Silsbee adhered mainly to Victorian and revivalist architecture, Wright found his work to be more " gracefully picturesque " than the other " brutalities " of the period.
Although all levels are present in this version and feature their correct layouts, their architecture details are somewhat simplified and there is some loss in overall lighting quality.
Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles originally planned on a main hall of the Hagia Sophia that measured 230 feet by 250 feet, making it the largest church in Constantinople, but the original dome was nearly 20 feet lower than it was constructed, “ Justinian suppressed these riots and took the opportunity of marking his victory by erecting in 532-7 the new Hagia Sophia, one of the largest, most lavish, and most expensive buildings of all time .” Although Isidore of Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles were not formally educated in architecture, they were scientists that could organize the logistics of drawing thousands of laborers and unprecedented loads of rare raw materials from around the Roman Empire to create the Hagia Sophia for Emperor Justinian I.
Although remaining in development, and having attained a limited success in the niche of high-end computing, Intel had originally hoped to make Itanium a replacement for the original x86 architecture.
Although now ruined as a result of the slighting, or deliberate partial destruction, of the castle after the English Civil War, Kenilworth illustrates five centuries of English military and civil architecture.
Although this has similarities with a structured architecture, the connections between peers are not determined by any algorithm.
Although Morris never became a practising architect, his interest in architecture continued throughout his life.
Although Wine implements some aspects of the Windows kernel, it is not possible to use native Windows drivers with it, due to Wine's underlying architecture.
Although simpler to design and build, non-cache-coherent NUMA systems become prohibitively complex to program in the standard von Neumann architecture programming model.
Although the term “ software architecture ” is relatively new to the industry, the fundamental principles of the field have been applied sporadically by software engineering pioneers since the mid 1980s.
Although this invitation may have arisen from Charles II's casual opportunism in matching people to tasks, Wren is believed to have been already on the way to architecture practice.
Although located in the heart of the old County of Hainaut, Saint Waltrude's Collegiate Church ( collégiale Sainte-Waudru in French ) is one of the most characteristic churches and most homogeneous of Brabantine Gothic architecture.
Although some of his buildings were destroyed in World War 2 and some have since been unsympathetically modernised, his work still shapes the architecture of modern Southsea.
Although recently there have been many amateur typefaces available on CDs in batches of hundreds, type design remains an artistic profession of applied art comparable with architecture.
Although PCMCIA was similar in spirit to Commodore's expansion architecture for its earlier systems, the intended capability for convenient external expansion through this connector was largely unrealized at the time of release because of the prohibitive expense of PCMCIA peripherals for a budget home computer.
Although a high-level language is used, the operating system is not designed to be independent of the underlying hardware architecture: on the contrary, the software and hardware architecture are closely integrated.
Although web applications are becoming increasingly popular, many computer users still use traditional application software which does not rely on a client / web-server architecture.
Although originally built on the x86 architecture, Gentoo has been ported to many others.
Although built in the 1950s the Woodside Primary school's architecture has been described as the slightly earlier " Ocean Liner Style " of Art Deco.
Although only few traces remain of that palace, some Byzantine-Venetian architecture characteristics can still be seen at the ground floor, with the wall base in Istrian stone and some herring-bone pattern brick paving.
Although stone walls were built in China during the Warring States ( 481-221 BC ), mass conversion to stone architecture did not begin in earnest until the Tang Dynasty ( 618-907 AD ).
Although the operating system now runs on different hardware architectures ( S servers with / 390 architecture and SR2000 servers for the MIPS architecture ), object-compatible execution is guaranteed for BS2000 applications.

Although and created
Although the origins of the term are not referred to in the text, the title served ( along with the general hype created in Australia ) to revive public interest in the legend.
Although most audio file formats support only one type of audio data ( created with an audio coder ), a multimedia container format ( as Matroska or AVI ) may support multiple types of audio and video data.
Although the geodesic dome had been created some 30 years earlier by Dr. Walther Bauersfeld, Fuller was awarded United States patents.
Although newer systems have updated game mechanics significantly, the ideas presented in Bunnies & Burrows created the framework for modern role-playing games.
Although its Academy Award was presented to Taiwan, Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon was in fact an international co-production between companies in four regions: the Chinese company China Film Co-Production Corporation ; the American companies Columbia Pictures Film Production Asia, Sony Pictures Classics and Good Machine ; the Hong Kong company EDKO Film ; and the Taiwanese Zoom Hunt International Productions Company, Ltd ; as well as the unspecified United China Vision, and Asia Union Film & Entertainment Ltd., created solely for this film.
Although the incumbents of such prestigious sees are consistently created cardinal, no see carries an actual right to the cardinalate.
Although any music which uses computers in its composition or realisation is computer-generated to some extent, the use of computers is now so widespread ( in the editing of pop songs, for instance ) that the phrase computer-generated music is generally used to mean a kind of music which could not have been created without the use of computers.
Although collectively this choice was made freely, religious Jews believe that it created individual obligation for the descendants of the Israelites.
Although the band had created a twenty-minute follow-up to Part 1 in the mid-nineties, it hadn't been released.
Although made secure in his position as ruler by virtue of support from the army which was created by his father, Habibullah was not as domineering as Abdur Rahman.
Although there are certain pieces where acoustic instruments are featured, almost all sounds of her pieces are created by a synthesiser.
Although the London County Council had been created as a London-wide authority covering the County of London in 1889, the county did not cover all the built-up area of London, particularly West Ham and East Ham ; and many of the LCC housing projects, including the vast Becontree Estate, were outside its boundaries.
Although it was designed to serve multilateral agreements, during several rounds of GATT negotiations ( particularly the Tokyo Round ) plurilateral agreements created selective trading and caused fragmentation among members.
Although they accept that some complex systems and organs can be explained by evolution, they claim that organs and biological features which are irreducibly complex cannot be explained by current models, and that an intelligent designer must have created life or guided its evolution.
Although many tartans are added every year, most of the registered patterns available today were created in the 19th century onward by commercial weavers who worked with a large variety of colours.
Although the bridge has created additional commerce, the Lao government does not yet permit a completely free flow of traffic across the span.
Although Chomsky's theory of a generative grammar has been popular with some linguists since the 1950s, many criticisms of the basic assumptions of generative theory have been put forth by cognitive-functional linguistics, who argue that language structure is created through language use.
Although the term is often used to refer to any puppet that resembles the distinctive style of The Muppet Show, the term is both an informal name and legal trademark owned by the Walt Disney Company in reference to the original characters created by Henson.
Although a Dutch spectacle maker created the compound lens and inserted it in a microscope around the turn of the seventeenth century, and Galileo had applied the principle of the compound lens to the making of his microscope patented in 1609, its possibilities as a microscope had remained unexploited for half a century, until Robert Hooke improved the instrument.
Although these spontaneously created popular forces had participated in several major wars of the Russian Empire, including in combat, they were not obligated to serve for more than one year, and notably departed for home during the 1813 campaign in Germany.
Although the campaign was largely unsuccessful, it created a wave of new followers, and some of Baba ’ s views found their way into academic debate on the merits and dangers of hallucinogens.
Although stroke cases have been traditionally managed by internal medicine or hospitalists, the emergence of vascular neurology and interventional neurologists has created a demand for stroke specialists.
Although there was a larger Papal State, it was created in its present form by the 1929 Lateran treaties between Italy and the Roman Catholic Church.
Although the " mind " and " intelligence " of humanity were still considered to be co-eternal with God, and not created, Brigham Young introduced the idea that the " spirit ", which he distinguished from the " mind " or " intelligence ", was indeed created and not co-eternal with God.

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