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Although and bending
Although the oar can be conveniently thought of as a lever with a " fixed " pivot point in the water, the blade moves sideways and sternwards through the water, so that the magnitude of the propulsion force developed is the result of a complex interaction between unsteady fluid mechanics ( the water flow around the blade ) and solid mechanics and dynamics ( the handle force applied to the oar, the oar's inertia and bending characteristic, the acceleration of the boat and so on ).
Although strong in compression, cast iron was known to be brittle in tension or bending, yet, on the day of the accident, the bridge deck was covered with track ballast to prevent the oak beams supporting the track from catching fire.
Although differential hardening produces a very hard edge, it also leaves the rest of the sword rather soft, which can make it prone to bending under heavy loads, such as parrying a hard blow.
Although somewhat inconvenient, an advantage of the spaceframe is that the same lack of bending forces in the tubes that allow it to be modelled as a pin-jointed structure also means that such a removable section need not reduce the strength of the assembled frame.
Although steam bending was long established for pieces such as the Windsor chair, these older pieces had used the bending of a raw billet that would then be shaped to size afterwards.
Although not generally recommended nowadays by either players or manufacturers, some past players have felt soaking their harmonicas in warm water, and even beer, whiskey, or vodka helped break them in, believing that this facilitates bending of the notes.
Geller responded, " Although we were born one day apart-I was born on the 20th of December and you on the 19th-a lot of years between us-40 years, you were one year old when I came out with my spoon bending ..." Criss Angel cut him off at this point, saying, " I guess this is a ' no ,'" and proceeded to open the envelope.

Although and light
Although they drew light ground fire they saw no signs of activity.
Although still aware of a great light and glow of warmth in the Book, I stood outside shivering in the cold.
Although the mechanics of ballpoint pens remain relatively unchanged, ink composition has evolved to solve certain problems over the years, resulting in unpredictable sensitivity to light and some extent of fading.
Although the form declined in popularity towards the end of the 18th century its influence can be seen in light operas like that of Gilbert and Sullivan's early works like The Sorcerer as well as in the modern musical.
Although CCDs are not the only technology to allow for light detection, CCD image sensors are widely used in professional, medical, and scientific applications where high-quality image data is required.
Although Van Gogh never boarded with him, Pissarro did explain to him the various ways of finding and expressing light and color, ideas which he later used in his paintings, notes Lucien.
Although the theory of special relativity forbids objects to have a relative velocity greater than light speed, and general relativity reduces to special relativity in a local sense ( in small regions of spacetime where curvature is negligible ), general relativity does allow the space between distant objects to expand in such a way that they have a " recession velocity " which exceeds the speed of light, and it is thought that galaxies which are at a distance of more than about 14 billion light-years from us today have a recession velocity which is faster than light.
"</ ref > Although this efficiency limitation can be a drawback, an advantage of heat engines is that most forms of energy can be easily converted to heat by processes like exothermic reactions ( such as combustion ), absorption of light or energetic particles, friction, dissipation and resistance.
* Although the mean speed of the electron in hydrogen is only 1 / 137th of the speed of light, many modern experiments are sufficiently precise that a complete theoretical explanation requires a fully relativistic treatment of the problem.
Although Coué argued that he was no longer using hypnosis, followers such as Charles Baudouin viewed his approach as a form of light self-hypnosis.
Although most articles about light sails focus on interstellar travel, there have been several proposals for their use within the Solar System.
Although Behe acknowledged that the evolution of the larger anatomical features of the eye have been well-explained, he claimed that the complexity of the minute biochemical reactions required at a molecular level for light sensitivity still defies explanation.
Although it is a deep and pure red color, spots of laser light are so intense that cameras are typically overexposed and distort their color.
Although blue phases are of interest for fast light modulators or tunable photonic crystals, they exist in a very narrow temperature range, usually less than a few kelvin.
Although bowmen were still deadly at close range, they were light troops unsuited to prolonged hand-to-hand combat and were vulnerable to a committed attack by cavalry.
Although the metre is now defined as the path length travelled by light in a given time, the practical laboratory length measurements in metres are determined by counting the number of wavelengths of laser light of one of the standard types that fit into the length, and converting the selected unit of wavelength to metres.
Although subdivided into " light ", " medium ", " heavy " or " general-purpose ", even the lightest machine guns tend to be substantially larger and heavier than other automatic weapons.
Although all the other lights were extinguished, that light burned oil, in spite of the fact that it had been kindled first.
Although the term phosphorescence is derived from phosphorus, the reaction that gives phosphorus its glow is properly called chemiluminescence ( glowing due to a cold chemical reaction ), not phosphorescence ( re-emitting light that previously fell onto a substance and excited it ).
Although these semiclassical models contributed to the development of quantum mechanics, many further experiments starting with Compton scattering of single photons by electrons, first observed in 1923, validated Einstein's hypothesis that light itself is quantized.

Although and can
Although they are forbidden to sit with the customers, the dancers are sometimes proffered drinks, and most of them can bolt one down in mid-shimmy.
Although the Af calculation is obvious by analogy with that for gravitational field and osmotic pressure, it is interesting to confirm it by a method which can be generalized to include related effects.
Although no national norms exist for the social development of children, the teacher can find a great deal of information concerning types of social behavior normally displayed by children at various age levels.
Although the first polyether foams on the market had to be produced by the two-step prepolymer method, today, thanks to new catalysts, they can be produced by a one-shot technique.
Although a complete picture cannot be given, we can indicate some aspects of life into which the Christian faith entered as at least one creative factor.
Although human morphology is not necessarily the ideal form for working robots, the fascination in developing robots that can mimic it can be found historically in the assimilation of two concepts: simulacra ( devices that exhibit likeness ) and automata ( devices that have independence ).
Although digital setting circles can be used to display a telescope's RA and Dec coordinates, they are not simply a digital read-out of what can be seen on the telescope's analog setting circles.
Although the neutral ground-state chemical compounds of argon are presently limited to HArF, argon can form clathrates with water when atoms of it are trapped in a lattice of the water molecules.
Although hydrogen-like orbitals are still used as pedagogical tools, the advent of computers has made STOs preferable for atoms and diatomic molecules since combinations of STOs can replace the nodes in hydrogen-like atomic orbital.
Although not as accurate by themselves as STOs, combinations of many Gaussians can attain the accuracy of hydrogen-like orbitals.
Although the terms adiabatic and isocaloric can often be interchanged, adiabatic processes may be considered a subset of isocaloric processes ; the remaining complement subset of isocaloric processes being processes where net heat transfer does not diverge regionally such as in an idealized case with mediums of infinite thermal conductivity or non-existent thermal capacity.
Although agates may be found in various kinds of rock, they are classically associated with volcanic rocks and can be common in certain metamorphic rocks.
Although programs can alter the position of the screen in memory, the non-linear format of the display means that vertical scrolling can only be done in blocks of 8 pixels without further work.
Although such a conversion can be prone to loss, most modern audio systems use this approach as the techniques of digital signal processing are much more powerful and efficient than analog domain signal processing.
Although sometimes this energy is released in the form of an emitted photon, the energy can also be transferred to another electron, which is ejected from the atom.
* Conservation of Energy: Although energy can be converted from one form to another, the total energy in a given closed system remains constant.
Although colors can be mixed, pigments are often not specified.
Although some plants do prefer slightly basic soil ( including vegetables like cabbage and fodder like buffalograss ), most plants prefer a mildly acidic soil ( pH between 6. 0 and 6. 8 ), and alkaline soils can cause problems.
Although AVMs are often associated with the brain and spinal cord, they can develop in any part of the body.
Although oxidation reactions are crucial for life, they can also be damaging ; plants and animals maintain complex systems of multiple types of antioxidants, such as glutathione, vitamin C, and vitamin E as well as enzymes such as catalase, superoxide dismutase and various peroxidases.
Although integration is the primary purpose of these organizations, they also serve as forums in which Brazil can exercise its leadership and develop consensus around its positions on regional and global issues.
Although black is sometimes described as an " achromatic ", or hueless, color, in practice it can be considered a color, as in expressions like " black cat " or " black paint ".

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