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Although and castrato
Although female roles were performed by castrati in some of the papal states, this was increasingly rare ; by 1680, they had supplanted " normal " male voices in lead roles, and retained their position as primo uomo for about a hundred years ; an Italian opera not featuring at least one renowned castrato in a lead part would be doomed to fail.

Although and predates
Although the Kebra Nagast is the best-known account of this belief, the belief predates the document.
Although the doctrine of the resurrection comes to the forefront in the New Testament, it predates the Christian era.
Although the word " markka " predates the currency by several centuries, the currency was established before being named " markka ".
Although somewhat smaller, Doctor Who fandom considerably predates Star Trek fandom.
Although X. 25 predates the OSI Reference Model ( OSIRM ), the physical Layer of the OSI model corresponds to the X. 25 physical layer, the data link layer to the X. 25 data link layer, and the network layer to the X. 25 packet layer.
Although Marion was incorporated in 1896, the community predates that significantly.
Although Alabama's adoption of its flag design predates that of Florida's by five years ( 1895 ), the 1868-1900 Seal of Florida depicted a white flag with a red saltire, similar to Florida's current flag or a Burgundian saltire, on top of a steamboat.
Although Louis Secretan's use of the name Amanita phalloides predates Link's, it has been rejected for nomenclatural purposes because Secretan's works did not use binomial nomenclature consistently ; some taxonomists have, however, disagreed with this opinion.
Although most of the simplified Chinese characters in use today are the result of the works moderated by the government of the People's Republic of China ( PRC ) in the 1950s and 60s, character simplification predates the PRC's formation in 1949.
Although the concept of American exceptionalism predates the actual term, the phrase " American exceptionalism " originates from the American Communist Party.
Although both Leary and Wilson were members in this group near the end of their lives, the circuit design clearly predates this organization.
Although the Hippodrome is usually associated with Constantinople's days of glory as an imperial capital, it actually predates that era.
Although the technique of collage is generally associated with painting, the use of collage in music by Biber, Mozart, Mahler, and Ives actually predates the use of collage in painting by artists like Picasso and Braque, who are generally credited with creating the first collage paintings around 1912.
Although not the first comprehensive Chinese character dictionary ( the Erya predates it ), it was still the first to analyze the structure of the characters and to give the rationale behind them ( sometimes also the etymology of the words represented by them ), as well as the first to use the principle of organization by sections with shared components, called radicals ( bùshǒu 部首, lit.
Although Ancient Egyptian architecture predates Greek and Roman antiquity, historians frequently use the Greek term peristyle to describe similar, earlier structures in ancient Egyptian palace architecture and in Levantine houses known as liwan houses.
Although its function is more consultative and less hands-on than the President and Fellows of Harvard College, the Board of Overseers is sometimes referred to as the " senior " governing board because its formation predates the fellows ' 1650 incorporation.
Although the C-2 was an effective weapon, it did not see much service outside Argentina but predates designs such as the Škorpion vz.
Although the use of " classical " ogham in stone inscriptions seems to have flowered in the 5th – 6th centuries around the Irish Sea, from the phonological evidence it is clear that the alphabet predates the 5th century.
Although Arthur Wharton is commonly thought to be Britain's first black player, Watson's career predates him by over a decade.
Although this design predates WWII, Records of German paratroopers having genuinely issued pantographic knives have not surfaced.
Although the discovery of RNA enzymes predates that of DNA enzymes the latter have some distinct advantages.
Although released long after The Cube, the script for Tale of Sand actually predates it by several years.
Although Kavle Math of Ponda or the Shri Gaudapadacharya Math predates it, and is known as the Adi Math of all Saraswats, the Chitrapur Math, located in the village of Shirali, in Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka is the primary autonomous religious institution of the Chitrapur Saraswat Brahmin community.
Although the Team Valley Trading Estate predates the road by several decades, it is now bordered on the West by the A1 road, and has two junctions at both the north and south ends.

Although and opera
Although it did not win, Le Villi was later staged in 1884 at the Teatro Dal Verme and it caught the attention of Giulio Ricordi, head of G. Ricordi & Co. music publishers, who commissioned a second opera, Edgar, in 1889.
Although musical theatre overlaps with other theatrical forms like opera and dance, it may be distinguished by the equal importance given to the music as compared with the dialogue, movement and other elements of the works.
Although Arne imitated many elements of Italian opera, he was perhaps the only English composer at that time who was able to move beyond the Italian influences and create his own unique and distinctly English voice.
Although none of the major opera houses "... use traditional, Broadway-style sound reinforcement, in which most if not all singers are equipped with radio microphones mixed to a series of unsightly loudspeakers scattered throughout the theatre ", many use a sound reinforcement system for acoustic enhancement, and for subtle boosting of offstage voices, child singers, onstage dialogue, and sound effects ( e. g., church bells in Tosca or thunder effects in Wagnerian operas ).
Although wuxia is traditionally a form of literature, its popularity has caused it to spread to diverse art forms like Chinese opera, manhua ( Chinese comics ), films, television series, and video games.
Although this failed and was withdrawn after 11 performances, it led to a further commission from the theatre, this time for a full-length opera for which Henri Meilhac and Ludovic Halévy would provide the libretto.
Although the opera greatly raised Mozart's standing with the public as a composer, it did not make him rich: he was paid a flat fee of 100 Imperial ducats ( about 450 florins ) for his work, and made no profits from the many subsequent performances.
Although enthusiasm for the work was high, Mussorgsky faced a seemingly insurmountable obstacle to his plans in that an Imperial ukaz of 1837 forbade the portrayal in opera of Russian Tsars ( amended in 1872 to include only Romanov Tsars ).
" Although describing the plot as " pretty traditional space opera ," he praised the novel for its " ably drawn " characters, its " well-imagined " background, and its " story told with zest.
Although in the series he was shown wearing opera gloves, it is unclear what, if anything, is beneath the hair.
Although the series still did well in the ratings ( despite the popularity of ABC's horror-themed soap opera Dark Shadows ), it was canceled in 1969 along with other games in a major daytime programming overhaul, being replaced by Letters to Laugh-In which, although a spin-off of the popular prime time series Laugh-In, ended in just three months on December 26.
Although the syndicated Match Game was not a direct cause of the ratings problems Love of Life facedthe 4: 00 PM timeslot, the last network daytime slot, had been a problem for CBS, NBC, and ABC for years and Love of Life had seen a precipitous drop in ratings since the April 1979 move to the late afternoon many stations ran the syndicated series against the veteran soap opera and, in the case of some CBS affiliates and owned-and-operated stations, preempted Love of Life in favor of the new Match Game.
Although little remembered today, Pollaky's fame at the time was such that he was mentioned in various books of the 1870s and immortalized as " Paddington " Pollaky for his " keen penetration " in the 1881 comic opera, Patience.
Although many tropes of space opera are present, such as spaceships, robots, galactic empires and aliens, its budget was inadequate for its interstellar narrative.
Although many tropes of space opera, such as spaceships, robots, galactic empires and aliens are present, the series is primarily noted for its strong character interaction, ambiguous morality and pessimistic tone.
Although Oscar Hammerstein II translated the libretto for Georges Bizet's opera Carmen from French into English for his Broadway production, " The music was pretty much left intact ," explains Arts and Entertainment Editor Elisabeth Vincentelli, " but Hammerstein transferred the action to WWII America.
Although offered roles with many important European opera companies, Anderson declined, as she had no training in acting.
Although it won considerable praise, its success was overshadowed by the Paris premiere of Richard Strauss's sensational opera Salome at much the same time.
Although Benedetto Marcello wrote an opera called La Fede riconosciuta and produced it in Vicenza in 1702, he had little sympathy with this form of composition, as evidenced in his writings ( see below ).
Although Saint-Saëns completed the score in 1876, no opera houses in France displayed any desire to stage Samson et Dalila.
Although a resounding success with the Weimar critics and audience, the opera was not immediately revived in other opera houses.
Although the first revival of Samson et Dalila was in Germany at the Hamburg State Opera in 1882, the opera was not seen again until it was performed for the first time in France at the Théâtre des Arts in Rouen on 3 March 1890 with Carlotta Bossi as Dalila and Jean-Alexandre Talazac as Samson.

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