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Although and false
Although he was simply a contractor, he was charged along with the directors of the project with raising money under false pretenses and misappropriation of funds.
Although officially barred from entering France before 1770, Rousseau returned in 1767 under a false name.
Although it has morphological similarities with the pygmy killer whale, the false killer whale and the pilot whales, a study of cytochrome b gene sequences by Richard LeDuc indicated that its closest extant relatives are the snubfin dolphins of the genus Orcaella.
According to the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy, Solovyov thought,Although empiricism and rationalism (= idealism ) rest on false principles, their respective objective contents, external experience, qua the foundation of natural science, and logical thought, qua the foundation of pure philosophy, are to be synthesized or encompassed along with mystical knowledge in ' integral knowledge ,' what Solovyov terms ' theosophy.
Although these piloti are in a similar plane to the larger columns below a false perspective when viewed from outside the house gives the impression that they are further into the house than they actually are.
Although she sometimes chose to write poems that do not rhyme ( especially in her later period ), she always respected questions of rhythm ; moreover, in her " antique " works ( e. g., the set of love poems The Sonnets of Therese du Meun, a false document about the love-longings of a married French noblewoman for a young tutor ), Goldberg adopted complex rhyming schemes.
Although this account has long been accepted as part of Mafia lore, it is almost certainly false based on contemporary accounts of the time.
Although traveling in the Netherlands under a false name, some people found out that it was their former king, which led to a cheering crowd gathering under the window of his hotel room.
Although the paper initially suspended Soll for a month without pay, Kirkpatrick noted that further evidence then came out that another column contained information that Soll knew was false.
Although Hutz loses most of his cases, he does win several cases for the Simpsons, for instance representing Homer in his case against the Sea Captain and the Frying Dutchman restaurant over its " All You Can Eat " offer (" The most blatant case of false advertising since The Never Ending Story ").
Although Plutarch claims that Marius ' father was a laborer, this is almost certainly false since Marius had connections with the nobility in Rome, he ran for local office in Arpinum, and he had marriage relations with the local nobility in Arpinum, which all combine to indicate that he was born into a locally important family of equestrian status.
Although male and wearing the false beard, Hapi was pictured with pendulous breasts and a large belly, as representations of the fertility of the Nile.
Although the system by which the CONELRAD process was initiated ( switching the transmitter on and off ) was simple, it was prone to numerous false alarms, especially during lightning storms.
Although a male-line relationship is suggested by the fact that Louis II and Rainer III shared the last name Grimaldi, this actually resulted from Prince Pierre taking his wife's maiden surname as his own surname, which is a form of " false paternal event " ( a situation in which a male's surname differs from that of his genetic father ).
Although Ferguson was neatly dressed during the consultation, he acted strangely and identified himself by a false name before providing his real name.
Although the accusation was entirely false, and the subsequent privy council investigation only reaffirmed this, James Francis Edward's birth was a contributing factor to the Glorious Revolution.
Although the report later turned out to be false – Šmid was alive and well – the story is credited by many sources with inspiring Czechoslovak citizens to join the subsequent ( larger ) demonstrations which eventually brought down the communist government.
Although the Soviet military was aware these claims were false, Brezhnev believed them and ordered a resumption of IS testing along with a Shuttle of their own.
Although it seems to be left ambiguous as to whether Benny is real or the Prophets ' creation, at the end of this episode, the wormhole alien he was hunting says, " The Kosst Amojan tried to stop you with a false vision ," implying that the Pah-wraiths was implanting the Russell fantasy into Sisko's mind to throw him off his mission.
Although the suspects ( except Salaam ) had confessed on videotape in the presence of a parent or guardian, they retracted their statements within weeks, claiming that they had been intimidated, lied to, and coerced into making false confessions.
Although she never had a speaking part, Ma Glum provided comedy value by always being put upon by Mr Glum, and yet always getting her way ( such as the episode where Mr Glum pawned her false teeth ).
Although false statements lack inherent value, the " breathing space " that freedom of expression requires in order to flourish must tolerate occasional false statements, lest there be an intolerable chilling effect on speech that does have constitutional value.
Although this type of usage may be favoured in certain contexts, it may also be disfavoured when used gratuitously to portray false erudition, obfuscate or otherwise introduce verbiage.

Although and glamour
Although the festival aims at the films, rather than at stars and glamour, several well-known personalities of the international film industry have been to the Locarno International Film Festival in recent years.

Although and surrounding
Although the New Synagogue is still an anchor for Jewish history and culture, Oranienburger straße and surrounding areas are increasingly known for the shopping and nightlife.
Although the collections centre on Mesopotamia most of the surrounding areas are well represented.
Although the waters surrounding the Dominican Republic abound with fish, the fishing industry is comparatively undeveloped, and fish for local consumption are imported.
Although many psychologists believe that the entire brain is involved with memory, the hippocampus and surrounding structures appear to be most important in declarative memory specifically.
Although there was a significant culture surrounding homosexual men, there was none for women.
Although there are some forest parks within the city limits, the area surrounding Leipzig is relatively unforested.
Although many prior adverse practises are now banned, the issues surrounding past exploitation of animal resources in the Svalbard area remain a problem.
Although they are at temperatures of roughly, the contrast with the surrounding material at about 5780 K ( 5500 ° C ) leaves them clearly visible as dark spots, as the luminous intensity of a heated black body ( closely approximated by the photosphere ) is a function of temperature to the fourth power.
Although monastics in India traditionally did not work for income, this changed when Buddhism moved to east Asia, so that in China and the surrounding countries monks often engage in agriculture.
Although neither Vilnius or the surrounding region was explicitly addressed in the agreement, numerous historians have described the agreement as allotting Vilnius to Lithuania.
Although the possessions were not considered valuable, for strategic reasons the British became reluctant to surrender them, and after prolonged discussions, orders were issued to Stapleton in June 1677 to retain possession of Tortola and the surrounding islands.
Although Sassari was founded in the early Middle Ages, the surrounding area has been inhabited since the Neolithic age, and throughout ancient history, by the Nuragics and the Romans.
Although the Vietnam War ended in 1975, new tensions arose towards Iran surrounding the Iranian Revolution in 1979.
Although internationally there was negativity surrounding the 1998 Russian financial crisis, the Dow would go on to surpass the 9, 000 level during the month of April in 1998, making its sentimental push towards the symbolic 10, 000 level.
Although visitors might see the canal as a deep waterway in these city centres, its depth is maintained by weirs and the canal is in fact all but dry where it passes through the surrounding countryside.
Although they can be less noticeable because of the similar colors of the surrounding skin, darker skin shades have equivalent incidences of moles to lighter skin shades.
" Although Nasser was not a supporter of Communism, his promotion of Arab nationalism threatened surrounding pro-Western states.
Although the Levy family moved quickly to mobilize all such available resources, including offering a cash reward for information, hiring their own investigators, and seeking media attention, those efforts to locate Chandra Levy or find her killer were overshadowed by the speculation surrounding her possible relationship with Condit.
Although a city, agriculture is still important to Thimphu and the surrounding district.
Although the political and linguistic divisions between the two groups have blurred considerably, the political issues surrounding Taiwanese have been more controversial and sensitive than for other variants of Chinese.
Although the sea cow had formerly been abundant throughout the North Pacific, by 1741, when it was first described by Georg Wilhelm Steller, chief naturalist on an expedition led by explorer Vitus Bering, its range had been limited to a single, isolated population surrounding the uninhabited Commander Islands.
Although they had suffered a setback and tremendous losses at Orleans itself, the surrounding perimeter of the Orleanais region-Beaugency, Meung, Janville, Jargeau-was still in their hands.
Although much of the marketing surrounding Ninotchka played on Garbo's serious image, suggesting she had never laughed on film or performed in a comedy before, an examination of her canon reveals this not to be the case.
Although many sea cucumbers have branched tentacles surrounding the oral opening, these have originated from modified tube feet and are not homologous to the arms of the crinoids, sea stars, and brittle stars.

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