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Although and original
Although he did not attend any celebrated schools or universities, he was a master of Greek and Hebrew and could read the Bible in the original.
Although the wood has been changed to coal, much of it still retains its original cell structure.
Although lacking absolute verisimilitude, they supply the ear and the imagination with all necessary materials for re-creation of the original.
Although he described his method as translating " sometimes word for word, sometimes sense for sense ," Alfred's translation actually keeps very close to his original, although through his choice of language he blurred throughout the distinction between spiritual and secular authority.
Although the copy has been lost, the Andrea Bianco original is preserved at the Biblioteca Marciana ( Venice ).
Although not officially announced, the original backup crew consisted of Fred Haise ( CDR ), William R. Pogue ( CMP ) and Gerald Carr ( LMP ) who were targeted for the prime crew assignment on Apollo 19.
Although officially declassified, the original film taken by U. S. Corona spy satellite in the 1960s has been altered prior to declassification ; in answer to freedom of information queries, the government responds that these exposures ( which map to Groom and the entire NAFR ) appear to have been destroyed .< ref >
Although no sexual act was alleged to have resulted, the original charge included " sodomy.
The original text reads, " Although equivocal predications must be reduced to univocal, still in actions, the non-univocal agent must precede the univocal agent.
Although the original had been one of Marc Almond's all-time favourite songs, he had never read the lyrics and thus incorrectly sang " What'll it be, what'll it be, you and me " instead of " Falling free, falling free, falling free ".
Although this passage is only three words in the original Hebrew, it is quoted three times in the New Testament.
Although the definitions of words and ideas might broaden, continuity ( preservation ) requires retention of their original arete ( excellence, virtue, goodness ).
Although not in its original form, it is more elaborate than most of the crosses on Dartmoor, being raised upon a constructed base, and it is known that a kistvaen is underneath.
Although noting in the introduction to ' The Protestors ' that ' Some recorded herein perhaps did not have " all the truth "so the writer has been reminded ', Eyre nevertheless claimed that the purpose of the work was to ' tell how a number of little-known individuals, groups and religious communities strove to preserve or revive the original Christianity of apostolic times ', and that ' In faith and outlook they were far closer to the early springing shoots of first century Christianity and the penetrating spiritual challenge of Jesus himself than much that has passed for the religion of the Nazarene in the last nineteen centuries '.
Although Sherlock Holmes is not the original fiction detective ( he was influenced by Poe's Dupin and Gaboriau's Lecoq ), his name has become a byword for the part.
Although the two parts are now normally published as a single work, Don Quixote, Part Two was a sequel published ten years after the original novel.
Although there is no mention of Doublespeak in Nineteen Eighty-Four, it has been argued that the term is a combination of two concepts-Doublethink and Newspeak which are original to his work.
Although the majority of WADs contain one or several custom levels mostly in the style of the original game, others implement new monsters and other resources, and heavily alter the gameplay ; several popular movies, television series, other video games and other brands from popular culture have been turned into Doom WADs by fans ( without authorization ), including Aliens, Star Wars, The X-Files, The Simpsons, South Park, Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Red Faction, The Thing, Pokémon and Batman.
Although the original copy in which Fermat wrote this is lost today, Fermat's son edited the next edition of Diophantus, published in 1670.
Although the contract called for the purchase of 12 Kfirs and an option to purchase an additional 12, Ecuador acquired only the original group, at a price estimated at US $ 196 million.
Although the foundations of his work were put in place by Euclid, his work, unlike Euclid's, is believed to have been entirely original.
Although several versions of many-worlds have been proposed since Hugh Everett's original work, they all contain one key idea: the equations of physics that model the time evolution of systems without embedded observers are sufficient for modelling systems which do contain observers ; in particular there is no observation-triggered wave function collapse which the Copenhagen interpretation proposes.
Although not much is known about the original process, it is assumed that Leichleitner emeralds were grown in acid conditions.
Although posterity suspected him of Arianism, Eusebius had made himself indispensable by his method of authorship ; his comprehensive and careful excerpts from original sources saved his successors the painstaking labor of original research.

Although and license
Although his career in computing spanned more than two decades, he is mainly remembered in connection with IBM's unsuccessful attempt in 1980 to license CP / M for the IBM PC.
" Although Marrow may have been using some artistic license in describing his bank robbing exploits, he also stated he was glad the United States justice system has a statute of limitations, which had likely expired when Marrow admitted to his involvement in multiple Class 1 Felonies in the early-to mid-1970s.
Although Tanenbaum wished for MINIX to be as accessible as possible to students, his publisher was not prepared to offer material ( such as the source code ) that could be copied freely, so a restrictive license requiring a nominal fee ( included in the price of Tanenbaum's book ) was applied as a compromise.
Although open content has been described as a counterbalance to copyright, open content licenses rely on a copyright holder's power to license their work.
Although MIT had licensed X6 to some outside groups for a fee, it decided at this time to license X10R3 and future versions under what became known as the MIT License, intending to popularize X further and, in return, hoping that many more applications would become available.
Although the license of 6th Edition allowed classroom use of the source code, the license of 7th Edition specifically excluded such use, so the book spread through illegal copy machine reproductions ( a kind of samizdat ).
Although they can be operated without a license, these devices still generally must be type-approved before sale.
Although in most cases the software itself functions exactly like the full product, the MSDN end-user license agreement prohibits use of the software in a business production environment.
" Although apparently elderly, he claims to be only 31 years old ( in 1993's " Selma's Choice ", his driver's license says he was born August 2, 1961, and in " Duffless ", Moleman confessed his real age at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, implying that his grotesque appearance has been caused by severe alcoholism ), though Moleman has been seen at the Springfield Retirement Home on season ten's " The Old Man and the " C " Student " and in the season 13 episode Little Girl in the Big Ten.
Although there were other magnetic tape cartridge systems, the Compact Cassette became dominant as a result of Philips ' decision in the face of pressure from Sony to license the format free of charge.
Although extremely popular, the comic series ended on a cliffhanger when Marvel lost the Star Trek license rights.
Although the original source code is freely available, the license is not considered to be an open source one.
Although Monkey's Audio is distributed as freeware, the source code includes license terms that prevent most Linux distributions and other free software projects from including it.
Although AT & T won its case, the furor created was such that those restrictive provisions of the transmitter license were never enforced.
Although there were official releases in the late 1980s of Betty Boop compilation VHS and LaserDisc box sets by Live Entertainment, and select Superman cartoons by Warner Home Video ( as part of separate VHS and LaserDisc collections of episodes from The Adventures of Superman TV series of the 1950s ), it would take longer for any official DVD releases of the Fleischer cartoons due to Republic's ownership and video license changes, the potential film and / or digital restoration costs, and the financial viability as the result of releasing restored versions.
Although no major political party championed this cause, commercial broadcaster Imparja Television stated in 2004 that it would run such a network, at least within its own license area.
Although SpongeBob's driver's license says his birthdate is July 14, 1986, which would make the character 13 years old at the time of the series ' " official " premiere on July 17, 1999, Hillenburg joked that he is fifty in " sponge years ".
Although not associated with the current CBS Corporation, Westinghouse Electric Company LLC uses the trademarks owned by Westinghouse Electric Corporation, CBS ' brand management subsidiary, under license, as is also the case with other Westinghouse licensees.
Although Adam Kissiah was a full-time employee with NASA at the Kennedy Space Center, he participated as a consultant in an implantation program during the early 1980s through license agreement granted by Kissiah to Biostim, Inc., who in turn participated ( also by contractual agreement ) with Stanford University, Dr. Robert L. White and Dr. F Blair Simmons, principal investigators, during their program of cochlear implants ( See Stanford University Cochlear Implant Program ).
Although Waltari employed some poetic license in combining the biographies of Sinuhe and Akhenaten, he was otherwise much concerned about the historical accuracy of his detailed description of ancient Egyptian life and carried out considerable research into the subject.
Although double clutching is a testing requirement when obtaining a commercial driver's license, many experienced truckers have learned when it is possible to shift gears without using the clutch.
*: Although the RBRVS system is mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services ( CMS ) and the data for it appears in the Federal Register, the American Medical Association ( AMA ) maintains that their copyright of the CPT allows them to charge a license fee to anyone who wishes to associate RVU values with CPT codes.
Although Vera itself covers only common punctuation and the Latin alphabet with some diacritics, its license allows others to make and distribute derivative works with some restrictions, and the DejaVu fonts project is expanding it with additional glyphs and styles.
Although the ioquake3 project uses id Software's id Tech 3 engine under GPL license, Urban Terror's assets and code are closed source.

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