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Although and system
Although a somewhat technical subject, it has important political implications as the above discussion of the voting system indicated.
Although progress has been made in America's system of libraries it still falls short of what is required if we are to maintain the standards that are needed for an informed America.
* Conservation of Energy: Although energy can be converted from one form to another, the total energy in a given closed system remains constant.
Although there are many ethical tenets in Buddhism that differ depending on whether one is a monk or a layman, and depending on individual schools, the Buddhist system of ethics can be summed up in the eightfold path:
Although not normally thought of as biotechnology, agriculture clearly fits the broad definition of " using a biotechnological system to make products " such that the cultivation of plants may be viewed as the earliest biotechnological enterprise.
Although the candela is now defined in terms of the second ( an SI base unit ) and the watt ( a derived SI unit ), the candela remains a base unit of the SI system, by definition.
Although the way programs manipulate files varies according to the operating system and file system involved, the following operations are typical:
Although the methylation system accounts for the wide range of sensitivity that bacteria have to chemical gradients, other mechanisms are involved in increasing the absolute value of the sensitivity on a given background.
Although Cutter numbers are mostly used for coding the names of authors, the system can be used for titles, subjects, geographic areas, and more.
Although some of the new movements aspired to replace the Soviet system altogether with a liberal democratic one, others demanded independence for the national republics.
Although effective while he ruled, Diocletian's Tetrarchic system collapsed after his abdication under the competing dynastic claims of Maxentius and Constantine, sons of Maximian and Constantius respectively.
Although the very act of codification was a radical innovation, given the precedent-based design of the Roman legal system, the jurists were generally conservative, and constantly looked to past Roman practice and theory for guidance.
Although neither machine has a built-in disk operating system ( cassette tapes being the default data-storage mechanism in the home computer market at the time ), DragonDOS was supplied as part of the disk controller interface from Dragon Data Ltd.
Although Premier offered the Delta system to be marketed by Dragon themselves, Dragon were not happy that a third party were hijacking the standards for their computer, and produced their own rival DragonDOS system making it clear that the third party Delta was not compatible with the ' standard ' Dragon Disk system.
Although this was far from the principal driver for the Dragon's demise, it was nevertheless a factor, and had Dragon adopted the established Delta system, the machine may well have had a greater following and a longer life.
Although a fashioner, the demiurge is not necessarily thought of as being the same as the creator figure in the familiar monotheistic sense, because both the demiurge itself plus the material from which the demiurge fashions the universe are considered either uncreated and eternal, or the product of some other being, depending on the system.
Although every organ system secretes and responds to hormones ( including the brain, lungs, heart, intestine, skin, and the kidney ), the clinical specialty of endocrinology focuses primarily on the endocrine organs, meaning the organs whose primary function is hormone secretion.
Although many of the results in Elements originated with earlier mathematicians, one of Euclid's accomplishments was to present them in a single, logically coherent framework, making it easy to use and easy to reference, including a system of rigorous mathematical proofs that remains the basis of mathematics 23 centuries later.
Although Adams was finally found innocent after years of being processed by the legal system, the judge in the habeas corpus hearing officially stated that, " much could be said about those videotape interviews, but nothing that would have any bearing on the matter before this court.
Although Equatorial Guinea lacks a well-established democratic tradition comparable to the developed democracies of the West, it has progressed toward developing a participatory political system out of the anarchic, chaotic, and repressive conditions of the Macias years.
Although many of Euclid's results had been stated by earlier mathematicians, Euclid was the first to show how these propositions could fit into a comprehensive deductive and logical system.

Although and established
Although the Taylor Scale was designed as a group testing device, in this study it was individually administered by psychologically trained workers who established rapport and assisted the children in reading the items.
Although it had at first been somewhat established in many colonies, in 1861 it was ruled that, except where specifically established, the Church of England had just the same legal position as any other church.
Although Ireland was overwhelmingly Roman Catholic, the Protestant Church remained the established church and was funded by direct taxation.
Although established to target the Irish Republican Army, the Black and Tans became notorious through their numerous attacks on the Irish civilian population.
Although there have been disagreements with established EU member nations over some economic issues, such as agricultural quotas and a recent amendment to the gaming law, relations are good.
Although Arab culture is firmly established throughout, a small minority are Christian.
Although largely commercially self-funded, it is ultimately publicly owned ; originally a subsidiary of the Independent Broadcasting Authority ( IBA ), the station is now owned and operated by Channel Four Television Corporation, a public body established in 1990, coming into operation in 1993.
Although European explorers and traders visited the area since the 18th century, permanent white communities were not established until some time later.
Although no official membership figures are published, the Columbia Encyclopedia gives an estimated figure of 50, 000 Christadelphians, who are spread across approximately 120 countries ; there are established churches ( or ecclesias, as they are often called ) in many of those countries, along with isolated members.
Although the worship of images would eventually fall out of favour ( and be replaced by the iconoclastic fire temples ), the lasting legacy of the Achaemenids was a vast, complex hierarchy of Yazatas ( modern Zoroastrianism's Angels ) that were now not just evident in the religion, but firmly established, not least because the divinities received dedications in the Zoroastrian calendar, thus ensuring that they were frequently invoked.
Although much of his legal reform proposals were not established in his life time, his legal legacy was considered by the magazine New Scientist, in a publication of 1961, as having influenced the drafting of the Code Napoleon, and the law reforms introduced by Sir Robert Peel.
Although some found initial refuge in Italy ( especially Venice ), most resettled in the Ottoman Empire, where Spanish speaking Jews established in Istanbul a rich sub-culture with a flourishing Hebrew and Ladino printing industry.
Although Muslims had passed through Malaysia as early as the 10th century, it was not until the 14th and 15th centuries that Islam first established itself on the Malay Peninsula.
Although he batted cross-handed ( i. e., as a right-handed hitter, with his left hand above his right ), Aaron had already established himself as a power hitter.
Although Malory's English version of the great French romances was popular, there were increasing attacks upon the truthfulness of the historical framework of the Arthurian romances established since Geoffrey of Monmouth's time and thus the legitimacy of the whole Matter of Britain.
Although the Mekong was established as a border by French colonial forces, travel from one side to the other has been significantly limited only since the establishment of the Lao People's Democratic Republic ( LPDR, or Laos ) in 1975.
Although the political structure in western Europe had changed, the divide is not as extensive as some historians have claimed., they were only made possible because of the long medieval tradition that established the use of reason as one of the most important of human activities ".
Although the word " markka " predates the currency by several centuries, the currency was established before being named " markka ".
Although spun out of licensed properties, Shang-Chi is a Marvel-owned character and has been firmly established as a part of the Marvel Universe with guest appearances in numerous other titles, such as Marvel Team-Up, Marvel Knights and X-Men.
Although the Academy of Medical Psychology defines medical psychology as a " specialty " and has established a " specialty board certification ," it is important to note that the American Psychological Association does not currently recognize medical psychology as a " specialty.
Although he lost control of Panama, he moved to Nicaragua and established his base in León.
Although the legal force of the document was not established and it was not incorporated directly into either the American or German law, the Nuremberg Code and the related Declaration of Helsinki are the basis for the Code of Federal Regulations Title 45 Volume 46, which are the regulations issued by the United States Department of Health and Human Services governing federally-funded human subjects research in the United States.

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