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Although and term
Although the origins of the term are not referred to in the text, the title served ( along with the general hype created in Australia ) to revive public interest in the legend.
Although Dirac did not himself use the term antimatter, its use follows on naturally enough from antielectrons, antiprotons, etc.
Although the term aeon may be used in reference to a period of a billion years ( especially in geology, cosmology or astronomy ), its more common usage is for any long, indefinite, period.
Although the term “ biochemistry ” seems to have been first used in 1882, it is generally accepted that the formal coinage of biochemistry occurred in 1903 by Carl Neuberg, a German chemist.
Although technically even modern paperbacks are codices, the term is now used only for manuscript ( hand-written ) books which were produced from Late antiquity until the Middle Ages.
::: Although the term " men " is often used generically in English, in those days baseball was largely attended by men.
Although not part of the Cursus Honorum, upon completing a term as either Praetor or Consul, an officer was required to serve a term as Propraetor and Proconsul, respectively, in one of Rome's many provinces.
Although his term lasted only six months instead of twelve ( except for the Dictatorships of Sulla and Caesar ), all other magistrates reported to the dictator ( except for the tribunes of the plebs-although they could not veto any of the dictator's acts ), granting the dictator absolute authority in both civil and military matters throughout the Republic.
Although the term " clitic " can be used descriptively to refer to any element whose grammatical status is somewhere in between a typical word and a typical affix, linguists have proposed various definitions of " clitic " as a technical term.
Although the current term " register file " shows the early concept of files, it has largely disappeared.
Although the present-day, loose use of the term " cyberspace " no longer implies or suggests immersion in a virtual reality, current technology allows the integration of a number of capabilities ( sensors, signals, connections, transmissions, processors, and controllers ) sufficient to generate a virtual interactive experience that is accessible regardless of a geographic location.
Although the concept of consilience in Whewell's sense was widely discussed by philosophers of science, the term was unfamiliar to the broader public until the end of the 20th century, when it was revived in Consilience: The Unity of Knowledge, a 1998 book by the humanist biologist Edward Osborne Wilson, as an attempt to bridge the culture gap between the sciences and the humanities that was the subject of C. P. Snow's The Two Cultures and the Scientific Revolution ( 1959 ).
Although recognized previously by others, the mathematical expression for the Coriolis force appeared in an 1835 paper by French scientist Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis, in connection with the theory of water wheels, Early in the 20th century, the term Coriolis force began to be used in connection with meteorology.
Although there is no mention of Doublespeak in Nineteen Eighty-Four, it has been argued that the term is a combination of two concepts-Doublethink and Newspeak which are original to his work.
Although DECT 6. 0 operates at 1. 9 GHz, Rick decided the term DECT 1. 9 might have confused customers who equate larger numbers ( such as the 2. 4 and 5. 8 in existing 2. 4 GHz and 5. 8 GHz cordless telephones ) with later products.
Although the term " dominatrix " was not used, the classic example in literature of the female dominant-male submissive relationship is portrayed in the 1870 novella Venus in Furs by Austrian writer Leopold von Sacher-Masoch.
" Although the term destroyer had been used interchangeably with the terms " TBD " and " torpedo boat destroyer " by navies since 1892, the term torpedo boat destroyer had been generally shortened to simply " destroyer " by nearly all navies by the First World War.
Although he avoided defining the term directly, Derrida sought to apply Martin Heidegger's concept of Destruktion or Abbau, to textual reading.
Although " dementia " is part of the name of the disease, Kraepelin did not intend it to be similar to senile dementia and rarely used this term to refer to the end state of the disease.
" Although what is known today as the liberal arts college began in Europe, the term is more commonly associated with Universities in the United States.
Although the term describes events as impinging on England, from the outset the conflicts involved wars with and civil wars within both Scotland and Ireland ; see Wars of the Three Kingdoms for an overview.
Although Joseph Smith said that " an Evangelist is a Patriarch ", the church has retained the term Patriarch.

Although and is
Although he is perfectly willing to cooperate with Scotland Yard, Holmes has nothing but contempt for the intelligence and mentality of the police.
Although we continue to pay our conversational devotions to `` free private enterprise '', `` individual initiative '', `` the democratic way '', `` government of the people '', `` competition of the marketplace '', etc., we live rather comfortably in a society in which economic competition is diminishing in large areas, bureaucracy is corroding representative government, technology is weakening the citizen's confidence in his own power to make decisions, and the threat of war is driving him economically and physically into the ground ''.
Although it is constantly made to look foolish ( too simple to come in out of the rain, people say, who have found in the innocent an impediment ), it does not mind looking foolish because it is not concerned with how it looks.
Although open to the general public it is not overcrowded ; ;
Although we have no measures of its strength or intensity, the heritage of the doctrine of inalienable rights is retained.
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although Patchen has given previous evidence of an interest in jazz, the musical group that he works with, the Chamber Jazz Sextet, is often ignored by jazz critics.
Although the false glamour surrounding bourbon or other whisky commercials is possibly no more fatuous than the pseudo-sophistication with which TV soft-drinks are downed or toothpaste applied, there is a sad difference between enticing a viewer into sipping Oopsie-Cola and gulling him into downing bourbon.
Although the United States and the U.S.S.R. have been arguing whether there shall be four, five or six top assistants, the most important element in the situation is not the number of deputies but the manner in which these deputies are to do their work.
`` Although it is not the best of which he is capable '', said Shelley as he closed the book, `` it is still poetry of a high order ''.
Although Sam Rayburn affects a gruff exterior in many instances, nevertheless he is fundamentally a man of warm heart and gentle disposition.
Although a similar situs for tangible property is mentioned in the statute, this is cancelled out by the provision that definite kinds of property `` and all other tangible property '' situated or being in any town is taxable where the property is situated.
Although much of the Industrial Division's promotional effort is devoted to securing new locations and expansions by major industries, small business is also afforded considerable attention.
Although Mr. Brown was not himself its inventor ( it was a French idea ), it is typical that his intuition first conceived the importance of mass producing this basic tool for general use.

Although and documented
Although most aspirated obstruents in the world's language are stops and affricates, aspirated fricatives such as, or have also been documented in a few Tibeto-Burman languages, in some Oto-Manguean languages and in the Siouan language Ofo.
Although the Fore's mortuary cannibalism was well documented, the practice had ceased before the cause of the disease was recognized.
Although President Obiang signed a national anti-torture decree in 2006 to ban all forms of abuse and improper treatment in Equatorial Guinea and commissioned the renovation and modernization of Black Beach prison in 2007 to ensure the humane treatment of prisoners, human rights abuses continue. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International among other non-governmental organizations have documented severe human rights abuses in prisons, including torture, beatings, unexplained deaths and illegal detention.
Although the kingdom of Essex was one of the kingdoms of the Heptarchy, its history is not well documented.
Although 875 extinctions occurring between 1500 and 2009 have been documented by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, the vast majority are undocumented.
Although it is a subject of debate whether Teotihuacan was the center of a state empire, its influence throughout Mesoamerica is well documented ; evidence of Teotihuacano presence can be seen at numerous sites in Veracruz and the Maya region.
Although attendances were not recorded for many of the earliest matches at North Road, the highest documented attendance was approximately 15, 000 for a First Division match against Sunderland on 4 March 1893.
Although the use of mushrooms in folk medicine is largely centered on the Asian continent, people in other parts of the world like the Middle East, Poland and Belarus have been documented using mushrooms for medicinal purposes.
Although a number of people laid claim to the concept of the postage stamp, it is well documented that stamps were first introduced in the United Kingdom on 1 May 1840, as a part of postal reforms promoted by Sir Rowland Hill.
Although the reliability of reports regarding the Shining Paths alleged atrocities remain a matter of controversy ,, the organization's use of violence is well documented.
Although German U-boat crews were under War Order No. 154 not to rescue survivors, which was also the policy of the Allies, out of several thousand sinkings of merchant ships in World War II, there is only one documented case of a U-boat crew's deliberately attacking the ship's survivors: that of the U-852, whose crew attacked survivors of the Greek ship Peleus.
Although such corrections and transformations have been performed and documented as part of the integration of WordNet 1. 7 into the cooperatively updatable knowledge base of WebKB-2, most projects claiming to re-use WordNet for knowledge-based applications ( typically, knowledge-oriented information retrieval ) simply re-use it directly.
Although paper had been known as a wrapping and padding material in China since the 2nd century BC, the first documented use of toilet paper in human history dates back to the 6th century AD, in early medieval China.
Although forbidden in the Hebrew Bible, magic was widely practiced in the late Second Temple Period and well documented in the period following the destruction of the Temple into the 3rd, 4th and 5th centuries C. E.
Although Egyptian is the oldest Afroasiatic language documented in written form, its morphological repertoire is greatly different from that of the rest of the Afroasiatic in general and Semitic in particular.
Although he was not as well documented as his contemporaries, Cinna was still an essential player in the fall of the system of the Roman Republic, ushering in a thinly veiled form of tyranny.
Although pictures of Thorpe in his WFI basketball uniform were printed on postcards and published in newspapers, this period of his life was not well documented.
Although very little could be documented, Zaharoff was viewed as a master of bribery and corruption, but the few incidents that did become public, such as the large bribes received by Japanese Admiral Fuji, suggested that a lot more was going on behind the scenes.
Although contemporary records of her reign are documented in diverse ancient sources, Hatshepsut was described by early modern scholars as only having served as a co-regent from approximately 1479 to 1458 BC, during years seven to twenty-one of the reign previously identified as that of Thutmose III.
Although Zeus, Hercules ' father, is frequently cited by Hercules as a neglectful father, Zeus ' love for Hercules is well documented in the show ( In one episode, Hercules explains to a friend that he looked to father figures because Zeus was never around when he was younger.
Although the place or date of his birth is not reliably documented, and some scholars put it as early as 1483, it is probable that François Rabelais was born in November 1494 near Chinon, Indre-et-Loire, where his father worked as a lawyer.
Although it is a subject of debate whether Teotihuacan was the center of a state empire, its influence throughout Mesoamerica is well documented ; evidence of Teotihuacano presence can be seen at numerous sites in Veracruz and the Maya region.
Although the mouth of the Orinoco in the Atlantic Ocean was documented by Columbus on 1 August 1498, during his third voyage, its source at the Cerro Delgado-Chalbaud, in the Parima range, was first explored in 1951, 453 years later.
Although many of the acts on Blue Note were recording jazz for a wide audience, the label also documented some of the emerging avant-garde and free jazz players.

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