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Although and worker's
Although the cotton industry in the Derwent Valley declined, many of the structures associated with the industrial processes associated with producing cotton and worker's housing has survived and there are 838 listed buildings in the conservation area.
When a manager can perform a worker's job more efficiently than the worker can, the result is merely suboptimal management: Although the company suffers lost opportunities because the manager would be still better at doing her or his own job ( see comparative advantage ), the worker's job is still being done well.
Although it had initially been conceived as a once-off event, by the following year the celebration of International Workers ' Day on May Day had become firmly established as an international worker's holiday.

Although and councils
Although some Protestants reject the concept of an ecumenical council establishing doctrine for the entire Christian faith, Roman Catholics, Anglicans, Eastern Orthodox and Oriental Orthodox all accept the authority of ecumenical councils in principle.
Although Calvin respected the work of the ecumenical councils, he considered them to be subject to God's Word, the teaching of scripture.
Although these councils did include statements about the canon, when it came to the New Testament they were only reaffirming the existing canon, including the Antilegomena.
Although Emperor Theodosius had long been a staunch supporter of Nestorius, his loyalty seems to have been shaken by the reports from Cyril's council and caused him to arrive at the extraordinary decision to ratify the depositions decreed by both councils.
Although the Pashtuns are politically separated by the Durand Line between Pakistan and Afghanistan, many Pashtun tribes from the FATA area and the adjacent regions of Afghanistan, tend to ignore the border and cross back and forth with relative ease to attend weddings, family functions and take part in the joint tribal councils known as jirgas.
Although they did not agree, the commission preferred the opinion which made it ultra vires for councils to engage in interest rate swaps.
Although the Weimar constitution ( which Ebert signed into law in August 1919 ) provided for the establishment of workers ' councils on different levels of society, they did not play a major part in the political life of the Weimar Republic.
Although he intended these economic councils to be more responsive to local needs, the decentralization of industry led to disruption and inefficiency.
Although created under local government legislation ( the Local Government ( Scotland ) Act 1973 ) community councils have no statutory powers or responsibilities and are not a tier of local government.
Although Mr Justice Ouseley said prayers were permitted to be held before the start of the formal agenda, Eric Pickles vowed to reverse the High Court decision, despite a recent Yougov poll showing 55 % were against councils holding prayers with just 26 % in favour.
Although initially fiercely resisted by local councils and residents, today it is generally regarded as having been a success and is now used as an exemplar of large-scale regeneration, although tensions between older and more recent residents remain.
Although ecumenical councils in the Roman Catholic Church are summoned by the Pope, the Council of Vienne was in reality convened at Philip's behest to disband the Templars elsewhere.
Although they are named " councils " they are really geographic standing committees of council with no final authority.
Although the number of regional councils in North Carolina has decreased over the years, the number of citizens served by the councils continues to rise.
Although representation and number of services provided by COGs has increased over the years, the budgets of these councils have not followed suit.
Although management and administration has been restructured on regional lines, the 47 local Learning and Skills councils were retained.
Although willing to compromise about exact boundaries, the government stood firm on the existence or abolition of county councils.
Although called two-tier, the system was really three-tier, as it retained civil parish councils, although in Wales they were renamed community councils.
Although women may vote in some churches, they are still unable to hold office on councils or represent their churches at a synod level.
Although not part of the central government programme, in local government, a growing number of councils have signed up to the Nottingham Declaration, launched on 25 October 2000, committing them to work towards reducing emissions.
Although Bridgepoint Capital own the airport 100 % financially, the councils hold a " special share " in the airport, to protect its name and continued operation as an air transport gateway for the Yorkshire region.
Although local councils are taking positive steps towards participatory design as opposed to traditional top down approaches to planning, many communities are moving to take design into their own hands.

Although and were
Although they were forced to maintain a sharper watch, this activity enabled them to ride in and rack their broncs without any particular attention being paid them.
Although his tender nights were not the ones I dreamed of, nor was it for yachts, sports cars, tall drinks, and swimming pools, nor yet for money or what money buys that I burned, I too was burning and watching myself burn.
Although this kind of wholesale objection came at first from some men who were not technically Puritans, still, once the Puritans gained power, they climaxed the affair by passing the infamous ordinance of 1642 which decreed that all `` public stage-plays shall cease and be forborne ''.
Although because of the important achievements of nineteenth century scholars in the field of textual criticism the advance is not so striking as it was in the case of archaeology and place-names, the editorial principles laid down by Stevenson in his great edition of Asser and in his Crawford Charters were a distinct improvement upon those of his predecessors and remain unimproved upon today.
Although there were no startling developments in shotgun design this year, a number of new models and variations of existing models did hit the market.
Although there were only four fluids tested, it was apparent that there were two distinct types.
Although the elections were for local officials, it was not necessary to conduct the elections so as to prevent parties from publicly identifying their candidates.
Although the monarch had frequently asserted that the elections were to be without party significance, his action was an implicit admission that party identifications were a factor.
Although Rhode Islanders were preparing for the state elections, they watched John Brown's trial with extreme interest.
Although we enjoyed our rounds of the government offices in Vientiane, with officials offering tea and pleasing conversation in French, we were getting nowhere.
Although federal and city narcotic agents sometimes worked together, Sokol continued, rivalries developed when they were `` aiming at the same criminals ''.
Although he later broke with the churches because he believed that they were insufficiently outspoken against social evils, he remained a devout Christian.
Although they " were expecting to see activity in the brain's reward centers ", based on the idea that " people perform altruistic acts because they feel good about it ", what they found was that " another part of the brain was also involved, and it was quite sensitive to the difference between doing something for personal gain and doing it for someone else's gain ".
The Turkish language and the Islamic religion were gradually introduced as a result of the Seljuk conquest, and this period marks the start of Anatolia's slow transition from predominantly Christian and Indo-European and Semitic-speaking, to predominantly Muslim and Turkish-speaking ( Although some ethnic groups such as Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians and Georgians retained Christianity and their native languages ).
Although the Indian and Greek concepts of the atom were based purely on philosophy, modern science has retained the name coined by Democritus.
Although Romanticism and Neoclassicism were philosophically opposed, they were the dominant European styles for generations, and many artists were affected to a greater or lesser degree by both.
Although Andean Amerindian peoples crafted ceremonial jewelry of gold and other metals the mineralizations of the Andes were first mined in large scale after the Spanish arrival.
Although at least three pads were planned, only two, designated A and B, were completed in October 1965.
Although the proposal seemed to have been approved, the plans of the British were thwarted by the uprising of Dost Muhammad's son Muhammad Akbar Khan, who defeated and annihilated the British-Indian garrison at Gandamak on its retreat from Kabul in January 1842.
Although some of his lands were restored to the control of his relatives, his safe return could not be arranged, and Hasan Ali Shah was forced to remain a permanent resident of India.

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