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Among and other
Among Bourbons the racial issue may have less to do with their remaining unreconstructed than other factors.
Among other things it means perception, discrimination, sensitivity to subtle differences.
Among the most frequently quoted Biblical sentences are the Beatitudes and yet so few persons, other than scholars, really understand the true meaning of these eight blessings uttered by Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
Among other things, besides the nature of your house and how much heat finds its way into its various rooms from the outside, it will depend upon your personal habits and the makeup of your family.
Among primitive peoples the sanctions and dictates of religion were more binding than any of the other controls exercised by the group ; ;
Among other acts, Teller and Austin are accused of paying $800 to Sears.
Among the other artists, whose paintings were discussed were Boucher, Courbet, Fra Angelico.
Among the other solo ballet dancers of the evening, Elisabeth Carroll and Ivan Allen were particularly impressive in their roles in `` The Duel '', a work that depends so much upon the precision and incisiveness of the two principal combatants.
Among other things, Moseley demonstrated that the lanthanide series ( from lanthanum to lutetium inclusive ) must have 15 members — no fewer and no more — which was far from obvious from the chemistry at that time.
Among the other primates, he is considered as primus inter pares.
Among other arguments, supporters hypothesize that the Act creates additional legal risks for employers who then quietly avoid hiring people with disabilities to avoid this risk.
Among the letters of Julian are two ( 29 and 30 ) addressed to Alypius ; one inviting him to Rome, the other thanking him for a geographical treatise, which no longer exists.
Among Ammonius ' other pupils there were Herennius and Cassius Longinus.
Among other things, the high achievement in this area of excellence points to consistently strong advising and support, a logical outcome of Barrett ( Arizona State University's honor college ) investing more in honors staff than any other honors program that " Public University Honors reviewed.
Among his many philanthropic efforts, the establishment of public libraries throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries was especially prominent.
Among other things, this feature allows a single iterative statement to process arbitrarily many elements of an array.
Among other variants, IBM later produced AIX Version 3 ( also known as AIX / 6000 ), based on System V Release 3, for their IBM POWER-based RS / 6000 platform.
Among other adventures, Atalanta participated in the hunt for the Calydonian Boar, which Artemis had sent to destroy Calydon because King Oeneus had forgotten her at the harvest sacrifices.
Among other composers who set Housman songs were John Ireland ( song cycle, Land of Lost Content ), Michael Head ( e. g. ' Ludlow Fair '), Graham Peel ( a famous version of ' In Summertime on Bredon '), Ian Venables ( Songs of Eternity and Sorrow ), and the American Samuel Barber ( e. g. ' With rue my heart is laden ').
Among the provinces, British Columbia has been distinguished by its strong liberal views ( in stark contrast to the other provinces west of Ontario ).
Among the branchiopods, only some cladocerans are marine ; all the other groups are found in continental waters fresh water, including temporary pools and salt lakes.
Among other things, it contains nuclei that control sleep, respiration, swallowing, bladder function, equilibrium, eye movement, facial expressions, and posture.
Among other genetic information the F-plasmid carries a tra and trb locus, which together are about 33 kb long and consist of about 40 genes.
Among other classes of computers, the generic terms boot monitor, boot loader, and boot ROM have been commonly used.

Among and contemporaries
Among more modern editions Baehrens ( 1878, the first of the modern critical editions ) has outlived his contemporaries L Müller ( 1880 ), Hiller ( 1885 ), and John Percival Postgate ( 1905 ).
Among early contemporaries, Carracci would have been an innovator.
Among the important and highly talented contemporaries of Turner and Girtin were John Varley, John Sell Cotman, Anthony Copley Fielding, Samuel Palmer, William Havell and Samuel Prout.
Among his college contemporaries, besides Taine, were Francisque Sarcey, Challemel-Lacour and Prevost-Paradol.
Among his contemporaries at Wadham were Edward Spencer Beesly, John Henry Bridges, and George Earlam Thorley who were to become the leaders of the secular Religion of Humanity or " Comtism " in England.
Among Howells ' contemporaries in the student body were Gurney, Arthur Bliss and Arthur Benjamin.
Among the most prominent representatives of this school must be mentioned Giacomo Capoccio of Viterbo ( d. 1307 ) and Augustinus Triumphus ( d. 1328 ), both of them his contemporaries, and also students and professors in the University of Paris: Prosper of Reggio, Albert of Padua, Gerard of Siena, Henry of Frimar, Thomas of Strasburg — all in the first half of the fourteenth century.
Among them are Ephorus and Callisthenes who were contemporaries of the Theban hegemony and the Sacred Band.
Among his contemporaries who also appeared in that book were Muriel Rukeyser, Karl Shapiro, Elizabeth Bishop, Theodore Roethke, Randall Jarrell, and John Ciardi, all poets who came into prominence in the 1940s.
Among his contemporaries was the future journalist Alexander Cockburn.
Among his occasional poems are The Honour of the Garter, which has a prologue containing Peele's judgments on his contemporaries, and Polyhymnia ( 1590 ), a blank verse description of the ceremonies attending the retirement of the queens ' champion, Sir Henry Lee.
Among contemporaries influenced by Winnicott was R. D.
Among his contemporaries at Charterhouse were Connop Thirlwall, George Grote, William Hale, Julius Hare, and William Norris, the last two being his special friends.
Among his contemporaries Talbot enjoyed the reputation of a wit ; he was a patron of the poet James Thomson, who in The Seasons commemorated a son of his to whom he acted as tutor ; and Butler dedicated his famous Analogy to the lord chancellor.
Among his Iranian contemporaries Amir Kabir received praise from several poets of the age, notably Sorush and Qaʾani, but his services to Iran remained generally unappreciated in the Qajar period.
Among Lora's contemporaries are Toño Abreu and Hipólito Martínez, best remembered for their merengue " Caña Brava ".
Among his contemporaries at Eton were Eric Blair ( the writer George Orwell ), Cyril Connolly, Robert Byron, Alec Douglas-Home, Ian Fleming, Brian Howard, Oliver Messel, Anthony Powell, Henry Yorke ( the novelist Henry Green ).
Among The Sonics ' contemporaries were The Kingsmen, The Wailers, The Dynamics, The Regents, and Paul Revere & the Raiders.
Among his contemporaries and intimate friends were Hezekiah Burton, Sir Samuel Morland, who was distinguished as a mathematician, and Orlando Bridgeman, who became Lord Keeper of the Great Seal.
Among the contemporaries at Oxford with whom he formed lasting friendships were William Laud, Humphrey May, and Ralph Winwood.
Among the elements that set the band apart from their contemporaries were Foxx's lyrics and vocal delivery, and Billy Currie's violin and synthesiser playing.
Among their contemporaries, the band had strong artistic, political, and personal ties to both Meat Beat Manifesto and Consolidated.
Among his contemporaries were the better known Simon de Montfort, 6th Earl of Leicester and Roger Bacon.
Among contemporaries he passed for one of the most formidable polemical or gladiatorial rhetoricians ; and a considerable section of his extant works are invectives.

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