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Among and novels
Among the musicals, Camelot came from T. H. White's The Once And Future King, and novels were the sources of the less than momentous Tenderloin and Do Re Mi.
James Hadley Chase wrote a few novels with private eyes as the main hero, including Blonde's Requiem ( 1945 ), Lay Her Among the Lilies ( 1950 ), and Figure It Out for Yourself ( 1950 ).
Among Japan's largest and most famous studios, Sunrise is renowned for several critically lauded and popular original anime series, such as Gundam, Armored Trooper Votoms, Vision of Escaflowne, Cowboy Bebop, Witch Hunter Robin, My-HiME, My-Otome, Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion, as well as its numerous adaptations of acclaimed light novels including Dirty Pair, Kyoukai Senjou no Horizon and Accel World, and manga such as City Hunter, InuYasha, Outlaw Star, Yakitate !!
Among these novels are two books titled Uncle Tom's Cabin As It Is ( one by W. L.
Among his novels two were made into motion pictures ( Cinderella Liberty and The Last Detail ).
Among the most discussed authors of this period were Victor Pelevin, who gained popularity with first short stories and then novels, novelist and playwright Vladimir Sorokin, and the poet Dmitry Prigov.
Among the novels and respective cases alluded to are The Two Mrs. Grenvilles ( 1985 ) ( the shooting of Belair Stud owner William Woodward, Jr. by his wife, Ann Arden Woodward ); An Inconvenient Woman ( 1990 ) ( the Alfred S. Bloomingdale / Vicki Morgan affair and ensuing scandal ); and A Season in Purgatory ( 1993 ) ( the Michael Skakel / Martha Moxley murder case ).
Among the most important literary births during the turn of the 18th to 19th century were those of Margaret Mitchell and Zelda Fitzgerald, the former of which would go on to pen one of the most successful novels of all time, Gone With the Wind, published in 1936.
Among his other important novels are Libra ( 1988 ), Mao II ( 1991 ) and Falling Man ( 2007 ).
Among the prose works of Cinthio is the Hecatommithi or Ecatomiti, a collection of tales told somewhat after the manner of Boccaccio, but still more closely resembling the novels of Cinthio's contemporary, Matteo Bandello.
Among the best-known of these are the phaser used in the Star Trek television series, films and novels and the lightsaber featured in the Star Wars fictional universe.
Among the best-selling novels of 1950 ’ s was Peyton Place by Grace Metalious.
Among those who are good at this are writers of novels and children's books.
Among his later novels may be mentioned two further " tragic " tales: Madcap Violet ( 1876 ) and Macleod of Dare ( 1879 ); Sunrise ( 1881 ) a novel of international political intrigue ; Shandon Bells ( 1883 ) largely set in Ireland ; Yolande ( 1883 ) which in part deals with drug addiction ; Judith Shakespeare ( 1884 ) a historical novel featuring the playwright's daughter ; and The New Prince Fortunatus ( 1890 ) a novel of London theatrical life.
Starlin co-wrote four novels with his wife Daina Graziunas ( whom he married in October 1980 ): Among Madmen ( 1990, Roc Books ), Lady El ( 1992, Roc Books ), Thinning the Predators ( 1996, Warner Books ; paperback edition entitled Predators ); and Pawns ( 1989, serialized in comic book Dreadstar # 42-54 ).
Among her novels was Hackenfeller's Ape ( 1953 ); among her critical studies were Mozart the Dramatist ( 1964 ; revised 1990 ) and Prancing Novelist A Defence of Fiction ...
Among Biggle's enduring science fiction creations were the Interplanetary Relations Bureau and the Cultural Survey, both featured in novels and magazine stories.
Among other similar names, a land called Run occurs in Kay's novels.
Among some 40 books and many essays and short stories he wrote six ' Australian ' novels and several scientific-philosophical works that challenge Darwinism, or the mechanism of evolutionary theory, as an entire explanation for the development of life on earth.
In his revisionist Oz novels Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West, Son of a Witch, and A Lion Among Men, Gregory Maguire portrays a very different version of the Land of Oz.
* Among the funniest of S. J. Perelman's writings is his series of pieces Cloudland Revisited in which as a middle-aged man, he re-reads and describes the risqué novels that had thrilled him as a youth.
Among his novels, travel books and essays, his novella Kumeŭaŭa, la filo de la ĝangalo (" Kumewawa, the son of the jungle "), a children's book about the life of Brazilian Indians, was translated into seventeen languages, and in 1987 it was voted best Children's book in Japan.
He opened by saying " Among Steinbeck's best novels, the least known is probably In Dubious Battle.
Among a handful of anthologies, the thirteen Honor-centered novels, and two subordinate sub-series starring some different characters, the universe first explored in On Basilisk Station has a diasporal historical background for the backstory storyline, in which mankind, over almost two millennia, migrated to systems beyond the Sol system, first in slower-than-light starships, then by increasingly efficient and effective hyperspace drive-propulsion systems.

Among and were
Among the outstanding members of the Hearst cabinet whom he successfully opposed for a time were the great Arthur Brisbane, Bradford Merrill, S.S. Carvalho, and Colonel Van Hamm.
Among the visitors arriving every now and then there were, of course, women.
Among some recent imports were seat covers for one series of dining room chairs on which were depicted salad plates overflowing with tomatoes and greens and another set on which a pineapple was worked in naturalistic color.
Among foreign countries responding were Germany, Canada, Brazil and India.
Among primitive peoples the sanctions and dictates of religion were more binding than any of the other controls exercised by the group ; ;
Among this latter group there were also differences in the amount and kind of information necessary before a shift in reaction occurred.
Among them were a number of newsmen, including Henry Raymont, of United Press International, and Robert Berrellez, of Associated Press.
Among his gangland buddies, he said, were Joseph ( Joey ) Glimco, a mob labor racketeer, and four gang gambling chiefs, Gus ( Slim ) Alex, Ralph Pierce, Joe ( Caesar ) DiVarco, and Jimmy ( Monk ) Allegretti.
Among the witnesses were Ed J. Lee, director of McCormick Place ; ;
Among the other artists, whose paintings were discussed were Boucher, Courbet, Fra Angelico.
Among the particular gems in this collection is the impudent opening song of `` The Garrick Gaieties '', an impressive forecast of the wit and melody that were to come from Rodgers and Hart in the years that followed ; ;
Among the other solo ballet dancers of the evening, Elisabeth Carroll and Ivan Allen were particularly impressive in their roles in `` The Duel '', a work that depends so much upon the precision and incisiveness of the two principal combatants.
Among the important novelists of the 1980s were Rachid Mimouni, later vice-president of Amnesty International, and Tahar Djaout, murdered by an Islamist group in 1993 for his secularist views.
Among major industrial centers closed to curtail pollution were the Nairit Chemical Plant, the Alaverdy Metallurgical Plant, and the Vanadzor Chemical Combine.
Among his pupils were many of the dominant intellectuals of the Carolingian era.
Among subsequent possessors were Scott's son-in-law, John Gibson Lockhart, J. R. Hope Scott, Q. C., and his daughter ( Scott's great-granddaughter ), the Hon.
Among the economic development institutions established in East Africa were companies such as the Diamond Jubilee Investment Trust ( now Diamond Trust of Kenya ) and the Jubilee Insurance Company, which are quoted on the Nairobi Stock Exchange and have become major players in national development.
Among the victims of Messalina's intrigues were Agrippina's surviving sister Livilla, who was charged with having adultery with Seneca the Younger.
Among Ammonius ' other pupils there were Herennius and Cassius Longinus.
Among his major accomplishments were the 1940 proof, of the Riemann hypothesis for zeta-functions of curves over finite fields, and his subsequent laying of proper foundations for algebraic geometry to support that result ( from 1942 to 1946, most intensively ).
" Among the Oxford Group practices AA retained were informal gatherings, a " changed-life " developed through " stages ", and working with others for no material gain.
Among Canova's English pupils were sculptors Sir Richard Westmacott and John Gibson.

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