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Among and popular
Among Classical Greeks, amazon was given a popular etymology as from a-mazos, " without breast ", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their left breast cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely and throw spears without the physical limitation and obstruction ; there is no indication of such a practice in works of art, in which the Amazons are always represented with both breasts, although the left is frequently covered ( see photos in article ).
Among these are pieces for piano four hands that are popular among amateur pianists.
Among the few popular new stars during this period were Judy Holliday and the comedy team phenom of Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis.
Among the most popular year-round tourist attractions in Rio, the Corcovado railway, access roads, and statue platform are commonly crowded.
Among the most popular in this series were: 1N34A / 1N270 ( Germanium signal ), 1N914 / 1N4148 ( Silicon signal ), 1N4001-1N4007 ( Silicon 1A power rectifier ) and 1N54xx ( Silicon 3A power rectifier )
Among Rotten Tomatoes ' Cream of the Crop, which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers, websites, television, and radio programs, the film holds an overall approval rating of 71 % based on 24 reviews.
Among the most popular species that used to be planted were date palms, sycamores, fig trees, nut trees, and willows.
Among measures taken by Conte to try and shore up his support within the military after 2007 was the transfer of the ' popular Sékouba Konaté to Conakry to head the parachute Autonomous Battalion of Airborne Troops ( French acronym BATA ) in an attempt to calm the troops.
Among the most popular and most common are the Bratwurst ( fry-sausage ), usually made of ground pork and spices, the Wiener ( Viennese ), which may be pork or pork / beef and is smoked and fully cooked in a water bath, and Blutwurst ( blood sausage ) or Schwarzwurst ( black sausage ) made from blood ( often of pigs or geese ).
Among the most popular sports in Switzerland is Ice hockey.
Among the many remakes or " reimaginings " of other popular horror films and franchises are films such as Friday the 13th ( 2009 ), A Nightmare on Elm Street ( 2010 ), Children of the Corn ( 2009 )., Prom Night ( 2008 ), My Bloody Valentine ( 2009 ) and The Wolfman ( 2010 ).
Among the most cherished of these lighter works by Brahms are his sets of popular dances — the Hungarian Dances, the Waltzes, Op.
Among non-team sports badminton and athletics are the most popular together with east Asian martial arts and boxing.
Among World of Warcraft players, dance and music videos became popular after dancing animations were discovered in the game.
Among his most popular writings were a series of animal verses, many of which featured his off-kilter rhyming devices.
Among these, the oldest and the most popular is foot orienteering.
Among them are Secretum (" My Secret Book "), an intensely personal, guilt-ridden imaginary dialogue with Augustine of Hippo ; De Viris Illustribus (" On Famous Men "), a series of moral biographies ; Rerum Memorandarum Libri, an incomplete treatise on the cardinal virtues ; De Otio Religiosorum (" On Religious Leisure ") and De Vita Solitaria (" On the Solitary Life "), which praise the contemplative life ; De Remediis Utriusque Fortunae (" Remedies for Fortune Fair and Foul "), a self-help book which remained popular for hundreds of years ; Itinerarium (" Petrarch's Guide to the Holy Land "); a number of invectives against opponents such as doctors, scholastics, and the French ; the Carmen Bucolicum, a collection of 12 pastoral poems ; and the unfinished epic Africa.
" Among the popular newspaper rumours about Nurmi was that he had a " freakish heart " with a very low pulse rate.
Among these are the. 22 rimfire, a caliber popular for target shooting and teaching novice shooters ;. 38 Special and. 357 Magnum, known for its police use ; the. 44 Magnum, famous from Clint Eastwood's " Dirty Harry " films ; and the. 45 Colt, used in the Colt revolver of the Wild West.
Among these, Yamadanishiki, Gohyakumangoku, Miyamanishiki and Omachi rice are very popular.
Among public wikis, MediaWiki is the dominant software: it powers the world's most popular public wiki, Wikipedia, as well as the most popular wiki farm, Wikia, and it is the most popular software in use on other public wikis as well.
Among the most popular were the A Nightmare on Elm Street, Friday the 13th, Hellraiser and Poltergeist ( Film Series ) franchises.
Among the most popular electives at Columbia Business School are the Economics of Strategic Behavior, Financial Statement Analysis and Earnings Quality, Launching New Ventures, Modern Political Economy, and the Seminar in Value Investing.

Among and film
Among the tracks he recorded was an early version of " That'll Be The Day ", which took its title from a line that John Wayne's character says repeatedly in the 1956 film The Searchers.
Among his various musical credits, Mumy has recorded and written songs with America, toured with Shaun Cassidy, and played in Rick Springfield's band in the film, Hard to Hold.
Among his best-known films are Cleopatra ; Samson and Delilah ; The Greatest Show on Earth, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture ; and The Ten Commandments, which was his last and most successful film.
Among the stuntmen for the film were members of the Seven Little Fortunes, including Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung.
Among the many inspirations for the film include The Three Stooges and other slapstick comedy films ; Ash's fights with his disembodied hand come from a film made by Spiegel as a teenager, entitled Attack of the Helping Hand, which was itself inspired by television commercials advertising Hamburger Helper.
Among the commercial successes for German films of the 1980s were the Otto film series beginning in 1985 starring comedian Otto Waalkes, Wolfgang Petersen's adaptation of The NeverEnding Story ( 1984 ), and the internationally successful Das Boot ( 1981 ), which still holds the record for most Academy Award nominations for a German film ( six ).
Among those films not themselves considered film noirs, perhaps none had a greater effect on the development of the genre than America's own Citizen Kane ( 1941 ), the landmark motion picture directed by Orson Welles.
Among his leading films was It Happened One Night ( 1934 ), which became the first film to win all five top Oscars, including Best Picture.
Among modern critics, Steve Biodrowski of Cinefantastique wrote, " In the end, Destroy All Monsters is too slim in its storyline, too thin in its characterizations, to be considered a truly great film.
" Among fans of the nearly forty year old books, this film was mostly disappointing.
He also appeared in the Goon Show film Down Among the Z Men.
Among his producing credits are the horror film Hostel ( which included numerous references to his own Pulp Fiction ), the adaptation of Elmore Leonard's Killshot ( for which Tarantino was credited as an executive producer, although he was no longer associated with the film after its 2009 release.
Among these are Flåklypa Grand Prix, Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Wallace and Gromit, Pee-wee's Big Adventure, The Way Things Go, Edward Scissorhands, Back to the Future, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids, The Goonies, Gremlins, the Saw film series, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, The Cat from Outer Space, Malcolm, Family Guy, American Dad !, and Waiting ...
Among other formats, flat, drum, and film scanners exist, and most of them support RGB color.
Among the highest-profile of these objections were the criticisms levelled by the family of prominent anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, who was killed by the security police, and whose story was later featured in the film Cry Freedom.
Among the most notable motion pictures was a film shot at the Eastern Front by cameraman Albert K. Dawson: The Battle and Fall of Przemysl ( 1915 ).
Her best known film roles were " Susanne Wallner " in Wolfgang Staudte's film Die Mörder sind unter uns ( The Murderers Are Among Us ), the first film released after the Second World War in East Germany and produced by DEFA ); and in 1950, " Marina " in Die Sünderin ( The Sinner ), in which she performed a brief nude scene, the first in German film history, causing a scandal.
Among the themes that would run through all of his work were " personal alienation and an outrage over social injustice ", writes film critic William Baer.

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