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Among and individual
Among the military tiles, individual tiles of the same pair ( such as 1-4 and 2-3 ) rank equally.
Among most or all hymenopterans, sex is determined by the number of chromosomes an individual possesses.
Among the early influences on individualist anarchism were William Godwin, Henry David Thoreau ( transcendentalism ), Josiah Warren (" sovereignty of the individual "), Lysander Spooner (" natural law "), Pierre Joseph Proudhon ( mutualism ), Anselme Bellegarrigue, Herbert Spencer (" law of equal liberty "), and Max Stirner ( egoism ).
Among his best known works are the series Ten Studies in Female Physiognomy ; A Collection of Reigning Beauties ; Great Love Themes of Classical Poetry ( sometimes called Women in Love containing individual prints such as Revealed Love and Pensive Love ); and Twelve Hours in the Pleasure Quarters.
Among tribes, qualification may be based upon a required percentage of Native American " blood " ( or the " blood quantum ") of an individual seeking recognition, or documented descent from an ancestor on the Dawes Rolls or other registers.
Among other things, sociology's emphasis on the determination of individual tastes and perspectives by social institutions conflicts with rational choice theory's assumption that our tastes and perspectives are given and inexplicable.
Among the few exceptions is the relational view, which outlines a theory for considering dyads and networks of firms as a key unit of analysis for explaining superior individual firm performance ( Dyer and Singh, 1998 ).
Among them are elimination races, where one or more competitors are eliminated at fixed points during the course ; simple distance races, which may include preliminary knockout races ; endurance races with time limits instead of a fixed distance ; points races ; and individual pursuits.
Among the Orthodox, all bishops are considered equal, though an individual may have a place of higher or lower honor, and each has his place within the order of precedence.
Among the many awards he received for individual works and his total body of work, the most important is the Prijs der Nederlandse Letteren ( Prize of Dutch Literature, a lifetime achievement award ) in 1995.
Among the amphibian species found are the Cascades frog and the Rough-skinned Newt, the latter being a common far western USA taxon ; in fact, examples of neoteny have been found in individual newts of this species within the county.
Among the major issues during this period were parents ' unwillingness to dissolve the individual schools for a larger, consolidated school, and the fear of mounting taxes.
Among those who identified as having one race, the population was 79. 5 % White, 0. 3 % African American, 1 % American Indian and Alaskan Native, 0. 6 % Asian, 0. 2 % Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander, and 1 individual identifying as " some other race.
Among the pioneering observations carried out using the VLT are the first direct image of an exoplanet, the tracking of individual stars moving around the supermassive black hole at the centre of the Milky Way, and observations of the afterglow of the furthest known gamma-ray burst.
Among the issues have been the extent to which Modern Orthodoxy should cooperate with the more liberal denominations, support secular academic pursuits combined with religious learning, and embrace efforts to give women a larger role in Jewish learning and worship ; This view is largely anecdotal, and is based on individual behaviour, as opposed to any formal, institutional position ; see above:
Among the Iban of Sarawak, Malaysia, individual totemism has been the tradition.
Among the Kpelle people of Liberia there is not only group totemism but also individual totemism.
Among other individual utility missions, the 11th ACR contingent provided the majority of the support for the State Department mission run by Lt.
Among individual musicians with long associations with the city were brothers Ernie and Emilio Caceres.
* 2008 In preparation for the 34th G8 summit, the national science academies of the G8 + 5 nations issued a declaration reiterating the position of the 2005 joint science academies ’ statement, and reaffirming “ that climate change is happening and that anthropogenic warming is influencing many physical and biological systems .” Among other actions, the declaration urges all nations to “( t ) ake appropriate economic and policy measures to accelerate transition to a low carbon society and to encourage and effect changes in individual and national behaviour .” The thirteen signatories were the same national science academies that issued the 2007 joint statement.
Among indigenous peoples of the Americas prior to European colonization, a common form of same-sex sexuality centered around the figure of the Two-Spirit individual.
Among more contemporary critics, Calixto Oyuela tried to bring the focus back from the national to the individual, a critique similar to Martínez Estrada's ; he emphasized that this is the story of a particular man, a gaucho in the last days of the open range ; he sees the book as a meditation on origins, a protest and a lament for a disappearing way of life.
Among the difficulties with this scheme was maintaining system balance as individual well loads changed.
Among other things, the purpose of IRT is to provide a framework for evaluating how well assessments work, and how well individual items on assessments work.

Among and dealers
Among the other artists who popularized East Hampton as an artists colony were Willem de Kooning, Mark Rothko, Franz Kline, Ian Hornak, Larry Rivers, Alfonso Ossorio, Robert Motherwell, Andy Warhol and Thomas Moran, as well as art dealers Leo Castelli and Ileana Sonnabend.
Among other investigations, Helliker wrote an expose of the budget-motel industry in 1991 showing that it attracted — and even catered to — drug dealers and prostitutes, endangering guests.
Among other things, Overstreet's guide included inventory lists, and it instantly became an invaluable resource tool for comic book collectors and dealers.
Among America ’ s most influential rare book dealers, he helped build many of the nation ’ s great libraries.
Among the skits were " The Dealers ", a feature about a pair of urban drug dealers introduced by a wildly overdone, hip title segment, " Koko the Clown " featuring a jaded clown reading erotica to the kids, a public service announcement for venereal disease that covertly used a real penis, and a parody of sponsored television cooking shows ( it bakes up an inedible " brick " while repeatedly using the fictitious " Kramp Easy Lube " shortening, a spoof of the " Kraft " name ).

Among and questioned
Among the works attributed to Bernard later in the Middle Ages were a commentary on Virgil's Aeneid ( Bernard's authorship of which has been questioned by modern scholars ) and a commentary on Martianus Capella's De Nuptiis Philologiae et Mercurii.
" In 1981, William Walsh argued that " Among the major Odes [...] no one has questioned the place and supremacy of ' To Autumn ', in which we see wholly realized, powerfully embodied in art, the complete maturity so earnestly laboured at in Keats's life, so persuasively argued about in his letters.
Among the many witnesses questioned is the woman's husband, a psychiatrist with several devastating secrets and knows more about his wife's beating than he's willing to admit.
Among them was the German archaeologist Adolf Furtwängler who noted stylistic problems with the tiara's design and questioned the lack of aging apparent on the artifact.

Among and nearly
Among the scripts in modern use, the Hebrew alphabet bears the closest relation to the Imperial Aramaic script of the 5th century BCE, with an identical letter inventory and, for the most part, nearly identical letter shapes.
Among other marriages being considered for the queen, Robert Dudley was regarded as a possible candidate for nearly another decade.
" Among fans of the nearly forty year old books, this film was mostly disappointing.
Among current NFL QBs, Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos has been known to call all, or nearly all, of his team's plays using a no-huddle offense.
Among other demands, the mission sought increased compensation for its former Duars territories, but instead the British deducted nearly 3, 000 rupees from the annual compensation and demanded an apology for alleged plundering of British-protected lands by members of the mission.
Among hemophiliacs treated with blood-clotting factors between 1979 and 1984, nearly 90 % became infected with HIV.
Among the features of Domestic Commerce and Industry, the massive Interiors, Fashion, and Commerce Building spread for — nearly the entire Broad Street side of the grounds — with exhibits ranging from 32 separate furniture companies to the Encyclopædia Britannica.
Among the more notable instances occurred in March 2002, when Falun Gong practitioners in Changchun intercepted eight cable television networks in Jilin Province, and for nearly an hour, televised a program titled " Self-Immolation or a Staged Act ?".
Among other " firsts ", the Olmec appeared to practice ritual bloodletting and played the Mesoamerican ballgame, hallmarks of nearly all subsequent Mesoamerican societies.
In 1996 the Misfits Box Set was released, containing nearly all of the band's Danzig-era material recorded from 1977 to 1983 ( with the exception of Walk Among Us ).
" Among the investigation's findings is that nearly half of 200 cases " involved clergy who tried to elude law enforcement.
Among the changes: the primary election cycle would start nearly a year earlier than in previous cycles, states from the West and the South would be included in the earlier part of the schedule, and candidates who run in primary elections not held in accordance with the DNC's proposed schedule ( as the DNC does not have any direct control over each state's official election schedules ) would be penalized by being stripped of delegates won in offending states.
According to the 2003 non-canon Star Trek: The Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins by David R. George III, Harriman remains in command of the Enterprise-B for nearly twenty years, and develops a reputation as an excellent and capable officer.
Among the Hogna species in the U. S., the nearly solid dark brown H. carolinensis ( Carolina wolf spider ) is the largest, with a body that can be more than one inch long.
Among other measures it saw the scientific community and formal education attacked, intellectuals were sent to do manual labor, universities and academic journals were closed, most research ceased, and for nearly a decade China trained no new scientists and engineers.
Among the more noteworthy estates were Col. Louis D. Conley's " Outpost Farm ", which at one point totalled nearly, some of which is now Bennett's Pond State Park ; Seth Low Pierrepont's " Twixthills ", more than, much of which is now Pierrepont State Park ; Frederic E. Lewis's " Upagenstit ", that became Grey Court College in the 1940s, but is now mostly subdivisions ; and Col. Edward M. Knox's " Downesbury Manor ", whose included a 45-room mansion that Mark Twain often visited.
Among their most successful hit singles are " Shaker Song " and " Morning Dance " ( 1979 ), which received significant play on popular music radio stations, and are still frequently heard nearly 30 years later on jazz and easy listening stations.
Among many members of an online community who play videogames of The Sims series incorrectly use the term " town father " to denote a person that impregnates nearly all of the fertile women in the neighborhood and literally fathers the majority of the town's next generation.
Among the most famous holdings of the library is the Codex Vaticanus Graecus 1209, the oldest known nearly complete manuscript of the Bible.
Among the oldest rocks in Oregon, some of the formations in these terranes date to the Triassic, nearly 250 million years ago.
Among the colonial slave societies, the United States was nearly unique in developing the one-drop rule ; it derived both from the Southern slave culture ( shared by other societies ) and the aftermath of the American Civil War, emancipation of slaves, and Reconstruction.
Among them is Ivanova's flagship, which is nearly destroyed when it is struck by a large piece of debris from an advanced destroyer.
Among early purchasers of Cimarrons, nearly three quarters had never owned a Cadillac before.
Among the most damaging accusations in the book was that invasion of Iraq was on the agenda as early as February 2001, nearly 7 months before the September 11 attacks.

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