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Among and notable
Among the notable alumni of AFI are: Darren Aronofsky, Jon Avnet, Keith D. Black, Wally Pfister, Stuart Cornfeld, Bill Duke, Edward James Olmos, Carl Colpaert, Rodrigo García, Steve Golin, Patrick Creadon, Amy Heckerling, Marshall Herskovitz, Janusz Kamiński, Matthew Libatique, Mimi Leder, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, John McTiernan, Paul Schrader, Frank Spotnitz, Mark Waters, Gary Winick, Edward Zwick, and Susannah Grant.
Among the most notable groups are THC, Heinek ' n, Keizer, Kempi, Steen, Hef, Adonis and Negativ.
Among his notable students were Fritz Reiner, Sir Georg Solti, György Sándor, Ernő Balogh, and Lili Kraus.
Among Alexander's most notable built works are the Eishin Campus near Tokyo ( the building process of which is soon to be outlined in his forthcoming book Battle ); the West Dean Visitors Centre in West Sussex, England ; the Julian Street Inn ( a homeless shelter ) in San Jose, California ( both described in Nature of Order ); the Martinez House ( an experimental house in Martinez, California made of lightweight concrete ); the low-cost housing in Mexicali, Mexico ( described in The Production of Houses ); and several private houses ( described and illustrated in " The Nature of Order ").
Among the most notable of these was the 1944 novella " No Woman Born ", which went on to be included in over ten different science fiction anthologies, including The Best of C. L. Moore.
Among the more notable moments in the rivalry was the Giants ' defeat of Dallas in the 2007 playoffs en route to their victory in Super Bowl XLII and winning the first regular season game played at Cowboys Stadium in 2009.
Among notable civilian recipients are Harry L. Hopkins, Robert S. McNamara and Henry L. Stimson.
Among the notable broadly egalitarian philosophies are socialism, communism, anarchism, libertarianism, left-libertarianism, social liberalism and progressivism, all of which propound economic, political, and legal egalitarianism.
Among the notable roles that Abbott sang with the company are Juliette in Gounod's Roméo et Juliette, Virginia in Paul et Virginie, Josephine in H. M. S. Pinafore, the title role in Flotow's Martha, Amina in Bellini's La Sonnambula, and Violetta in La Traviata, a role which she apparently no longer objected to, however, instead of singing Addio del passato, she made Violeta expire with Nearer, my God, to Thee.
Among Rotten Tomatoes ' Cream of the Crop, which consists of popular and notable critics from the top newspapers, websites, television, and radio programs, the film holds an overall approval rating of 71 % based on 24 reviews.
Among these, the following are notable:
Among the notable broadly egalitarian philosophies are socialism, communism, anarchism, left-libertarianism, and progressivism, all of which propound economic, political, and legal egalitarianism, respectively.
Among her most notable cultural legacies was the restoration of the Kraków Academy, which in 1817 was renamed Jagiellonian University in honour of the couple.
Among its more famous critics are the evolutionary biologists Richard Dawkins, Ford Doolittle, and Stephen Jay Gould – notable, given the diversity of this trio's views on other scientific matters.
Among her notable television credits are Capitol ( as Kimberly Beck-Hilton ), Fantasy Island, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century ( as one side of a Jekyll-and-Hyde character, whose counterpart was played by Trisha Noble ), Westwind, Dynasty, Lucas Tanner and Peyton Place ( as the character Kim Schuster ).
Among the most notable: the Black Marble H & R Block fountain in front of Union Station with its synchronized water jets shooting high into the air, the Nichols Bronze Horses at the corner of Main and JC Nichols Parkway at the entrance to the Plaza Shopping District and the unique " family friendly " walk through fountain at Hallmark Cards World Headquarters in Crown Center.
Among its more notable entries is a depiction of what Alfonso calls the ajedrex de los quatro tiempos (" chess of the four seasons ").
Among the notable films were Clan Phantasm's Devil's Covenant, the first feature-length Quake movie ; Avatar and Wendigo's Blahbalicious, which the QML awarded seven Quake Movie Oscars ; and Clan Undead's Operation Bayshield, which introduced simulated lip synchronization and featured customized digital assets.
Among the textual sources on building construction and associated rituals are Gudea's cylinders from the late 3rd millennium are notable, as well as the Assyrian and Babylonian royal inscriptions from the Iron Age.
Among the notable buildings of Merseburg are the Merseburg Cathedral of St John the Baptist ( founded 1015, rebuilt in the 13th and 16th centuries ) and the episcopal palace ( 15th century ).
Among the notable artists were the aforementioned Davis, Elder and Wood, as well as Mort Drucker, George Woodbridge and Paul Coker.
Among these is who is considered the patriarch of Russian geography: Mikhail Lomonosov who in the mid-1750s began working in the Department of Geography, Academy of Sciences to conduct research in Siberia, their contributions are notable in this regard, shows the soil organic origin, develops a comprehensive law on the movement of the ice that still governs the basics, thereby founding a new branch of Geography: Glaciology.
Among the most notable peaks are Mount Mayon near Legazpi City, Taal Volcano south of Manila, and Mount Apo on Mindanao.
Among the notable differences are:

Among and recipients
Among the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature more than half are practically unknown to readers of English.
Among American PhD recipients in fields related to science and engineering, 25 % of the recipients are ethnic Chinese.
" Among the award's recipients are several future Nobel Prize in Literature laureates, including Herta Müller ( 1998 winner with The Land of Green Plums ) and Orhan Pamuk ( 2003 winner with My Name Is Red ).
Among other notable alumni, Andover has educated two American presidents, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, NFL head coach Bill Belichick, Law & Order creator Dick Wolf, Lyman Spitzer, namesake of NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope, six Medal of Honor recipients, inventor Samuel Morse, and author Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.
Among the recipients are Michael Berry, Alan Guth, Stephen Hawking, and Frank Wilczek.
Among the recipients is the state legislator Ronnie Johns of Sulphur in Calcasieu Parish.
Among famous recipients of the civil class of the Pour le Mérite in the first group of awards in 1842 were Alexander von Humboldt, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Jakob Grimm, Felix Mendelssohn, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph Schelling and August Wilhelm Schlegel.
Among the recipients were:
Among them are 12 Nobel Prize laureates, 10 Fields Medalists, 1 Gauss Prize laureate, and 2 recipients of the John Bates Clark Medal in Economics.
Among the more unusual recipients are Iraqi President Saddam Hussein ( Detroit, 1980 ), Sam Born, for inventing a machine that mechanically inserted sticks into lollipops ( San Francisco, 1916 ), and " Scarlett's Magic " ( Corona, 2010 ), a cat listed in the 2011 Guinness Book of World Records as World's Tallest Cat.
Among the recipients of the Order after its re-establishment were:
Among other prominent recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross during World War I were Brigadier General John L. Hines, decorated as commanding general of the 1st Brigade, 1st Division, and Major General Charles P. Summerall, decorated as commanding general of the 1st Division, who both went on to serve as Chief of Staff of the U. S. Army.
Among the recipients of the Distinguished Service Cross for Siberia and North Russia were Robert L. Eichelberger, who would earn a second medal in World War II, and Sidney C. Graves, who had previously received a Distinguished Service Cross in World War I.
Among the recipients were Sergeant Welsby, who single-handedly secured a fortified farmhouse, and Major J.
Among other celebrated recipients: King Khalid and Prince Fahed ( Saudi Arabia ), King Hassan ( Morocco ), Sheik Zyed ( United Arab Emirates ), President Anwar Sadat and President Hafez Assad ( Syria ).
Among the burials at the cemetery are three recipients of the Medal of Honor, including Theodore Roosevelt, Jr., son of President Theodore Roosevelt.
Among notable recipients of these decorations were:
Among the first recipients were technology giants like Steve Jobs and Stephen Wozniak, founders of Apple Computer.
Among the staff are recipients of governmental awards and honours, noted educators, notable figures in science and engineering and renowned inventors and researchers from Belarus and Russia.
Among the recipients of lots in the drawing was Franklin Avery, who would later become one of the most prominent citizens of the town, as well as Jacob Welch, would become one of the most prominent merchants.
Among the alleged recipients of these parts was an Iranian military firm that US authorities claim is involved in a disputed nuclear and ballistic missile programme.
Among its alumni are decorated naval officers of the Imperial Russian, Soviet, and now Russian navies, and recipients of various state orders and decorations.

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