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Among and prominent
Among his many philanthropic efforts, the establishment of public libraries throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries was especially prominent.
Among prominent Fifth Monarchists were Thomas Harrison, Christopher Feake, Vavasor Powell, John Carew, John Rogers and Robert Blackborne, Secretary of the Admiralty and later of the British East India Company.
Among the most prominent members were the loose collective of The Four: acclaimed architect Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his wife the painter and glass artist Margaret MacDonald, her sister the artist Frances, and her husband, the artist and teacher Herbert MacNair.
Among the most prominent of these were Elbridge Ayer Burbank, George Catlin, Seth Eastman, Paul Kane, W. Langdon Kihn, Charles Bird King, Joseph Henry Sharp, and John Mix Stanley.
Among the prominent figures who have called for the abolition of nuclear weapons are " the philosopher Bertrand Russell, the entertainer Steve Allen, CNN ’ s Ted Turner, former Senator Claiborne Pell, Notre Dame president Theodore Hesburg, South African Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama ".
Among these are those grown for prominent hips, such as the flagon shaped hips of Rosa moyesii.
Among the converts to Unitarianism were the prominent Pickerings of Portsmouth, New Hampshire, whom Morse had painted.
Among its most prominent figures were Joseph Bates, James White, and Ellen G. White.
Among the highest-profile of these objections were the criticisms levelled by the family of prominent anti-apartheid activist Steve Biko, who was killed by the security police, and whose story was later featured in the film Cry Freedom.
Among its prominent exponents is the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet.
Among the prominent philosophers not associated with the Frankfurt School were Martin Heidegger and Max Weber.
Among the guests were the Forbes brothers of the prominent Forbes family and Warren Delano, a senior partner in the trading firm Russel & Co. and maternal grandfather of US President Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
Among the most prominent members were Roman Zambrowski and Leon Kasman.
Among TRP prominent members are Emma Bonino, former Italian Member of the European Parliament and former European Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid, Marco Pannella, former Italian Member of the European Parliament, Wei Jingsheng, President of the Chinese Overseas Coalition for Democracy, Enver Can, President of the Eastern Turkistan National Congress, Oumar Khambiev, Chechen Health Minister-elect ( 1997 ), Vo Van Ai, President of the Vietnam Committee for Human Rights, Quan Nguyen, President of the International Committee for the Nonviolent in Vietnam, Kok Ksor, President of the Montagnard Foundation, Vanida Tephsouvan, Executive Director of the Lao Movement of Human Rights, Arben Xaferi, Chairman of the Albanian Democratic Party of Macedonia, Pandeli Majko, Minister of Defense of Albania, Prof. Arnold S. Trebach, President International Antiprohibitionist League, and David Borden, Executive Director of DRCNet.
Among the more prominent deacons in history are Phoebe, the only person actually called " deacon " in Scripture ; Stephen, the first Christian martyr ( the " protomartyr "); Philip, whose baptism of the Ethiopian eunuch is recounted in ; Saint Lawrence, an early Roman martyr ; Saint Vincent of Saragossa, protomartyr of Spain ; Saint Francis of Assisi, founder of the mendicant Franciscans ; Saint Ephrem the Syrian and Saint Romanos the Melodist, a prominent early hymnographer.
Among these were the Sapphic, the Elegiac, the Alcaic, and the Asclepiadean strophe, all of them prominent in Greek and Latin verse.
" Among the most prominent are the Irish ballad " Finnegan's Wake " from which the book takes its name, Italian philosopher Giovanni Battista Vico's La Scienza Nuova, the Egyptian Book of the Dead, the plays of Shakespeare, and religious texts such as the Bible and Qur ' an.
Among the more prominent of Priscillian's friends were two bishops, Instantius and Salvianus ; Hyginus of Cordova also joined the party.
Among prominent foreign figures who participated in the French Résistance was the political scientist and later Iranian Prime Minister Shapour Bakhtiar.
Among the grandchildren of Antiochus and Iotapa was the prominent Athenian citizen Philopappos who lived in Greece between the 1st century and 2nd century.
Among European countries, the Golden Eagle was the model for the aquila, the most prominent symbol of the Roman legions and more generally the Roman civilization that had such a powerful impact on Western culture ; furthermore, some Roman traditions were carried on by the Byzantine Empire in the Southern and Eastern of Europe and the Holy Roman Empire in Central and Western Europe, transmitting the use of the Golden Eagle to several modern states.
Among the most prominent early settlers of Cass County were Baldwin Jenkins and Uzziel Putnam, who both came from Ohio by way of the Carey Mission in Berrien County.
Among the most prominent of the Governor's appointees are the 24 secretaries and heads of departments that make up the Governor's Cabinet, also known as the Executive Council.

Among and individuals
Among sighted individuals, FRD usually first appears in the teens or early twenties.
Among the almost infinite varieties of microorganisms, relatively few cause disease in otherwise healthy individuals.
Among the first to argue that members of sexual minorities can constitute cultural minorities as well as being just individuals were Adolf Brand, Magnus Hirschfeld and Leontine Sagan in Germany.
Among the individuals he patronized was the famous playwright Pierre Corneille.
Among the best-known individuals to be executed by burning were Jacques de Molay ( 1314 ), Jan Hus ( 1415 ), St. Joan of Arc ( 30 May 1431 ), Savonarola ( 1498 ) Patrick Hamilton ( 1528 ), John Frith ( 1533 ), William Tyndale ( 1536 ), Michael Servetus ( 1553 ), Giordano Bruno ( 1600 ) and Avvakum ( 1682 ).
Juárez's famous quotation continues to be well-remembered in Mexico: " Entre los individuos, como entre las naciones, el respeto al derecho ajeno es la paz ", meaning " Among individuals, as among nations, respect for the rights of others is peace.
Among the noteworthy individuals who claimed Plymouth as their birthplace or former residence, and then gained a measure of fame beyond the town's borders were:
Among these first adventurous individuals were F. M. Thorp and Charles Splawn, whose families had united with the marriage of Charles Splawn, a brother of Senator Andrew Jackson Splawn of Yakima, to Thorp's daughter Dulcena in 1863.
Among the thousands he befriended and help were a small number of individuals who had committed the most notorious crimes.
Among its famous inmates were the influential revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, a Russian revolutionary Nikolai Bauman, the founder of the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky ( who was one of the few individuals to stage a successful escape from the prison ), and the writers Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Yevgenia Ginzburg.
Among other things, human dignity means having a positive sense of self and instilling individuals with respect for the communities to which they belong.
Since the 1960s the title of Righteous Among the Nations has been awarded to more than 24, 300 individuals.
555 individuals were recognized during 2011, and as of 2011, more than 24, 300 individuals have been recognized as Righteous Among the Nations.
Al-Arian performed services for the PIJ in 1995 and thereafter, knowing that it achieved its objectives by violence, among other means, and that it had been declared a Specially Designated Terrorist by the U. S. Among other things, he filed for immigration benefits for people associated with the PIJ, hid the identities of individuals associated with the PIJ, and provided assistance to a person associated with the PIJ in a U. S. court proceeding.
Among these individuals who had briefly abandoned Jamestown was John Rolfe, a Sea Venture survivor who had lost his wife and son in Bermuda.
Among the concerns expressed during the hearings were the undercover agents ' involvement in illegal activity, the possibility of entrapping individuals, the prospect of damaging the reputations of innocent civilians, and the opportunity to undermine legitimate rights to privacy.
Among the hallmark traits of individuals with Williams syndrome is an apparent lack of social inhibition.
Among other practices, fasting, dieting, and vegetarianism are all techniques employed by individuals and encouraged by societies to increase longevity and health Some religions promote vegetarianism, considering it wrong to consume animals.
Among the many individuals who have memories of this occurrence is Matthew Swulinski, who reported his incredibly vivid account with great intensity.
Among Piccolo's known psionic skills, he is able to communicate telepathically with select individuals.
Among the attempts to break out of universalizing assumptions and theories about kinship, Radcliffe-Brown ( 1922, The Andaman Islands ; 1930, The social organization of Australian tribes ) was the first to assert that kinship relations are best thought of as concrete networks of relationships among individuals.
Among individuals of an experimental population or species, some phenotypes or traits can occur randomly with respect to one another, or with some correlation with respect to one another.
Among its most notable subscribing 19th century individuals were Johannes van Vloten, Multatuli, Adriaan Gerhard and Domela Nieuwenhuis.

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