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Among and Temple
Among his most well-known essays from this period are " Urban culture " 1924 ), " Temple baths on Jyväskylä ridge " ( 1925 ), " Abbé Coignard's sermon " ( 1925 ), and " From doorstep to living room " ( 1926 ).
Among those completed were the Temple of Vespasian and Titus, the Arch of Titus, and the Colosseum, to which he added a fourth level and finished the interior seating area.
Among finds uncovered in rubble removed from the Temple Mount were:
Among these were " Scribe of Ma ' at in the Company of the Gods ," " Lord of Ma ' at ," " Lord of Divine Words ," " Judge of the Two Combatant Gods ," " Judge of the Rekhekhui, the pacifier of the Gods, who Dwelleth in Unnu, the Great God in the Temple of Abtiti ," " Twice Great ," " Thrice Great ," ", " Three Times Great ," and also " The Timeless.
Among the notable landmarks are the Wetumpka crater and the Jasmine Hill Gardens, with a full-sized replica of the Temple of Hera of Olympia, Greece.
Among them are two Churches of Christ ( non-instrumental ), three Roman Catholic churches, four Lutheran churches, three Methodist churches, over a dozen Baptist churches, two LDS Churches, the Bullhead Islamic Center, two Jehovah's Witness Kingdom Halls, two Episcopal churches, two Seventh-day Adventist churches, Unity Church of the Mohave Valley, two Assemblies of God, Foursquare ( Spirit Life Church ), Calvary Chapel, Temple Israel Ba Midbor ( Jewish services in Laughlin ), and active Neo-Pagan ( Coven of the Canyon and River ) and Buddhist communities ( Soka Gakkai Colorado River District ).
Among Bay Shore's places of worship are: The First Congregational Church, St. Patrick's Roman Catholic Church, Sinai Reform Temple, Unitarian Universalist Society of South Suffolk, Bay Shore Jewish Center, the United Methodist Church, Bethel A. M. E Church, St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Saint Luke's Lutheran Church, and Calvary Baptist Church.
Among the few buildings left standing was the Masonic Temple, which had been guarded under orders by a Confederate mason.
Among them are the Logan Tabernacle and Logan Utah Temple, which was constructed on the highest hill in the valley so as to be seen for miles in all directions.
On one of the columns of the Fu Xi Temple in GanSu Province, the following couplet describes Fu Xi's importance: " Among the three primogenitors of Hua-Xia civilization, Fu Xi in Huaiyang Country ranks first.
Among the most famous actresses to come out of this studio were Shirley Temple, who was 20th Century Fox's first film star, Betty Grable, Gene Tierney, Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield.
Among the best-known Jewish ossuaries of this period are: an ossuary inscribed ' Simon the Temple builder ' in the collection of the Israel Museum, another incribed ' Elisheba wife of Tarfon ', one inscribed ' Yehohanan ben Hagkol ' that contained an iron nail in a heel bone suggesting crucifixion, another inscribed ' James son of Joseph, brother of Jesus ', the authenticity of which is suspect, and ten ossuaries recovered from the Talpiot Tomb in 1980, several of which are reported to have names from the New Testament.
Among them Lalam Mahadeva Temple is among the most famous and is called Dakshina Kasi ( Kasi of South ).
Among the many elements taken from the Dolorous Passion are scenes such as the suspension of Jesus from a bridge after his arrest by the Temple guards, the torment of Judas by demons after he had handed over Jesus to the Sanhedrin, the wiping up of the blood of Jesus after his scourging, and the dislocation of Jesus ’ shoulder so that his palm would reach the hole bored for the nail.
Among other installation works, Barnaby Evans created Temple to Milk in 1989, Protecting the Flag in 1990, Execution Coda ( with artist Irene Lawrence ) in 1993, and Solstice Courtyard in 1997.
Among other Masjed Soleiman ancient relics, we can suggest the ancient Temple of Bard-e-Neshande.
Among others, two men who took the side opposing Temple were Richard Bentley ( classicist and editor ) and William Wotton ( critic ).
Among their number were Steve Strange, Boy George, his friends Marilyn and Alice Temple, Perri Lister, Princess Julia, Philip Sallon, Carl Teper and Martin Degville ( later to be the frontman of Tony James ' Sigue Sigue Sputnik ).
Among other important works he painted " Faustina in the Temple of Juno at Praeneste ", " The Witches Sleep " ( 1888 ), " The Judgment of Paris ", " The Happy Sister ", " Temptation " ( 1892 ), " Autumn " ( 1893 ), " An Adventure " ( 1896 ), and " The Crucifixion ".
Among other activities, the group mounted " home-defense seminars " -- an effort to train Temple parishioners in the use of fire-arms in order to thwart the " black nationalist revolution " that Beeny warned was imminent.
Among others, two men who took the side opposing Temple were classicist and editor Richard Bentley and critic William Wotton.
Among the most famous were President Franklin D. Roosevelt, actress Shirley Temple, actor George Burns, and Olympic athlete, actor Johnny Weismuller.
Among his illustrations are fifty-eight designs engraved by Cornelis Bloemaert for the Abbe de Marolles ' " Tableaux du Temple des Muses ".
Among the most notable of these is the historic Eutaw Place Temple built by Temple Oheb Shalom and now home to the Prince Hall Masons.

Among and Ruins
He reunited twice with Katharine Hepburn for the television movies Love Among the Ruins ( 1975 ) and The Corn Is Green ( 1979 ).
* The Tomed Incident is the focus of David R. George III's 2003 novel Serpents Among the Ruins, which featured the crew of the Enterprise-B.
In 1997 they released Love Among the Ruins on Geffen Records and followed up in 1999 with The Earth Pressed Flat on Bar / None.
She appeared opposite Katharine Hepburn and Laurence Olivier in the award-winning 1975 television film Love Among the Ruins and had a recurring role as Gran in the BBC comedy series Till Death Us Do Part.
* Love Among the Ruins ( 1975, TV film )
Image: Burne-jones-love-among-the-ruins. jpg | Love Among the Ruins, 1894 recreation in oils
Image: Rubaiyat Morris Burne-Jones Manuscript. jpg | Illuminated manuscript of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by William Morris, illustrated by Burne-Jones with a variant of Love Among the Ruins, 1870s
* Evelyn Waugh-Love Among the Ruins
* New York Times: Lore Among The Ruins.
* Edward Jerningham-An Elegy Written Among the Ruins of an Abbey
According to the 2003 non-canon Star Trek: The Lost Era novel Serpents Among the Ruins by David R. George III, Harriman remains in command of the Enterprise-B for nearly twenty years, and develops a reputation as an excellent and capable officer.
* It's Me Again-1975 ( Also published as two volumes, It's Me Again & Me Among the Ruins )
* The death of Wallenda's sister-in-law Rietta Wallenda is referred to in Season 3 of the AMC program Mad Men, in the episode " Love Among the Ruins ".
* Love Among the Ruins ( 1997 )
The core trilogy of Evola's works are generally regarded as Revolt Against the Modern World, Men Among the Ruins and Ride the Tiger.
He also was of the opinion that the ethics of the SS were borrowed from the Jesuits " ( Dr. H. T. Hansen in " Julius Evola's Political Endeavors " introduction to " Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist ").
He also wrote his two explicitly political books Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist ( 1953 ), Ride the Tiger: A Survival Manual for the Aristocrats of the Soul ( 1961 ), and his autobiography The Path of Cinnabar ( 1963 ).
He was acquitted because he could prove that he was never a member of the Fascist party, and that all accusations were made without evidence to prove that his writings glorified Fascism ( Evola-" Autodifesa / Self-Defence " in appendix to Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist 1953 ).
The bourgeois type, compared to the sacral-warrior, only represents a lesser degree of progressive manhood ( unedited Italian edition of Men Among the Ruins ).
In Men Among the Ruins, Evola described a Traditionalist attitude — possibly leading to a reactionary revolution — like what he had hoped Fascism could have been with the right leaders.
The unadulterated 1972 Italian edition of Men Among the Ruins ends with an appendix entitled " Appendix on the Myths of our Time ," of which number 4 is " Taboos of our Times " ( Gli uomini e le rovine, Rome, 1953, revised 1967, with the new appendix, 1972 ).
# Men Among the Ruins: Post-War Reflections of a Radical Traditionalist ( 1953 )
* Hansen, H. T. ( 2002 ), " Julius Evola's Political Endeavors ," introduction to Evola, Men Among the Ruins, ( Vermont: Inner Traditions ).
* RoseNoire. ORG, contains an extensive chapter-by-chapter summary of Evola's Men Among the Ruins
* Edward Burne-Jones-Love Among the Ruins

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