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Among and better
Among them, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, are: ( 1 ) shorter work weeks, ( 2 ) higher pay, ( 3 ) longer paid vacations, ( 4 ) better transportation, ( 5 ) earlier retirement, and ( 6 ) more education.
" Among his better known works is Economic Sophisms, which contains many strongly worded attacks on statist policies.
Among the better decisions, the better performance of one's organization, regardless if it is a manufacturing company, a bank, a non-profit organization, a government agency, a school club or even a business school.
Among some of the better known polka ( and waltzes ) artists and composers include Happy Louie and Julie, Frankie Yankovic, Walter Ostanek ( Canada ), Verne Meisner, Mike Schneider, Tom Brusky, Walt Groller, Joey Miskulin, Jimmy Sturr, Kyle Redman Polka Band, and ( in combination with more modern styles ) " Weird Al " Yankovic ( no known relation to Frankie Yankovic ) and The Our Gang Orchestra.
John Edward Lloyd gave the following assessment of Llywelyn: Among the chieftains who battled against the Anglo-Norman power his place will always be high, if not indeed the highest of all, for no man ever made better or more judicious use of the native force of the Welsh people for adequate national ends ; his patriotic statemanship will always entitle him to wear the proud style of Llywelyn the Great.
Among the benefits of such a system are increased variety and better quality, due to fresh actors and shopped in directors.
Among her better known books are Tale of the Little Little Old Woman and Aunt Green, Aunt Brown and Aunt Lavender.
In a later speech made by Mao titled On the Correct Handling of the Contradictions Among the People, Mao displayed open support for the campaign, saying " Our society cannot back down, it could only progress ... criticism of the bureaucracy is pushing the government towards the better.
Among the better known concrete poets in the English language are Ian Hamilton Finlay, Dom Sylvester Houédard and Edwin Morgan.
Among them was a variant of Bengel's rule, Lectio difficilior potior, " the harder reading is better.
Among his better known poems are " The Performance ", " Cherrylog Road ", " The Firebombing ", " May Day Sermon ", " Falling ", and " For The Last Wolverine ".
Among the most famous actions by the AFM was a ban on all commercial recording by members in 1942 – 44, in order to pressure record companies to make a better arrangement for paying royalties to recording artists.
Among his better known literary relatives are the Gighan poet the Rev Kenneth Macleod-of " The Road to the Isles " fame-and the writer the Rev Dr John Urquhart Cameron of St Andrews.
Among these, a few well-turned lines show a much better style than the Alexandra.
Among certain jurists and historians of legal process it has been seen as the recording of the evolution of laws and the technical explanation of how these laws have evolved with the view of better understanding the origins of various legal concepts, some consider it a branch of intellectual history.
Among his other works are the Recherches sur la nature et les lois de l ' imagination ( 1807 ), and the Etudes de l ' homme, ou Recherches sur les facultés de penser et de sentir ( 1821 ), but he was better as an observer than as a philosopher.
Among his better known works are the Variations for Orchestra ( 1954 – 5 ); the Double Concerto for harpsichord, piano and two chamber orchestras ( 1959 – 61 ); the Piano Concerto ( 1964 – 65 ), written as an 85th birthday present for Igor Stravinsky ; the Concerto for Orchestra ( 1969 ), loosely based on a poem by Saint-John Perse ; and the Symphony of Three Orchestras ( 1976 ).
Among the better off, the chairs might be painted to look like the ornate inlaid and carved chairs of the rich, but the craftsmanship was usually poor.
:" Among the Knight Lab's goals is to maximize use of open-source software already developed through the Knight News Challenge, a $ 25 million worldwide media innovation contest now in its fifth year, as well as from other grantees from Knight Foundation's $ 100 million media innovation initiative ... Those include projects such as Open Block, an aggregator of public information ; Document Cloud, for managing and displaying original documents ; Public Insight Journalism, which helps newsrooms tap the wisdom of the community to find better news sources ; and Spot. Us, a new way of " crowd-funding " journalism.
Among her brothers were the notable modern poet, better known as the " anti-poet ", Nicanor Parra and fellow folklorist Roberto Parra.
Among his better known works are Sonetos espirituales 1914 – 1916 ( 1916 ; “ Spiritual Sonnets, 1914 – 15 ”), Piedra y cielo ( 1919 ; “ Stones and Sky ”), Poesía, en verso, 1917 – 1923 ( 1923 ), Poesía en prosa y verso ( 1932 ; “ Poetry in Prose and Verse ”), Voces de mi copla ( 1945 ; “ Voices of My Song ”), and Animal de fondo ( 1947 ; “ Animal at Bottom ”).
Among the better known poems in the volume are " Mr Edwards and the Spider " and " The Quaker Graveyard in Nantucket.
Among the better known members are mangrove trees of the genus Rhizophora.

Among and known
Among the dishes known, couscous, the chorba, the Rechta, the Chakhchoukha, the Berkoukes, the Shakshouka, the Mthewem, the Chtitha, the Mderbel, the Dolma, the Brik or Bourek, the Garantita, Lham ' hlou, etc.
Among well known ( generally non-kabbalist or anti-kabbalist ) Rabbis who rejected the idea of reincarnation are Saadia Gaon, David Kimhi, Hasdai Crescas, Yedayah Bedershi ( early 14th century ), Joseph Albo, Abraham ibn Daud, the Rosh and Leon de Modena.
Among the many volumes of the holy Rabbi Yitzchak Luria ( known as the " Ari "), most of which come downfrom the pen of his primary disciple, Rabbi Chaim Vital, are profound insights explaining issues related to reincarnation.
Among other variants, IBM later produced AIX Version 3 ( also known as AIX / 6000 ), based on System V Release 3, for their IBM POWER-based RS / 6000 platform.
Among Schoenberg's teaching was the idea that the unity of a musical composition depends upon all its aspects being derived from a single basic idea ; this idea was later known as developing variation.
Among the visions which the Völva sees and describes in the prophecy known as the Völuspá is one of the fatal mistletoe, the birth of Váli and the weeping of Frigg ( stanzas 31-33 ).
) Among the executed was one of Cuba's greatest poets, Gabriel de la Concepción Valdés, now commonly known as " Placido ".
Among canids, only the gray wolf has been known to prey on humans.
Among those major Protestant Christian traditions that employ congregationalism are those Congregational Churches known by the " Congregationalist " name that descended from the Anglo-American Puritan movement of the 17th century, the Baptist churches, and most of the groups brought about by the Anabaptist movement in Germany that immigrated to the U. S. in the late 18th century.
Among his early favorites were Winsor McCay ( mostly known for Little Nemo ) and Frederick Burr Opper ( mostly known for Happy Hooligan ) but he would later study any style that managed to draw his attention.
Among the best known films of the movement are Night Mail and Coal Face.
Among the most important new structures were an odeon, a stadium, and an expansive palace on the Palatine Hill known as the Flavian Palace which was designed by Domitian's master architect Rabirius.
Among his contributions to computer science are the shortest path algorithm, also known as Dijkstra's algorithm ; Reverse Polish Notation and related Shunting yard algorithm ; the THE multiprogramming system, an important early example of structuring a system as a set of layers ; Banker's algorithm ; and the semaphore construct for coordinating multiple processors and programs.
Among the best known of these films are In Which We Serve ( 1942 ), Went the Day Well?
Among those from whom he procured portrait commissions were Pedro Téllez-Girón, 9th Duke of Osuna and his wife María Josefa Pimentel, 12th Countess-Duchess of Benavente, María del Pilar de Silva, 13th Duchess of Alba ( universally known simply as the " Duchess of Alba "), and her husband José María Álvarez de Toledo, 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia, and María Ana de Pontejos y Sandoval, Marchioness of Pontejos.
Among the first investigations of ferromagnetism are the pioneering works of Aleksandr Stoletov on measurement of the magnetic permeability of ferromagnetics, known as the Stoletov curve.
Among the groups found along northern coast and in neighboring Nicaragua were the Miskito, who although organized in democratic and egalitarian way, had an institution of king, and hence were known as the Mosquito Kingdom.
Among the earliest kingdoms known to have been based in what is now Malaysia is the ancient empire of Langkasuka, located in the northern Malay Peninsula and based somewhere in Kedah.
Among these were the Khalaj people which are known today as Ghilzai.
Among finds is the net of Antrea, the oldest fishing net known ever to have been excavated ( calibrated carbon dating: c. 8300 BCE ).
Among his best known works are the series Ten Studies in Female Physiognomy ; A Collection of Reigning Beauties ; Great Love Themes of Classical Poetry ( sometimes called Women in Love containing individual prints such as Revealed Love and Pensive Love ); and Twelve Hours in the Pleasure Quarters.
Among the numerous laws that form part of kashrut are the prohibitions on the consumption of unclean animals ( such as pork and most insects, with the exception of crickets and locusts ), mixtures of meat and milk, and the commandment to slaughter mammals and birds according to a process known as shechita.

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