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Among and only
Among these languages, only Khmer, Vietnamese, and Mon have a long-established recorded history, and only Vietnamese and Khmer have official status ( in Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively ).
Among the first 101 elements in the periodic table, only francium is less stable.
Among the most exciting recent archaeological discoveries in Greece is the recognition that the sanctuary site near the modern village of Kalapodi is not only the site of the oracle of Apollon at Abai but that it was in constant use for cult practices from early Mycenaean times to the Roman period.
Among ancient sources, the poet Simonides, another near-contemporary, says the campaign force numbered 200, 000 ; while a later writer, the Roman Cornelius Nepos estimates 200, 000 infantry and 10, 000 cavalry, of which only 100, 000 fought in the battle, while the rest were loaded into the fleet that was rounding Cape Sounion ; Plutarch and Pausanias both independently give 300, 000, as does the Suda dictionary.
Among all the alien peoples only the Hui-hui say “ we do not eat Mongol food ”.
The idea of non-biological self-replicating systems was introduced in Samuel Butler's article " Darwin Among the Machines " published only a few years after The Origin of Species.
Among canids, only the gray wolf has been known to prey on humans.
Additionally, according to Plutarch's essay on the meaning of the " E at Delphi "-- the only literary source for the inscription --- there was also inscribed at the temple a large letter E. Among other things epsilon signifies the number 5.
Among the Aztecs, the ancient Mexican theory of rhetorics, poetry, dance, and instrumental music, used the Nahuatl term In xochitl-in kwikatl to refer a complex mix of music and other poetic verbal and non-verbal elements, and reserve the word Kwikakayotl ( or cuicacayotl ) only for the sung expressions ( Leon-Portilla 2007, 11 ).
Among the Indo-European languages, its date of earliest written attestation is matched only by the now extinct Anatolian languages.
Among the longest single poems in American literature, Clarel, published in 1876, had an initial printing of only 350 copies.
Among his extant writings, Calvin only dealt explicitly with issues of contemporary Jews and Judaism in one treatise, Response to Questions and Objections of a Certain Jew.
Among the 1, 900 islands in the Maldives, only 198 are inhabited.
Among many Hasidic Jews, only hand-made shmurah matzah may be used, in accord with the opinion of Rabbi Chaim Halberstam of Sanz, who ruled that machine-made matzoth were chametz.
Among the irregular contributors with just a single Mad byline to their credit are Charles M. Schulz, Chevy Chase, " Weird Al " Yankovic, Andy Griffith, Will Eisner, Kevin Smith, J. Fred Muggs, Boris Vallejo, Sir John Tenniel, Jean Shepherd, Winona Ryder, Jimmy Kimmel, Jason Alexander, Walt Kelly, Rep. Barney Frank, Tom Wolfe, Steve Allen, Jim Lee, Jules Feiffer, Donald Knuth and Richard Nixon, who remains the only President credited with " writing " a Mad article.
Among Northwest Caucasian languages, only Abkhaz and Abaza have noun class, making use of a human male / human female / non-human distinction.
Among synthetic polymers, crystalline melting is only discussed with regards to thermoplastics, as thermosetting polymers will decompose at high temperatures rather than melt.
One interesting result Eysenck noted in his 1956 work was that in the United States and Great Britain, most of the political variance was subsumed by the left / right axis, while in France, the T-axis was larger, and in the Middle East, the only dimension to be found was the T-axis: " Among mid-Eastern Arabs it has been found that while the tough-minded / tender-minded dimension is still clearly expressed in the relationships observed between different attitudes, there is nothing that corresponds to the radical-conservative continuum.
Among symmetric key encryption algorithms, only the one-time pad can be proven to be secure against any adversary-no matter how much computing power is available.
Among the Paleo-orthodoxy and emerging church Presbyterians, clergy are moving away from the traditional black Geneva gown and reclaiming not only the more ancient Eucharist vestments of alb and chasuble, but also cassock and surplice ( typically a full length Old English style surplice which resembles the Celtic alb, an ungirdled liturgical tunic of the old Gallican Rite ).
Among Whorf's well known examples of linguistic relativity are examples of instances where an indigenous language has several terms for a concept that is only described with one word in English and other European languages ( Whorf used the acronym SAE " Standard Average European " to allude to the rather similar grammatical structures of the well-studied European languages in contrast to the greater diversity of the less-studied languages ).
Among Catholic churches, St Ignatius Cathedral in Xujiahui is one of the largest, while She Shan Basilica is the only active pilgrimage site in China.
Among pluricentric languages, Serbo-Croatian was the only one with a pluricentric standardisation within one state.

Among and some
Among some recent imports were seat covers for one series of dining room chairs on which were depicted salad plates overflowing with tomatoes and greens and another set on which a pineapple was worked in naturalistic color.
Among the Moliere specialists of some years ago, Louis Jouvet tried to humanize some of the clowns, while Fernand Ledoux, often performing at the Comedie, made them more gross than Moliere may have intended.
Among the many such methods, some are:
Among a few kabbalists, it was posited that some human souls could end up being reincarnated into non-human bodies.
Among these, Pindar was held by many ancient critics to be pre-eminent, but some gave precedence to Alcaeus instead.
Among his epic poems, we possess the titles and some fragments of three pieces: the Fisherman, Kirka or Krika, which, however, is designated by Athenaeus as doubtful, and Helena, Of his elegies, some beautiful fragments are still extant.
Among some Protestant bodies, who do not consider it a sacrament, but instead as a practice suggested rather than commanded by Scripture, it is called anointing with oil.
Among some creationists the cave tetra is seen as evidence against evolution.
Among critics, it is almost universally considered to be among Beethoven's greatest works, and is considered by some to be the greatest piece of music ever written.
Among them, some important are
Among others, his suggestion during a radio broadcast that a Labour government would require " some form of a gestapo " to implement their socialist policies was widely seen as being in bad taste, and backfired.
Among some amateur astronomers, NGC 246 has garnered the nickname " Pac-Man Nebula " because of the arrangement of its central stars and the surrounding star field.
Among those who regard themselves as Catholic but not Roman Catholic are Anglicans and some Lutherans, who stress that they are both Reformed and Catholic.
Among the conditions purportedly treated were arthritis, allergies, asthma, some coronary difficulties, eye trouble, ulcers, migraine headaches, ' sexual deviation ' ( a category which for Hubbard included homosexuality ) and even death.
Among the Oriental Orthodox some churches have changed from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar and the date for Easter as for other fixed and moveable feasts is the same as in the Western church.
Among the most controversial verses of the Bible is what some consider an explicit reference that supports the doctrine of the trinity, the Comma Johanneum, ( 1 John 5: 7 – 8 ).
Among these were some surprisingly sophisticated principles, and a modern mathematician might be hard put to derive some of them without the use of calculus.
Among other things he told me that, some ten years before, a young man had come to the city and had given, like me practical demonstrations of the resources of our art ; this young man was put to death by poison, together with two servants who accompanied him.
Among the beliefs held by some cultures, hyenas are thought to influence people ’ s spirits, rob graves, and steal livestock and children.
Argentine anarchist historian Angel Cappelletti reports that in Argentina " Among the workers that came from Europe in the 2 first decades of the century, there was curiously some stirnerian individualists influenced by the philosophy of Nietzsche, that saw syndicalism as a potential enemy of anarchist ideology.
Among the close associates of the Impressionists were several painters who adopted their methods to some degree.

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