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Among and changes
Among the countless changes this melting pot brought was the enrichment of the culinary art.
Among these changes are several involving the quality of her cervical mucus: the sensation it causes at the vulva, its elasticity ( Spinnbarkeit ), its transparency, and the presence of ferning.
Among the official changes to the organization during the modern area include the ordination of black men to the priesthood in 1978, reversing a policy originally instituted by Brigham Young.
* Among other rule changes in 2007, kickoffs were moved from the 35-yard line back five yards to the 30-yard line, matching a change that the NFL had made in 1994.
Among the first generals to recognize that artillery was not being used to its full potential, Napoleon often massed his cannon into batteries, and introduced several changes into the French artillery, improving it significantly, and making it among the finest in Europe.
Among the changes for the U. S. release:
Among other changes, there are no Figured Characteristics-All Characteristics, including the formerly Figured, are bought separately.
Among other sound changes, the sequence merges to, in contrast with ; is reintroduced from Chinese ; and merges with.
Among many changes, aluminium brake drums were added to the rear, and the original Fiat engine was dropped in favour of a newer design also purchased from Fiat.
Among other changes, its young hero was given a newly-invented aristocratic mentor ( played by Granger ), while the role of the working class Elzevir Block was minimized.
Among the changes included the removal of the black drop-shadows that had been present on Mets jerseys since 1998.
Among the main changes are the mechanical philosophy, the chemical philosophy, empiricism, and the increasing role of mathematics.
Among the changes he made to the city's government was creating its first environmental-affairs department under the management of longtime Great Lakes environmentalist Lee Botts.
Among the changes that Severus introduced were to create a magnificent new forum and to rebuild the docks.
Among his changes were fixes to the daily diet of the troops, camp sanitary changes, improvements and accountability of the quartermaster system, addition of and monitoring of company cooks, several hospital reforms, an improved furlough system, orders to stem rising desertion, improved drills, and stronger officer training.
Among many other changes was an available
Among other uses, PPP rates facilitate international comparisons of income, as market exchange rates are often volatile, are affected by political and financial factors that do not lead to immediate changes in income and tend to systematically understate the standard of living in poor countries, due to the Balassa – Samuelson effect.
Among the most striking changes are metallization of oxygen at 96 GPa ( rendering oxygen a superconductor ), and transition of sodium from a nearly-free-electron metal to a transparent insulator at ~ 200 GPa.
Among the changes for Holy Thursday were the moving of the Mass from morning to evening, thus making room for a morning Chrism Mass, and the introduction into the evening Mass of the rite of the washing of feet.
Among these changes was the dissolution of United Game Artists and the transfer of its members into Sonic Team.
Among the chief narrative changes Fellini makes to the Satyricon text is the addition of a hermaphroditic priestess, who does not exist in the Petronian version.
Among other changes, Waite had the Christian imagery of most older tarot decks ' cards toned down — the ' Pope ' card became the ' Hierophant ', the ' Papess ' became the ' High Priestess '.
Among other design changes, it included the same trademarked inlaid Apple logo and recessed port icons as the Apple IIc and IIGS before it, but it essentially retained the original design.

Among and starting
Among these was steam-powered industrialization, and especially the development of railways, starting in Britain in the 1830s, and the subsequent advancements in physics, engineering and architecture associated with this.
Among the most frequently cited " downward turning points " are: creator / editor Harvey Kurtzman's departure in 1957 ; the magazine's mainstream success ; adoption of recurring features starting in the early 1960s ; the magazine's absorption into a more corporate structure in 1968 ( or the mid-1990s ); founder Gaines ' death in 1992 ; the magazine's publicized " revamp " in 1997 ; or the arrival of paid advertising in 2001.
Among other things, he used FUCKUP to calculate the chances of World War III starting, which it does by throwing virtual I Ching sticks.
Among his output was the modern novelisation of the Irwin Allen production of Jules Verne's Five Weeks in a Balloon, two books in the " Llarn " series ; five books about the barbarian swordsman Kothar ( starting in 1969 with the anthology Kothar — Barbarian Swordsman ) and four books about the adventures of " Kyrik ," starting with Warlock Warrior ( 1975 ).
Among them were the family and followers of Daniel Boone, an explorer who settled the area starting in 1799.
Among the various interpretations, reference to the colonization of East Europe starting from Low Germany is the most plausible one: The " Children of Hameln " would have been in those days citizens willing to emigrate being recruited by landowners to settle in Moravia, East Prussia, Pomerania or in the Teutonic Land.
* Pericles: Among the most famous of Athenian leaders, he was blamed in The Acharnians for starting the Peloponnesian War but he receives some faint praise here as somebody who never stole food from the prytaneion-unlike Cleon ( line283 ).
Among his most widely used automotive inventions were the electrical starting motor and leaded gasoline.
Among the reasons for this strengthening of the FSB were enhanced need for security of after increased terror attacks against Russian civilians starting from the Moscow theater hostage crisis ; the need to end the permanent infighting between the FSB, FAPSI and the Border Guards due to their overlapping functions and the need for more efficient response to migration, drug trafficking and illegal arms trading.
Among the Christian Habesha highlanders of Ethiopia and Eritrea ( the predominantly orthodox Christian Amhara and Tigray-Tigrinya ), it is a tradition to be able to recount one's paternal ancestors at least 7 generations away starting from early childhood, because " those with a common patrilineal ancestor less than seven generations away are considered ' brother and sister ' and may not marry.
Among the legends about Tansen are stories of his bringing down the rains with Raga Megh Malhar and starting fires with the legendary raga Deepak.
Among the positive initiatives that occurred during Leguía's second term was a program to modernize Lima by planning and starting public works through various loans.
Among his responsibilities were command over the court during kigs ' travels, obedience of court etiquette and starting and closing the Senate meetings.
Among the starting eleven of the Intercontinental Cup title, 7 players and the manager were from the club's youth divisions ( Almandoz, Asad, Bassedas, Cardozo, Flores, Gómez, Pompei and Bianchi ).
Alan Robert started Among Thieves with former members of Biohazard and the rest of the band starting Stereomud with Erik Rogers on vocals, both not straying from LOA's style.
Among Major League Baseball's video archives is a television broadcast of the sixth game of the 1952 World Series, of which Loes was one of the starting pitchers.
" Among the new ideas for the record were a ' B ' side consisting of four concentric tracks, all starting at different places on the first groove, so that the listener could get any of one of four different versions of the ' B ' side ".
Among many other senior positions, starting in 1957, he held the post of Minister of Culture in the government of Côte d ' Ivoire from 1977 to 1986.
Among early modernist non-literary landmarks is the atonal ending of Arnold Schoenberg's Second String Quartet in 1908, the Expressionist paintings of Wassily Kandinsky starting in 1903 and culminating with his first abstract painting and the founding of the Expressionist Blue Rider group in Munich in 1911, and the rise of fauvism and the inventions of cubism from the studios of Henri Matisse, Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque and others in the years between 1900 and 1910.

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