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Among and first
Among the first 101 elements in the periodic table, only francium is less stable.
Among twenty enlistees was Joseph Behm, the first of the class to die in battle.
Among the most successful of his 37 operas staged during his lifetime were Armida ( 1771 ), La fiera di Venezia ( 1772 ), La scuola de ' gelosi ( 1778 ), Der Rauchfangkehrer ( 1781 ), Les Danaïdes ( 1784 ), which was first presented as a work of Gluck's, La grotta di Trofonio ( 1785 ), Tarare ( 1787 ) ( Tarare was reworked and revised several times as was Les Danaïdes ), Axur, re d ' Ormus ( 1788 ), La cifra ( 1789 ), Palmira, regina di Persia ( 1795 ), Il mondo alla rovescia ( 1795 ), Falstaff ( 1799 ), and Cesare in Farmacusa ( 1800 ).
Among their children, four lived to maturity: Henry, born in 952 ; Bruno, born 953 ; Matilda, the first Princess-Abbess of Quedlinburg, born about 954 ; and Otto II, later Holy Roman Emperor, born 955.
Among the tournaments in this series is the venerable All-England Championships, first held in 1900, which was once considered the unofficial world championships of the sport.
Among the pieces he played was his own first composition, written two years previously: a short piece called " The Course of the Danube " ( de Toth 1999 ).
In 1992 Capercaillie recorded " A Prince Among Islands ", the first Scottish Gaelic language record to reach the UK top 40.
Among the many petty local republics that were formed during the first year of the Greek Revolution, prior to the creation of a unified Provisional Government at the First National Assembly at Epidaurus, were:
Among the first Modern religious buildings in America, it includes a sunken terrace and a 900-person sanctuary.
Among the first manufacturers of modern cornets were Parisian Jean Asté in 1828.
Among the first desktop LCD computer monitors was the Eizo L66 in the mid-1990s, the Apple Studio Display in 1998, and the Apple Cinema Display in 1999.
Among the many political documentaries produced in the early 1970s was " Chile: A Special Report ," public television's first in-depth expository look of the September 1973 overthrow of the Salvador Allende government in Chile by military leaders under Augusto Pinochet, produced by documentarians Ari Martinez and José Garcia.
Among the more notable moments in the rivalry was the Giants ' defeat of Dallas in the 2007 playoffs en route to their victory in Super Bowl XLII and winning the first regular season game played at Cowboys Stadium in 2009.
Among his first published works were poetry, as well as writings on law and administration.
* Among the first awards of the Distinguished Service Medal for service in World War I, were those to the Commanding Officers of the Allied Armies:
The first encyclopedias in vernacular language were translations or abridgements of works in Latin. Among them the most famous is Li livre dou Trésor, written in French by
Among the more than two dozen exhibitors who attended the first meeting held in New York on April 25, 1917, were Frederick Dahnken of the Turner and Dahnken Circuit in San Francisco, Harry O. Schwalbe of Philadelphia, Samuel Roxy Rothafel of New York, Earl H. Hulsey of Dallas and Nathan H. Gordon of Boston.
Among the first high-profile experts were John Benson, Alex Patton and Ron Shandler.
Among sighted individuals, FRD usually first appears in the teens or early twenties.
Among his leading films was It Happened One Night ( 1934 ), which became the first film to win all five top Oscars, including Best Picture.
Among the first investigations of ferromagnetism are the pioneering works of Aleksandr Stoletov on measurement of the magnetic permeability of ferromagnetics, known as the Stoletov curve.
Among the gnostics, gnosis was first and foremost a matter of self-knowledge, which was considered the path leading to the goal of enlightenment as the hidden knowledge of the various pre-Judeo-Christian pagan Mystery-Religions.
Among the first venues for what would soon be called " Off-Off-Broadway " ( a term supposedly coined by critic Jerry Tallmer of the Village Voice ) were coffeehouses in Greenwich Village, in particular, the Caffe Cino at 31 Cornelia Street, operated by the eccentric Joe Cino, who early on took a liking to actors and playwrights and agreed to let them stage plays there without bothering to read the plays first, or to even find out much about the content.

Among and generals
Among the policy makers, generals, physicists, psychologists and others charged with controlling the actions of the button pushers and their `` hardware '', the answers to my questions varied partly according to a man's flair for what the professionals in this field call `` scenarios ''.
Among notable natives of the township was Johnson K. Duncan, one of a handful of Northern-born Confederate generals in the American Civil War.
Among their collaborations are a series of mysteries featuring Victoire Vernet, fictional wife of one of Napoleon's generals, a series featuring Sherlock Holmes's brother Mycroft, and a series fictionalizing the espionage experiences of James Bond creator Ian Fleming.
Among Russian generals Kutuzov is held second only to his teacher Suvorov.
Among the dead are the Estonian table-tennis player Alari Lindmäe, two Soviet Army generals, and Nikolai Dmitrijev, a Hero of Socialist Labor and one of the Soviet Unions most decorated civil airline pilots who had been the captain of the Tu-134.
Among these generals were men who would later become some of Hideyoshi's closest retainers, such as Katō Kiyomasa.
Among the most famous were Thargelia, a renowned Ionian hetaera of ancient times ; Aspasia, companion of Pericles ; Archeanassa, companion of Plato ; the famous Neaira ; Thaïs, a concubine of Ptolemy, who was one of the generals on the expeditions of Alexander the Great and later became king of Egypt ; Lais of Corinth, the famed beauty who lived during the Peloponnesian War ; Lais of Hyccara, a courtesan who is said to have provided her services to the philosopher Diogenes free of charge ; and the famously beautiful Phryne, the model and muse of the sculptor Praxiteles.
Among the generals Count Józef Hauke-Bosak distinguished himself most as a commander of the revolutionary forces and took several cities from the vastly superior Russian army.
Among Yu Di's ancestors were generals and officials of Northern Wei, Western Wei, Northern Zhou, Sui Dynasty, and Tang, including the prominent Northern Zhou general Yu Jin ( 于謹 ).
Among LaGrange's alumni were several generals, Alabama governors Edward A. O ' Neal and David P. Lewis, Alabama Supreme Court justice William M. Byrd and U. S. Senator Jeremiah Clemens, who wrote the first American Civil War novel and the first western novel.
Among the clergy were the representatives of 100 absent bishops, 87 abbots with the proxies of those who could not come to Pisa, 41 priors and generals of religious orders, and 300 doctors of theology or canon law.
Among his constitutional duties are signing the bills into the law, appointing the ministers on the recommendation of the prime minister and appointing various other state officials: generals, professors, judges, rectors, procurators and such.
Among the most notable members were generals Wojciech Jaruzelski, Florian Siwicki, Michał Janiszewski and Czesław Kiszczak.
Among those interred in the cemetery are two of Nashville's founders, four Confederate generals, one Tennessee Governor, and twenty-two mayors of Nashville.
Among his classmates were future Civil War generals Alfred Pleasonton and Winfield S. Hancock.
Among the French casualties were 3 generals and 4 colonels, killed during this battle.
Among these highly-ranked officials mentioned in the inscription, there is a title Senapati Sarwwajala, or laksmana, a title reserved for navy generals, which means that Kediri had a navy during his reign.
Among the prominent Confederate generals imprisoned on Johnson's Island were Isaac R. Trimble and James J. Archer ( both captured at the Battle of Gettysburg ), William Beall, Thomas Benton Smith, Edward " Allegheny " Johnson and Missouri cavalryman M. Jeff Thompson.
Among his classmates were future Civil War generals William T. Sherman and George H. Thomas of the Union Army and Richard S. Ewell and Bushrod R. Johnson of the Confederate States Army.
Among his West Point classmates were future Civil War generals George B. McClellan and Thomas J. Jackson.
Among Pendleton's classmates at West Point were future Confederate generals Joseph E. Johnston, Robert E. Lee, and John B. Magruder ( with whom he was roommates ) as well as future statesman Jefferson Davis.
Among the Shanghai High School alumni, there are 53 academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Chinese Academy of Engineering, 31 generals and more than 100 provincial and ministry leaders.

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