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Among and innovations
Among Cranmer's innovations, retained in the new book was the requirement of weekly communion.
Among the innovations are these:
Among other innovations during his career as Marine Corps commandant, Jones oversaw the Marine Corps ' development of MARPAT camouflage uniforms, and the adoption of the Marine Corps Martial Arts Program ( MCMAP ).
Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, most notably in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed.
Among the innovations included in the Station was " the use of 10, 000-volt high-tension cable ", successfully tested for safety.
Among some of the concepts and artistic innovations developed by the Lettrists were the lettrie, a poem reflecting pure form yet devoid of all semantic content, new syntheses of writing and visual art identified as metagraphics and hypergraphics, as well as new creative techniques in filmmaking.
Among his technological innovations, which were not developed until long after his death, are the incandescent light bulb, submarine telegraphy and arc welding.
Among the statistical innovations attributable to James are:
Among Bitzer's innovations were
Among the innovations developed and / or improved upon in the series are Technicolor filmmaking, true and believable character animation, special effects animation, and dramatic storytelling in animation.
Among other innovations in Arabic literature was Ibn Khaldun's perspective on chronicling past events — by fully rejecting supernatural explanations, Khaldun essentially invented the scientific or sociological approach to history.
Among their innovations was a fusion with classical music, most notably in their 1967 album Days of Future Passed.
Among Erickson's best-known innovations is the hypnotic handshake induction, which is a type of confusion technique.
Among Cochran's marital innovations was ' spiritual wifery ', and " tradition assumes that ( Cochran ) received frequent consignments of spiritual consorts, and that such were invariably the most robust and attractive women in the community ".
Among other innovations, Argonne scientists helped develop an ice slurry to cool the organs of heart attack victims, described what makes diamonds slippery at the nanoscale level, and discovered a superinsulating material that resists the flow of electric current more completely than any other previous material.
Among those innovations were story conferences with writers, sneak previews to gain early feedback, and extensive re-shooting of scenes to improve the film.
Among the many innovations in Color QuickDraw were an ability to handle any display size, any color depth, and multiple monitors.
Among Ninkō's innovations was the establishment of the Gakushūsho ( the predecessor of the Gakushūin for the Court Nobility just outside of the Imperial Palace.
Among his most well-known innovations was the use of videotape to analyze other teams, leading to the nickname " Captain Video ".
Among technical innovations, his Trois cadences for harpsichord contains a triple trill.
Among other innovations in this work is the stile concitato – the " stile of agitation ", which uses, among other things, string tremolo.
Among other innovations or experiments, the New Haven was an American pioneer in many areas ; in streamliners with the Comet, in the use of DMUs in the USA with both Budd's regular RDCs and the all-RDC Roger Williams trainset, in the use of rail-adapted buses, in the use of lightweight trains such as the Train X-equipped Dan ' l Webster, and in experimentation with Talgo-type ( passive tilt ) equipment on the John Quincy Adams train.
Among the technological innovations on which today's information and communication technologies are grounded, we can mention the following: electric batteries ( Alessandro Volta ), radio ( Guglielmo Marconi ), telephone ( Antonio Meucci ), nuclear reactor ( Enrico Fermi ), the microprocessor ( Federico Faggin ), compressed audio ( MP3 ) and video ( MPEG ) ( Leonardo Chiariglione ).
Among the notable innovations of the reform enacted by Victor Amadeus was the opening of the Collegio delle Province ( Halls of Residence for the Provinces ), which housed one hundred young people of low social extraction to aid them in completing their studies at the State's expenses, and the establishment of the Chair of Eloquenza Italiana ( Italian Rhetoric ) alongside that of Latin.
Among the home's many technological innovations was a turntable in the garage which allowed Olds to pull in at night and leave again the next morning without driving in reverse.

Among and changes
Among the changes starting in the 19th-century gold rushes was the introduction of words, spellings, terms and usages from North American English.
Among the countless changes this melting pot brought was the enrichment of the culinary art.
Among these changes are several involving the quality of her cervical mucus: the sensation it causes at the vulva, its elasticity ( Spinnbarkeit ), its transparency, and the presence of ferning.
Among the official changes to the organization during the modern area include the ordination of black men to the priesthood in 1978, reversing a policy originally instituted by Brigham Young.
* Among other rule changes in 2007, kickoffs were moved from the 35-yard line back five yards to the 30-yard line, matching a change that the NFL had made in 1994.
Among the first generals to recognize that artillery was not being used to its full potential, Napoleon often massed his cannon into batteries, and introduced several changes into the French artillery, improving it significantly, and making it among the finest in Europe.
Among the changes for the U. S. release:
Among other changes, there are no Figured Characteristics-All Characteristics, including the formerly Figured, are bought separately.
Among other sound changes, the sequence merges to, in contrast with ; is reintroduced from Chinese ; and merges with.
Among many changes, aluminium brake drums were added to the rear, and the original Fiat engine was dropped in favour of a newer design also purchased from Fiat.
Among other changes, its young hero was given a newly-invented aristocratic mentor ( played by Granger ), while the role of the working class Elzevir Block was minimized.
Among the changes included the removal of the black drop-shadows that had been present on Mets jerseys since 1998.
Among the main changes are the mechanical philosophy, the chemical philosophy, empiricism, and the increasing role of mathematics.
Among the changes he made to the city's government was creating its first environmental-affairs department under the management of longtime Great Lakes environmentalist Lee Botts.
Among the changes that Severus introduced were to create a magnificent new forum and to rebuild the docks.
Among his changes were fixes to the daily diet of the troops, camp sanitary changes, improvements and accountability of the quartermaster system, addition of and monitoring of company cooks, several hospital reforms, an improved furlough system, orders to stem rising desertion, improved drills, and stronger officer training.
Among many other changes was an available
Among other uses, PPP rates facilitate international comparisons of income, as market exchange rates are often volatile, are affected by political and financial factors that do not lead to immediate changes in income and tend to systematically understate the standard of living in poor countries, due to the Balassa – Samuelson effect.
Among the most striking changes are metallization of oxygen at 96 GPa ( rendering oxygen a superconductor ), and transition of sodium from a nearly-free-electron metal to a transparent insulator at ~ 200 GPa.
Among the changes for Holy Thursday were the moving of the Mass from morning to evening, thus making room for a morning Chrism Mass, and the introduction into the evening Mass of the rite of the washing of feet.
Among these changes was the dissolution of United Game Artists and the transfer of its members into Sonic Team.
Among the chief narrative changes Fellini makes to the Satyricon text is the addition of a hermaphroditic priestess, who does not exist in the Petronian version.
Among other changes, Waite had the Christian imagery of most older tarot decks ' cards toned down — the ' Pope ' card became the ' Hierophant ', the ' Papess ' became the ' High Priestess '.
Among other design changes, it included the same trademarked inlaid Apple logo and recessed port icons as the Apple IIc and IIGS before it, but it essentially retained the original design.

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