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Among and many
Among the many stories about the late Speaker Rayburn is one from Rep. Dwyer, R-6th Dist..
Among the many problems in the taxing of personal property, and of movable tangible property in particular, two are significant: ( 1 ) situs, ( 2 ) fair and equitable assessment of value.
Among the many severe measures taken by the First Emperor, Shih Huang-ti, in his efforts to insure the continuation of this hard-won national unity, was the burning of the books in 213 B.C., with the expressed intention of removing possible sources for divergent thinking ; ;
Among the many such methods, some are:
Among the many volumes of the holy Rabbi Yitzchak Luria ( known as the " Ari "), most of which come downfrom the pen of his primary disciple, Rabbi Chaim Vital, are profound insights explaining issues related to reincarnation.
Among many roles in his career, Arau has played " Captain Herrera ", a lieutenant of Federal general " Mapache ", in Sam Peckinpah's 1969 western, The Wild Bunch, chief bandit " El Guapo " in Three Amigos ( USA, 1986 ), a comedy with Martin Short, Steve Martin, and Chevy Chase, and the smuggler " Juan " in Romancing the Stone which starred Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
Among his pupils were many of the dominant intellectuals of the Carolingian era.
Among these, Pindar was held by many ancient critics to be pre-eminent, but some gave precedence to Alcaeus instead.
Among his many philanthropic efforts, the establishment of public libraries throughout the United States, the United Kingdom, and other English-speaking countries was especially prominent.
Among other things, this feature allows a single iterative statement to process arbitrarily many elements of an array.
Among the more renowned of such works are the writings of Primo Levi, one of many personal accounts of the Shoah.
Among his compositions written for the chapels needs were two complete sets of vespers, many graduals, offertories, and four orchestral masses.
Among these have been many writers, artists and musicians ; these include Pulitzer Prize-winning and Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, Andrei Bely, Joseph Beuys, Owen Barfield, Wassily Kandinsky, Nobel Laureates Selma Lagerlöf and Albert Schweitzer, Andrei Tarkovsky, Bruno Walter, and Right Livelihood Award winner Ibrahim Abouleish.
Among the vast number of different biomolecules, many are complex and large molecules ( called biopolymers ), which are composed of similar repeating subunits ( called monomers ).
Among many achievements, Henry institutionalized common law by creating a unified system of law " common " to the country through incorporating and elevating local custom to the national, ending local control and peculiarities, eliminating arbitrary remedies and reinstating a jury system – citizens sworn on oath to investigate reliable criminal accusations and civil claims.
Among the most successful composers of his time, Gluck spawned many emulators, one of whom was Antonio Salieri.
Among the largest businesses located in Cambridge was the firm of Carter's Ink Company, whose neon sign long adorned the Charles River and which was for many years the largest manufacturer of ink in the world.
Among the many petty local republics that were formed during the first year of the Greek Revolution, prior to the creation of a unified Provisional Government at the First National Assembly at Epidaurus, were:
Among the many awards he received over the years, he was named Professor Emeritus in 1984.
Among many honors, Atkins received 14 Grammy Awards as well as the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award, nine Country Music Association Instrumentalist of the Year awards, was inducted into both the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum.
Among the many political documentaries produced in the early 1970s was " Chile: A Special Report ," public television's first in-depth expository look of the September 1973 overthrow of the Salvador Allende government in Chile by military leaders under Augusto Pinochet, produced by documentarians Ari Martinez and José Garcia.
Among his 69 Ph. D. students in Göttingen were many who later became famous mathematicians, including ( with date of thesis ): Otto Blumenthal ( 1898 ), Felix Bernstein ( 1901 ), Hermann Weyl ( 1908 ), Richard Courant ( 1910 ), Erich Hecke ( 1910 ), Hugo Steinhaus ( 1911 ), and Wilhelm Ackermann ( 1925 ).
Among the many transmitted editions of the Tao Te Ching text, the three primary ones are named after early commentaries.
Among the many problems he faced was repelling Sikh encroachment on the Pashtun areas east of the Khyber Pass.
Among many interesting entries are those for the elephant and the murex snail, the much sought-after source of Tyrian purple dye.

Among and distant
Among the many current programs are a search for near-Earth asteroids, a survey of the Kuiper Belt beyond Neptune, a search for extrasolar planets, a decades-long study of the brightness stability of the sun, and a variety of investigations of star formation and other processes in distant galaxies.
Among Zuckerman's beliefs and those of others who have analyzed these sources are that the Khazars did not lose Kiev until the early 10th century ( rather than 882, the traditional date ), that Igor was not Rurik's son but rather a more distant descendant, and that Oleg did not immediately follow Rurik, but rather that there is a lost generation between the legendary Varangian lord and his documented successors.
Among lower-income urban residents, the lack of mobility and communal space within the city often disrupts the formation of social ties and lends itself to creating an unintegrated and distant community space.
Among the connections he made was one with the Marquess of Rockingham, a distant relative ( although neither was apparently aware of this ) and a leading Whig politician.
Among his relations, in large numbers, were “ many of Britain ’ s titled, rich and influential personages .” Although he had his doubts, he was a distant descendant of Philip III of Spain.
Among these foreigners were Dr Albert Agassiz ( 1840 – 1910 ), distant cousin of the famous Swiss / American scientist Louis Agassiz, and Karl Völkner, a German missionary who had gone over to the Anglican Church.
Among the oldest coats of arms in Poland, nearly half use a red background, with blue ( azure ) coming in a distant second.
Among the beliefs of Zuckerman and others who have analyzed these sources are that the Khazars did not lose Kiev until the early 10th century ( rather than 882, the traditional date ), that Igor was not Rurik's son but rather a more distant descendant, and that Oleg did not immediately follow Rurik, but rather that there is a lost generation between the legendary Varangian lord and his documented successors.
Among country houses, besides Sezincote he designed Daylesford, Gloucestershire a few miles distant from Sezincote, for another returned nabob, Warren Hastings.

Among and trustees
Among its trustees in the early decades was Adam Clayton Powell, Sr., pastor of Abyssinian Baptist Church in Harlem, New York.
Among the local trustees was Henry Stuart Foote of Tuscumbia, who would move to Mississippi and defeat Jefferson Davis in the 1850 Governor's race.
Among the innovations and changes of the decade were the implementation of an honor system and the development of a residential “ house system .” In 1994, the board of trustees voted to change the name of Arkansas College to Lyon College, in honor of the half-century of service and support of former board president Frank Lyon Sr. of Little Rock.
Among the common properties the trustees operate is Georgica Pond and they make decisions about when the tidal pond is drained and filled.
Among the first trustees of the school were former United States President, Benjamin Harrison, and Indiana industrialist, Eli Lilly.
Among the original trustees of the Slater Fund were Rutherford B Hayes, Morrison R Waite, William E Dodge, Phillips Brooks, Daniel Coit Gilman, Morris Ketchum Jesup and the donor's son, William A Slater ; and among members chosen later were Melville W Fuller, William E Dodge, Jr, Henry Codman Potter, Cleveland H Dodge and Seth Low.

Among and was
Among the dolls was one that meant very much to the First Lady, who would pick it up and look at it often.
Among some recent imports were seat covers for one series of dining room chairs on which were depicted salad plates overflowing with tomatoes and greens and another set on which a pineapple was worked in naturalistic color.
Among the observers of the 1946 tsunami at Hilo was Francis P. Shepard of the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, one of the world's foremost marine geologists.
Among the spectators was the noted exotic dancer, Patti Waggin who is Mrs. Don Rudolph when off the stage.
Among stage performances was a starring role in `` Golden Arrow '' directed by Noel Coward.
Among the proposed etymologies is the Hurrian and Hittite divinity, Aplu, who was widely invoked during the " plague years ".
Among other things, Moseley demonstrated that the lanthanide series ( from lanthanum to lutetium inclusive ) must have 15 members — no fewer and no more — which was far from obvious from the chemistry at that time.
Among his staff was Isham G. Harris, the Governor of Tennessee, who had ceased to make any real effort to function as governor after learning that Abraham Lincoln had appointed Andrew Johnson as military governor of Tennessee.
Among the Turkmen leaders the Ottomans emerged as great power under Osman and his son Orhan I. Smyrna was conquered in 1330 AD, and the last Byzantine possession, Philadélphia ( modern Alaşehir ), fell in 1390 AD.
Among a few kabbalists, it was posited that some human souls could end up being reincarnated into non-human bodies.
Among others, John Heath has observed, " The unalterable kernel of the tale was a hunter's transformation into a deer and his death in the jaws of his hunting dogs.
Among the victims of Messalina's intrigues were Agrippina's surviving sister Livilla, who was charged with having adultery with Seneca the Younger.
Among the Visigoths settled in Lower Moesia, the situation was ripe for rebellion.
Among the last of his labors was the defense of the orthodoxy of his former pupil, Thomas Aquinas, whose death in 1274 grieved Albertus ( the story that he travelled to Paris in person to defend the teachings of Aquinas can not be confirmed ).
Among these gifts was reputed to be a piece of the true cross, a true treasure for the devout Saxon king.
Among these was a raid taking place in Kent, an allied country in Southeast England, during the year 885, which was quite possibly the largest raid since the battles with Guthrum.
Among his collaborators was Giovanni Maria Butteri and his main pupil was Giovanni Bizzelli.
Among Classical Greeks, amazon was given a popular etymology as from a-mazos, " without breast ", connected with an etiological tradition that Amazons had their left breast cut off or burnt out, so they would be able to use a bow more freely and throw spears without the physical limitation and obstruction ; there is no indication of such a practice in works of art, in which the Amazons are always represented with both breasts, although the left is frequently covered ( see photos in article ).
Among his companions he had made enemies and he was destined to take no share in the crusade he had joined.
Among the changes starting in the 19th-century gold rushes was the introduction of words, spellings, terms and usages from North American English.

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