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Among and simplest
Among the many difficulties that arise in trying to apply Ockham's razor is the problem of formalizing and quantifying the " measure of simplicity " that is implied by the task of deciding which of several theories is the simplest.
Among the oldest and most important symbols of pysanky is the sun, and the simplest rendering of the sun is a closed circle with or without rays.
Among the simplest types are the regular grammars ( type 3 ); Chomsky claims that regular grammars are not adequate as models for human language, because all human languages allow the center-embedding of strings within strings.
Among several methods, the simplest transformation procedure is through random shifting.
Among the diatomic molecules, carbon monoxide ( CO ) has one of the simplest rotational spectra.
Among animals, sponges show the simplest organization, having a single germ layer.
" Among the simplest examples he gives are what he calls ' duple sentences ' -- themes ( from Mozart's D major Piano Sonata and Beethoven's Third Piano Concerto ) in which we find pairs of ' balanced ' phrases ( four-bar ' announcing phrase ' ending in half-cadence, followed by four-bar ' responsive phrase ' ending with perfect cadence ): to many theorists this kind of structure is called ' period ' or ' parallel period ' or ' antecedent-consequent period '.
Among the simplest is a low dam across a shallow stream, forcing all of the water to one side to allow it to be easily collected in a canal.

Among and examples
And words whereby we conceive nothing but the sound, are those we call Absurd ...." Among Hobbes examples are " round quadrangle ", " immaterial substance ", " free subject.
Among the most famous examples were Kind Hearts and Coronets ( 1949 ), The Lavender Hill Mob ( 1951 ) and
Among existing examples, the bronze doors in the church of SS.
Among concrete examples of Modern human behavior, anthropologists include specialization of tools, use of jewellery and images ( such as cave drawings ), organization of living space, rituals ( for example, burials with grave gifts ), specialized hunting techniques, exploration of less hospitable geographical areas, and barter trade networks.
Among the items found are about 1000 inscriptions, 700 examples of the bull-killing scene ( tauroctony ), and about 400 other monuments.
Among Whorf's well known examples of linguistic relativity are examples of instances where an indigenous language has several terms for a concept that is only described with one word in English and other European languages ( Whorf used the acronym SAE " Standard Average European " to allude to the rather similar grammatical structures of the well-studied European languages in contrast to the greater diversity of the less-studied languages ).
Among the best known examples were the two ' Derek Flint ' films starring James Coburn, and the Matt Helm series with Dean Martin.
Among the most extreme examples known of this tendency was the fidelity of a ringed Northern Fulmar that returned to the same nest site for 25 years.
Among the most notable examples of private equity featured in motion pictures included:
Among very few representations of Protesilaus, a sculpture by Deinomenes is just a passing mention in Pliny's Natural History ; the outstanding surviving examples are two Roman copies of a lost mid-fifth century Greek bronze original represent Protesilaus at his defining moment, one of them in a torso the British Museum, the other at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Among the many sonatas are numerous examples of the true sonata form being crafted into place.
Among the most well known examples of rainmaking rituals are North American rain dances, historically performed by many Native American tribes, particularly in the Southwestern United States.
Among the amphibian species found are the Cascades frog and the Rough-skinned Newt, the latter being a common far western USA taxon ; in fact, examples of neoteny have been found in individual newts of this species within the county.
Among the finest examples are the Meissen Vulture from 1731 and the Möllendorff Dinner Service, designed in 1762 by Frederick II the Great.
Among the more popular sights is the Ducal Palace, the Palais des Ducs et des États de Bourgogne or " Palace of the Dukes and the States of Burgundy " (), which includes one of only a few remaining examples of the Capetian period in the region.
Among the numerous copper sulfides, important examples include copper ( I ) sulfide and copper ( II ) sulfide.
Among the more understated examples are those found near and on the Academy campus.
Among the finest examples are the walled cities of Nicosia and Famagusta in Cyprus and the fortifications of Candia and Chania in Crete, which still stand to this day.
Among examples cited was the infamous 1948 Grey Cup game in which two trains of Stampeder football fans descended on Toronto and launched an unprecedented series of celebrations before, during and after the game that included riding a horse into the lobby of the Royal York Hotel.
Among the earliest examples of plantations were the latifundia of the Roman Empire, which produced large quantities of wine and olive oil for export.
Among those, Monpazier, Beaumont-de-Lomagne, Villeréal are good examples.
Among the numerous examples of the use of the supercar description include the May 1965 issue of the American magazine Car Life, in a road test of the Pontiac GTO, and how " Hurst puts American Motors into the Supercar club with the 390 Rogue " ( the SC / Rambler ) to fight in " the Supercar street racer gang " market segment.
Among the earliest examples of this was at Coalbrookdale.

Among and are
Among the recipients of the Nobel Prize for Literature more than half are practically unknown to readers of English.
Among them are Frederick J. Hoffman, William Van O'Connor, and Mrs. Olga Vickery.
Among current problems that require solutions, participated in by citizens as well as government, are:
Among measures in anticipation of crisis are plans to inject into the turmoil as assistants of key decision makers qualified persons who are cognizant of the corrosive effect of crisis upon personal relationships and are also able to raise calm and realistic voices when overburdened leaders near the limit of self-control.
Among the most frequently quoted Biblical sentences are the Beatitudes and yet so few persons, other than scholars, really understand the true meaning of these eight blessings uttered by Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
Among the many problems in the taxing of personal property, and of movable tangible property in particular, two are significant: ( 1 ) situs, ( 2 ) fair and equitable assessment of value.
Among the specific areas of concentration in which the staff is engaged, are such projects as biological and biochemical studies of the effects of microwaves ; ;
Among the most likely producers of detectable radio line spectra are the light diatomic hydrides OH and CH ; ;
Among the items scheduled for acceleration in the near future are the Polaris and B70 programs, strengthening of the airborne alert system of the Strategic Air Command, and improved battlefield surveillance systems.
Among the locales to visit are Shiloh, Tennessee ; ;
Among its most spectacular features are its falls, the highest being Upper Yosemite which drops 2,425 feet.
Among them, according to the U.S. Department of Commerce, are: ( 1 ) shorter work weeks, ( 2 ) higher pay, ( 3 ) longer paid vacations, ( 4 ) better transportation, ( 5 ) earlier retirement, and ( 6 ) more education.
Among the newest fabrication methods to enter the display field are expandable styrene molding and blow molding.
Among infants the patterns of emotional responses are similar ; ;
Among other acts, Teller and Austin are accused of paying $800 to Sears.
Among those with reservations are Messrs. and Mmes. William A. Thompson, Van Cott Niven, A. B. Cox, David Bricker, Samuel Perry and Robert D. Stetson.
Among the highest-paid workers in the world are U.S. coal miners.
Among the most noted interpreters, there are Bahdja Rahal, Cheikh El Hadj Mohamed El Ghafour, Nasserdine Chaouli, Cheikh Larbi Bensari, Nouri El Koufi as troops music such as El Mouahidia, El Mossilia, El Fakhardjia, Es Sendoussia and El-Andalusians.
Among these cakes, there are Tamina, Chrik, Garn logzelles, Griouech, Kalb el-louz, Makroud, Mbardja, Mchewek, Samsa, Tcharak, Baghrir, Khfaf, Zlabia, Aarayech, Ghroubiya, Mghergchette.
Among leaf litter frogs in Panama, frogs that actively hunt prey have narrow mouths and are slim, often brightly coloured and toxic, while ambushers have wide mouths and are broad and well camouflaged.
Among the notable alumni of AFI are: Darren Aronofsky, Jon Avnet, Keith D. Black, Wally Pfister, Stuart Cornfeld, Bill Duke, Edward James Olmos, Carl Colpaert, Rodrigo García, Steve Golin, Patrick Creadon, Amy Heckerling, Marshall Herskovitz, Janusz Kamiński, Matthew Libatique, Mimi Leder, David Lynch, Terrence Malick, John McTiernan, Paul Schrader, Frank Spotnitz, Mark Waters, Gary Winick, Edward Zwick, and Susannah Grant.
) There are also numerous instances where the killer is not brought to justice in the legal sense but instead dies ( death usually being presented as a more ' sympathetic ' outcome ), for example Death Comes as the End, And Then There Were None, Death on the Nile, Dumb Witness, The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, Crooked House, Appointment with Death, The Hollow, Nemesis, Cat Among the Pigeons, and The Secret Adversary.

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