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Among and these
Among the most frequently quoted Biblical sentences are the Beatitudes and yet so few persons, other than scholars, really understand the true meaning of these eight blessings uttered by Jesus at the beginning of the Sermon on the Mount.
Among these questions: what would a Cuba blockade take??
Among these cakes, there are Tamina, Chrik, Garn logzelles, Griouech, Kalb el-louz, Makroud, Mbardja, Mchewek, Samsa, Tcharak, Baghrir, Khfaf, Zlabia, Aarayech, Ghroubiya, Mghergchette.
Among these languages, only Khmer, Vietnamese, and Mon have a long-established recorded history, and only Vietnamese and Khmer have official status ( in Vietnam and Cambodia, respectively ).
Among these are treatises such as the Shikand-gumanic Vichar by Mardan-Farrux Ohrmazddadan, selections of Denkard, Wizidagīhā-ī Zātspram (" Selections of Zātspram ") as well as older passages of the book Avesta, the Gathas which are attributed to Zarathustra himself and regarded as his " direct teachings ".
Among these may be mentioned: the Mazatzal Mountain region in Gila and Maricopa Counties, Arizona ; Red Feather Lakes, near Ft Collins, Colorado ; Amethyst Mountain, Texas ; Yellowstone National Park ; Delaware County, Pennsylvania ; Haywood County, North Carolina ; Deer Hill and Stow, Maine and in the Lake Superior region of Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Ontario in Canada.
Among these phenomena are trance states, dreams, and hallucinations.
Among his very numerous works two poems entitle him to a distinguished place in the Latin literature of the Middle Ages ; one of these, the De planctu naturae, is an ingenious satire on the vices of humanity.
Among these, Pindar was held by many ancient critics to be pre-eminent, but some gave precedence to Alcaeus instead.
Among the sixty-nine items in these three books, twenty-four deal with physics, seventeen with psychology, eleven with logic and metaphysics, and six with questions of fate and providence.
Among these gifts was reputed to be a piece of the true cross, a true treasure for the devout Saxon king.
Among these was a raid taking place in Kent, an allied country in Southeast England, during the year 885, which was quite possibly the largest raid since the battles with Guthrum.
Among these are commentaries on the Apocalypse, on the Psalms, and on the Song of Solomon ; Lives of Saints Paldo, Tuto and Vaso ; Assumption of the Virgin ; and a Combat between the Virtues and the Vices.
Among these, mate has long been the most widely enjoyed ; in 2006, over 700, 000 metric tons were harvested in Argentina, mostly for domestic consumption.
Among these sacred works there survives a Mass in C major written without a " Gloria " and in the antique a cappella style ( presumably for one of the church's penitential seasons ) and dated 2 August 1767.
Among these was the M4 ( 105 ), a M4 Sherman tank armed with a M4 105 mm howitzer.
Among these are pieces for piano four hands that are popular among amateur pianists.
Among these have been many writers, artists and musicians ; these include Pulitzer Prize-winning and Nobel Laureate Saul Bellow, Andrei Bely, Joseph Beuys, Owen Barfield, Wassily Kandinsky, Nobel Laureates Selma Lagerlöf and Albert Schweitzer, Andrei Tarkovsky, Bruno Walter, and Right Livelihood Award winner Ibrahim Abouleish.
Among these was the Cuttle Cart II, a device that allowed the Atari 7800 to read MMC cards containing binary files of Atari 7800 programs.
Among the most successful of these was Batman: Arkham Asylum ( 2009 ), which was released by Rocksteady Studios to critical acclaim ; review aggregator Metacritic reports it as having received 92 % positive reviews.
Among these were the writing of the Fundamental Principles of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, introducing a general amnesty for those people imprisoned during Nur Mohammad Taraki's and Amin's rule, and replacing the Khalqist flag with a more traditional one.
Among these actions were the Seven Years ' War, the American Revolutionary War, the Napoleonic Wars, the First and Second Opium Wars, the Boxer Rebellion, the New Zealand land wars, the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857, the First and Second Boer Wars, the Fenian raids, the Irish War of Independence, its serial interventions into Afghanistan ( which were meant to maintain a friendly buffer state between British India and the Russian Empire ), and the Crimean War ( to keep the Russian Empire at a safe distance by coming to Turkey's aid ).
Among these were the " Expedición de los Trece " ( Expedition of the 13 ) in 1826, the " Gran Legión del Aguila Negra " ( Great Legion of the Black Eagle ) in 1829, the " Cadena Triangular " ( Triangular Chain ) and the " Soles de la Libertad " ( Suns of Liberty ) in 1837.
Among these were Felix the Cat, Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and Betty Boop.

Among and writers
Among the subjects discussed will be Russian restrictions on poets and writers in the USSR ( Channel 9 at 9:30 ).
Among later writers, ambrosia has been so often used with generic meanings of " delightful liquid " that such late writers as Athenaeus, Paulus and Dioscurides employ it as a technical terms in contexts of cookery, medicine, and botany.
Among contemporary writers, the satirist Craig Brown has made considerable use of the clerihew in his columns for The Daily Telegraph.
Among numerous writers of the order in this period are: Cardinals Thomas Zigliara ( d. 1893 ) and Zephirin González ( d. 1894 ), two esteemed philosophers ; Father Alberto Guillelmotti ( d. 1893 ), historian of the Pontifical Navy, and Father Heinrich Denifle, one of the most famous writers on medieval history ( d. 1905 ).
") Among the writers frequenting the club were Robert A. Heinlein, Emil Petaja, Fredric Brown, Henry Kuttner, Leigh Brackett, and Jack Williamson.
Among writers defining the terms of this discourse is Charles Jencks, described by Architectural Design Magazine as " the definer of Post-Modernism for thirty years " and the " internationally acclaimed critic ..., whose name became synonymous with Post-modernism in the 80s ".
Among English writers who have made the most abundant use of antithesis are Pope, Young, Johnson, and Gibbon ; and especially Lyly in his Euphues.
Among these were many Jewish émigrés, such as Hungarian artists and writers.
Among 4th-century Latin writers earlier than Ambrose, Hilary holds first place.
Among writers in English noted for nonsense verse are Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll, Ogden Nash, Mervyn Peake, Colin West, Roald Dahl, Dr. Seuss and Spike Milligan.
Among German nonsense writers, Christian Morgenstern and Ringelnatz are the most widely known, and are both still popular, while Robert Gernhardt is a contemporary example.
Among Southern Baptists in the United States, Reverend is formally written but the pastor is usually orally addressed as Brother ( Brother Smith ), as New Testament writers describe Christians as being brothers and sisters in Christ.
Among the writers labeled as black humorists by journalists and literary critics are Roald Dahl, Thomas Pynchon, Kurt Vonnegut, Warren Zevon, John Barth, Joseph Heller, and Philip Roth.
Among the writers were in contact with him were Victor Daley and George Gordon McCrae.
Among early Christian writers, Philip had the reputation of being sympathetic to the Christian faith.
Among the major writers of the period were Guo Moruo ( 郭沫若 ) ( 1892 – 1978 ), a poet, historian, essayist, and critic ; Mao Dun ( 茅盾 ) ( 1896 – 1981 ), the first of the novelists to emerge from the " League of Left-Wing Writers " and one whose work reflected the revolutionary struggle and disillusionment of the late 1920s ; satirist and novelist Lao She ( 老舍 ) ( 1899 – 1966 ); and Ba Jin ( 巴金 ) ( 1904 – 2005 ), a novelist whose work was influenced by Ivan Turgenev and other Russian writers.
Among the writers of the time who fell victim to the regime of Sejanus and its aftermath were the historians Aulus Cremutius Cordus, Velleius Paterculus and the poet Phaedrus.
Among the emerging novelists of the 1960s and 1970s, a few were closely connected with Beat writers, most notably Ken Kesey ( One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest ).
Among its famous inmates were the influential revolutionary poet Vladimir Mayakovsky, a Russian revolutionary Nikolai Bauman, the founder of the KGB Felix Dzerzhinsky ( who was one of the few individuals to stage a successful escape from the prison ), and the writers Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and Yevgenia Ginzburg.
Among the significant writers is James Fenton, mostly using a blank verse form, but also occasionally the Habbie stanza.

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