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Among and those
Among those with reservations are Messrs. and Mmes. William A. Thompson, Van Cott Niven, A. B. Cox, David Bricker, Samuel Perry and Robert D. Stetson.
Among those with comorbid occurrences, a distinction is commonly made between depressive episodes that remit with alcohol abstinence (" substance-induced "), and depressive episodes that are primary and do not remit with abstinence (" independent " episodes ).
And words whereby we conceive nothing but the sound, are those we call Absurd ...." Among Hobbes examples are " round quadrangle ", " immaterial substance ", " free subject.
Among these were the writing of the Fundamental Principles of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan, introducing a general amnesty for those people imprisoned during Nur Mohammad Taraki's and Amin's rule, and replacing the Khalqist flag with a more traditional one.
Among the evidence presented to the tribunal were the results of paraffin tests, used to identify lead residues from firing weapons, and that nail bombs had been found on the body of one of those killed.
Among those favoring independence, conservatives fought with liberals over the degree to which French revolutionary ideas would be incorporated into the movement.
Among supporters of constitutional monarchy however, the experience confirmed the value of the monarchy as a source of checks and balances against elected politicians who might seek powers in excess of those conferred by their respective constitutions, and ultimately as a safeguard against dictatorship.
Among the reasons given by those who oppose the use of Common Era notation is that it is selective as other aspects of the Western calendar have origins in various belief systems ( e. g., January is named for Janus ), Style guides for academic texts on religion generally prefer BCE / CE to BC / AD.
Among those major Protestant Christian traditions that employ congregationalism are those Congregational Churches known by the " Congregationalist " name that descended from the Anglo-American Puritan movement of the 17th century, the Baptist churches, and most of the groups brought about by the Anabaptist movement in Germany that immigrated to the U. S. in the late 18th century.
Among her portraits which followed from that association are those of Georges Clemenceau ; First Lady Edith Roosevelt and her daughter ; and Admiral Sir David Beatty.
Among those noted by the Irish annals, the Chronicle of the Kings of Alba and the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle are Ívarr — Ímar in Irish sources — who was active from East Anglia to Ireland, Halfdán — Albdann in Irish, Healfdene in Old English — and Amlaíb or Óláfr.
Among those perks were shopping at well-stocked stores, access to foreign merchandise, preference in obtaining housing, access to dachas and holiday resorts, being allowed to travel abroad, sending their children to prestigious universities, and obtaining prestigious jobs ( as well as party membership itself ) for their children.
Among recent clavichord recordings, those by Christopher Hogwood ( The Secret Bach, The Secret Handel, and, most recently, The Secret Mozart ), break new ground.
Among those who regard themselves as Catholic but not Roman Catholic are Anglicans and some Lutherans, who stress that they are both Reformed and Catholic.
Among those in attendance were Jones ' widow, Marian Jones ; daughter Linda Clough ; and grandchildren Craig, Todd and Valerie Kausen.
Among those that are inhibited are: NMDA, dihydropyridine-sensitive L-type Ca2 + channels and G-protein-activated inwardly rectifying K + channels.
Among those completed were the Temple of Vespasian and Titus, the Arch of Titus, and the Colosseum, to which he added a fourth level and finished the interior seating area.
* Among the first awards of the Distinguished Service Medal for service in World War I, were those to the Commanding Officers of the Allied Armies:
Among many interesting entries are those for the elephant and the murex snail, the much sought-after source of Tyrian purple dye.
Among the Oriental Orthodox, a variety of anaphoras are used, but all are similar in structure to those of the Constantinopolitan Rite, in which the Anaphora of Saint John Chrysostom is used most days of the year ; Saint Basil's is offered on the Sundays of Great Lent, the eves of Christmas and Theophany, Holy Thursday, Holy Saturday, and upon his feast day ( 1 January ).
Among those directors are Christian Petzold, Thomas Arslan, Valeska Grisebach, Christoph Hochhäusler, Benjamin Heisenberg, Henner Winckler and Angela Schanelec.
Among those films not themselves considered film noirs, perhaps none had a greater effect on the development of the genre than America's own Citizen Kane ( 1941 ), the landmark motion picture directed by Orson Welles.
Among those from whom he procured portrait commissions were Pedro Téllez-Girón, 9th Duke of Osuna and his wife María Josefa Pimentel, 12th Countess-Duchess of Benavente, María del Pilar de Silva, 13th Duchess of Alba ( universally known simply as the " Duchess of Alba "), and her husband José María Álvarez de Toledo, 15th Duke of Medina Sidonia, and María Ana de Pontejos y Sandoval, Marchioness of Pontejos.
Among those who were most active in pursuing early structural investigations were, in addition to Kekulé and Couper, Frankland, Wurtz, Alexander Crum Brown, Emil Erlenmeyer, and Aleksandr Mikhailovich Butlerov.

Among and soldiers
Among the more memorable details are the Valkyries, the battle maidens whom Odin sends to allot death or victory to soldiers.
Among other objections, the Military claims that its integrity and discipline would be undermined if soldiers who mutinied in the 2000 upheaval were to be pardoned.
Among them served former Red Army soldiers Ivan Marchenko and Nikolay Shaleyev.
Among their grievances was the King's failure to promptly pay the soldiers ' wages, his favour towards Dunbar, his demand that the Percies hand over their Scottish prisoners, his failure to put an end to Owain Glyn Dŵr's rebellion through a negotiated settlement, his increasing promotion of his son Prince Henry's military authority in Wales, and his failure to ransom the Percies ' kinsman, Henry Percy's brother-in-law, Sir Edmund Mortimer ( 1376 – 1409 ), whom the Welsh had captured in June 1402, and who had a claim to the crown as the grandson of Lionel, 1st Duke of Clarence, second surviving son of King Edward III.
Among the soldiers assigned to the Hospital were Corporal William Wilson Allen and Privates Cole, Dunbar, Hitch, Horrigan, John Williams, Joseph Williams, Alfred Henry Hook, Robert Jones, and William Jones.
Among the soldiers are 32 recorded injuries that day, with no deaths.
Among the regiment were former black slaves, the total number of black soldiers in Butler's Rangers is unknown, with estimates ranging from two to " more than a dozen ".
Among them were four beys, one of whom, driven to madness by Muhammad Ali's mockery, asked for a drink of water ; but when his hands were untied that he might take the bottle, he snatched a dagger from one of the soldiers, rushed at the pasha, and fell covered with wounds.
Among the mutinous soldiers on that occasion was an officer calling himself Ahmed Urabi.
Among a few well known historic examples are the Scottish soldiers, who wore the blue bonnet in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, the Volontaires Cantabres, a French force raised in the Basque country in the 1740s to the 1760s, who also wore a blue beret, and the Carlist rebels, with their red berets, in 1830s Spain.
Among the significant causes of this movement were colonial oppression, exemplified by the Rowlatt Act and Jallianwala Bagh massacre, economic hardships to the common man due to a large chunk of Indian wealth being exported to Britain, ruin of Indian artisans due to British factory-made goods replacing handmade goods, and popular resentment with the British over Indian soldiers dying in World War I while fighting as part of the British Army, in battles that otherwise had nothing to do with India.
Among these are the use of private contractors as soldiers or private armies and whether they are mercenaries or not under international conventions.
Among both instructors and trainees, there were graduates of the Fort Pierce schools ( Scouts and Raiders, and NCDU men ), Marines, and Army soldiers.
Among the earliest foot deodorants were aromatic herbs such as allspice, which nineteenth-century Russian soldiers would put in their boots.
Among the cartoons, there are also some that portray US soldiers as severely wounded, dead, or paraplegic or as harming Iraqi civilians.
Among others, Siraj Sikder raised a strong guerrilla force which fought several battles with the Pakistani soldiers in Payarabagan, Barisal.
Among those transported to Poland were soldiers of all grades.
Among the most important topics were the generation of former Home Army soldiers and their role in post-war Poland and the national tragedies like the German concentration camps and the Warsaw Uprising.
Among the rules were no stealing of livestock from other people, sharing food with travellers, no abduction of women from other families, and no defection among soldiers.
Among the volunteer units organized in Lwów was a group of soldiers of Major ( later a general ) Roman Abraham.
Among the Polish soldiers killed in the battle was 19-year-old Konstanty Zarugiewicz, a student of the 7th course of primary school and a veteran of the 1918 defence of Lwów, for which he was awarded with Virtuti Militari and Krzyż Walecznych.
Among their early activities was recruiting black soldiers for the Union Army during the Civil War.
* Among the soldiers in the 10th Battalion, one soldier showed bravery in the Battle of Épehy on the 18th September 1918.
Among the distinctive features of the unit was a high morale of the soldiers, all of whom were volunteers.

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