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accumulator and machine
The IBM 650, a decimal machine, had one 10 digit accumulator ; the IBM 7070, a later, transistorized decimal machine had three accumulators.
A single A register supplied an accumulator, and the machine also featured a Q, for quotient, register as well.
Since a phase accumulator is a finite state machine, eventually the residual at some sample K must return to the initial value.
The stack machine style is in contrast to register file machines which hold temporary values in a small fast visible array of similar registers, or accumulator machines which have only one visible general-purpose temp register, or memory-to-memory machines which have no visible temp registers.
If the hardwired stack machine has N registers to cache the topmost memory stack words, then all spills and refills are avoided in this example and there is only 1 data cache cycle, the same as for a register or accumulator machine.
The first enhances the machine with the convenience of indirect addressing ; the second moves the model toward the more conventional accumulator-based computer with the addition of one or more auxiliary ( dedicated ) registers, the most common of which is called " the accumulator ".
The instructions, like the Manchester machine, used a " single address " format in which operands were modified and left in the accumulator.
It was an accumulator machine with 12-bit addresses to manipulate 12-bit data.
The multiplier was removed, making the Arithmometer a simple adding machine, but thanks to its moving carriage used as an indexed accumulator, it still allowed for easy multiplication and division under operator control.
SDS was one of the first companies to offer a machine intended as an alternative to the IBM System / 360 ; although not compatible with the 360, it used similar data formats, the EBCDIC character code, and in other ways, such as its use of multiple registers rather than an accumulator, it was designed to have specifications that were comparable to those of the 360.
* Check valves are one-way valves, allowing an accumulator to charge and maintain its pressure after the machine is turned off, for example.
There is also a steam crane and heavy oil engine in the setting of a canal repair yard, complete with working machine shop, forge and weighbridge, and a hydraulic accumulator.

accumulator and also
* There are two additional 8-bit accumulators, E and F. These can be concatenated to form a 16-bit accumulator called W. The existing 6809 16-bit accumulator, D, can also be concatenated with W to form a 32-bit accumulator Q.
Some instructions also enabled HL to be used as a ( limited ) 16-bit accumulator, and a pseudoregister, M, could be used almost anywhere that any other register could be used and referred to the memory address pointed to by HL.
A range of 16-bit instructions treat the A and B registers as a combined 16-bit D register for comparison ( X and Y registers may also be compared to 16-bit memory operands ), addition, subtraction and shift operations, or can add the B accumulator to the X or Y index registers.
*: 8-bit accumulator ( A ) and flag bits ( F ) carry, zero, minus, parity / overflow, half-carry ( used for BCD ), and an Add / Subtract flag ( usually called N ) also for BCD
Brookhaven is also responsible for the design of the SNS accumulator ring in partnership with Spallation Neutron Source in Oak Ridge, Tennessee.
A variant is also possible with two operands and an internal accumulator, where the accumulator is subtracted from the memory location specified by the first operand.
One design has claimed to return 130mpg in tests by using a large hydraulic accumulator which is also the structural chassis of the car.
The hardware unit that performs the operation is known as a multiplier – accumulator ( MAC, or MAC unit ); the operation itself is also often called a MAC or a MAC operation.
The accumulator could also be addressed as two 40-bit words.
The plant also makes a range of civilian products: motorcycles ( i. e. Voskhod ), mopeds, micro-tractors, sewing machines and accumulator batteries.
The original operating mechanism of Tower Bridge, London, also used this type of accumulator.
However, dyadic operations such as FADD, FMUL, FCOM, and so on may either implicitly use the topmost st0 and st1, or it may use st0 together with an explicit memory operand or register ; the st0 register may thus be used as an accumulator ( i. e. as a combined destination and left operand ) and can also be exchanged with any of the eight stack registers using an instruction called FXCH stX ( codes D9C8 .. D9CF < sub > h </ sub >).
The reservoir is also designed to aid in separation of air from the fluid and also work as a heat accumulator to cover losses in the system when peak power is used.
The oil volume in the hydraulic tank is also acting as a heat accumulator when peak power is used.
** Capacitor, in electrical engineering, also known by the obsolete term accumulator
The non-strict stack-model also allows dyadic operations to use ST ( 0 ) together with a direct memory operand or with an explicitly specified stack-register, ST ( x ), in a role similar to a traditional accumulator ( a combined destination and left operand ).
Rusi Modi was evidently an accumulator of runs, this fact being evident from his test average of 46 and a first-class average of 53, which also weighed a lot on paper when seen alongside his 20 centuries in the latter respect.

accumulator and called
Tradition ( e. g. Donald Knuth's ( 1973 ) hypothetical MIX computer ), for example, uses two instructions called load accumulator from register / memory ( e. g. " LDA r ") and store accumulator to register / memory ( e. g. " STA r ").
A device that stores energy is sometimes called an accumulator.
At its inception, the programmer's view of the PDP-8 had only eight instructions and two registers ( a 12-bit accumulator, AC, and a carry bit called the " link register ", L ).
* 1-operand ( one-address machines ), so called accumulator machines, include early computers and many small microcontrollers: most instructions specify a single right operand ( that is, constant, a register, or a memory location ), with the implicit accumulator as the left operand ( and the destination if there is one ): load a, add b, store c. A related class is practical stack machines which often allow a single explicit operand in arithmetic instructions: push a, add b, pop c.
Pumping brakes can dump energy as heat, or can be regenerative brakes that recharge a pressure reservoir called a hydraulic accumulator.
Moreover it is sufficient to keep track of just the numerator by adding once every lunation, an integer constant to a variable that is called the accumulator.
We maintain a variable called the accumulator which essentially is the time of day that the mean syzygy falls ; in our case its unit is 1 / 49 of a day.
At the heart of the system, acting as pressure sink as well as suspension elements, are the so called spheres, five or six in all ; one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models.

accumulator and CPU
In a computer's central processing unit ( CPU ), an accumulator is a register in which intermediate arithmetic and logic results are stored.
Only when all numbers have been added is the result held in the accumulator written to main memory or to another, non-accumulator, CPU register.
A basic PDP-8 CPU has only four 12-bit registers, the accumulator, program counter, memory-buffer register and memory-address register.
The SPC700 instruction set is quite similar to that of the 6502 CPU family, but includes additional instructions, including XCN ( eXChange Nibble ) which swaps the upper and lower 4-bit portions of the 8-bit accumulator, and an 8-by-8-to-16-bit multiply instruction.
The CPU has an 8-bit accumulator and 15-bit PC.

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