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alternate and version
Last Bronx, a 1996 Sega game played on the bad reputation of the Bronx to lend its name to an alternate version of post-Japanese bubble Tokyo, where crime and gang warfare is rampant.
William Cowper's poem, Boadicea, an ode ( 1782 ) popularised an alternate version of the name.
In an alternate version, the circle of players may each put two feet in and at the conclusion of the rhyme, that player removes one foot and the rhyme starts over with the next person.
In an alternate version, Hera alone produced Hebe after being impregnated by a head of lettuce or by beating her hand on the Earth, a solemnizing action for the Greeks.
No one but Heracles ' friend Philoctetes ( Poeas in some versions ) would light his funeral pyre ( in an alternate version, it is Iolaus who lights the pyre ).
The album was re-released in an expanded single-CD version by Rhino in 2001, featuring alternate mixes, outtakes and the group's 1968 single, " Your Mind and We Belong Together "/" Laughing Stock ", the last tracks that featured the " Forever Changes " line-up of Johnny Echols, Ken Forssi, Michael Stuart and Bryan MacLean ( Forssi and MacLean both died in 1998 ).
The alternate mix of " Forever Changes " included in the second disc features a proto-rap by Lee on a slightly longer version of the album closer " You Set The Scene " that was edited out of the final version that was released commercially.
* Magic Lantern, an alternate version of the comic book hero Green Lantern
One version of the Chronicon gives an alternate fate for the female pope.
Proteus of Egypt is mentioned in an alternate version of the story of Helen of Troy in the tragedy Helen of Euripides ( produced in 412 BC ).
With the intervention of a future / alternate version of herself, Janeway leads her crew in using one of the Borg's transwarp conduits to return her ship to Federation space after having traveled through the Delta Quadrant for seven years.
The USS Enterprise ( NCC-1701-C ) responded to the outpost's distress call and engaged the Romulan ships, but was defeated and taken with its survivors ( among them a version of Lieutenant Tasha Yar from the future of an alternate timeline ) back to Romulan territory.
Survivors included Tasha Yar ( Denise Crosby ), whose alternate timeline version from " Yesterday's Enterprise " travels with the ship back in time to the battle over Narendra III.
A version of the setting called " Star Law ", which uses the d20 system rules was published as an alternate campaign setting in the d20 Future book.
The blue and sand version will be used in the home uniforms, with the blue and white version to be used on the away and alternate uniforms.
After leaving Asylum, the label released the first Tom Waits " Best of " album in 1981, a collection called Bounced Checks, notable for including an alternate, stripped down version of " Jersey Girl " and the otherwise unreleased " Mr. Henry ", as well as an alternate master of " Whistlin ' Past the Graveyard " and a live performance of " The Piano Has Been Drinking ".
On 29 November, an exclusive video was posted on RollingStone. com, containing more footage of the alternate version of " Don't Think ".
In November 2007, Numan confirmed via his website that work on a new album, with the working title of Splinter, would be under way throughout 2008, after finishing an alternate version of Jagged ( called Jagged Edge ) and the CD of unreleased songs from his previous three albums ( confirmed to be titled Dead Son Rising on 1 December 2008 via official mailing list message ).
The older 1996 – 2000 Fox logo with searchlights is still used by many of the network's affiliates in their logos, also being an alternate logo from 2000 onwards, plus also being part of an alternate version of the Fox Sports logo.
" This choice led one reviewer to question if Fringes plot might be a homage to the Star Trek episode " Mirror, Mirror ", which featured an alternate reality " Mirror Universe " concept and an evil version of Spock distinguished by a goatee.

alternate and artwork
Dean Ormston has similarly produced a disproportionate amount of his artwork for Vertigo titles, including the lion's share of the alternate reality Books of Magick: Life During Wartime series ( 2004-5 ).
The album was released on June 9, 2009 with a Limited Edition release with alternate artwork ( as well as a Vinyl recording ) made available to the public.
At the time of release many online stores displayed an incorrect earlier version of the artwork for the box set, which features alternate artwork for the Post Live and Homogenic Live albums.
He peppered his artwork with in-jokes such as upside down Superman logos, hidden Marvel characters, eyeball creatures, and scrawled humorous messages on signs in the background of his panels in the alternate futuristic alphabet Interlac.
A legal version of Obelisk was released in December 2009 in the January 2010 edition of United States Shonen Jump, which displayed alternate artwork signed by Kazuki Takahashi.
Like the tournament-legal version of Obelisk the Tormentor, this card is an effect monster card, and displays alternate artwork signed by Kazuki Takahashi.
Many cards in the Yu-Gi-Oh trading card game receive alternate or censored artwork from the original Japanese editions.
Since releasing Those Once Loyal Earache has released a remastered version of the 1989 album Realm of Chaos featuring alternate artwork of John Sibbick, the artist responsible for the original artwork of both Warhammer 40, 000 Rogue Trader cover design and Realm of Chaos-Slaves to Darkness 1989 album.
The game has been referred in publications by the alternate title of Snake's Revenge: Metal Gear II, although this title is never actually used on the game's cover artwork or title screen.
Following the album's initial release, the album was reissued with an alternate track listing and artwork in 1990.
They have also announced plans for a new base set called Second Order, which will likely feature previously-released cards with revised texts and possible alternate artwork.
The Premier and Deluxe editions have an Elric card, while the Crusade edition contains cards for Alwyn, Blaylock, Galen ( with alternate artwork here ), Genius Loci, and Isabelle.
The promo CD for this album was released in a cardboard sleeve with alternate artwork.
It was first distributed in Europe by Discordia, two times in 1994 and 1995 with alternate artwork.
Each CD is supposed to be a faithful copy of the UK vinyl single as it was released in the early 1980s, with all of the b-sides and alternate tracks, and each is packaged in a square cardboard sleeve replicating the original artwork.
The US release of the album, also in 1979, came in alternate artwork and removed " Mother-Sister!
State of Mind was later released on Cleopatra Records with alternate artwork and a bonus track, " Inside Out ".
The album was re-released in 2002 as a limited and numbered 2CD set with alternate artwork ; the second disc contains three live performances and a CD-ROM track with an interview, video of " Don't Go ," and a live video of " The Gates Of Delirium ".

alternate and shows
( Note: On most location-based television shows, there will be two Assistant Location Managers that alternate episodes, allowing one to prep an upcoming episode while the other is on-set with the current one.
The first of these was A Modern Utopia ( 1905 ), which shows a worldwide utopia with " no imports but meteorites, and no exports at all "; two travellers from our world fall into its alternate history.
While repairs were made, the Opry was temporarily housed at alternate venues in Nashville, with the Ryman Auditorium hosting the majority of the shows.
An alternate future in the Voyager series finale " Endgame " shows an older Barclay teaching at Starfleet Academy, with the rank of Commander.
The hour-long Lucy-Desi show was to alternate on a monthly basis with other hour long Playhouse shows.
When the law went into effect on January 1, 1990, WGN-TV launched a separate national feed with alternate programming supplied that no television stations claimed exclusive rights to in any market ( along with sporting events, newscasts and several shows airing on WGN-TV that were also not subject to exclusivity claims ); it was a similar situation at WWOR-TV and the national " WWOR-EMI Service " feed.
Also, at the end of several shows, the duo would exit the stage by skipping while putting alternate hands behind their heads and backs.
In Elliott's model, market prices alternate between an impulsive, or motive phase, and a corrective phase on all time scales of trend, as the illustration shows.
The alternate ending consists of the same newspaper at the end of the game except the picture shows Scrooge McDuck with a crown on his head, and the paper also states that he " stunned the world with his discovery of 2 Lost Treasures.
It has been used as an alternate outlet for ABC network programming when KSTP-TV is broadcasting coverage of Viking football games or other special shows, including severe-weather coverage.
Possessing neither pseudobulbs nor rhizome, Phalaenopsis shows a monopodial growth habit: a single growing stem produces one or two alternate, thick, fleshy, elliptical leaves a year from the top while the older, basal leaves drop off at the same rate.
However, the chronology of the story, set around the year 2010 in an alternate history of Nazi Germany, shows that this character cannot be the same person as the real-world Globocnik.
In the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode " All Good Things ...", Q brings Jean-Luc Picard to Earth, presumably to the point on the proto-Eurasian continent which one day would become France, and shows the USS Enterprise-D captain the " spark of life ", which in this alternate timeline does not combine into what Q says will ultimately become Humanity.
Like Calvin and Hobbes, the strip often shows an alternate point of view based on the characters ' fantasies.
Prince was impressed and persuaded her to cover while Paige holidayed and sign up as a regular alternate for the remainder of Paige's contract, performing two shows a week, in preparation for succeeding Paige as the star.
On live shows, he would alternate between guitar and bass with touring-only guitarist / bassist Daryl Stuermer.
Maria Mercedes starred as the alternate Norma, performing two of the eight shows each week.
An alternate ending on the " Wild Thing Edition " DVD shows a very different characterization of Phelps.
The special edition DVD shows an alternate ending — which is the ending from the novel — in which the reincarnation is not a choice, but part of the natural order.
: Ethnologue also shows Jiwarli as an alternate name for the Australian Aboriginal language Mangarla.
Also, when Rufus shows Amberley the laughter box, and took out some of the laughter bubbles, alternate sounds of laughter can be heard from them.
The alternate ending for Terminator 2 ( available on the Ultimate Edition DVD ) shows Sarah alive and well on August 29, 2029.
The film's conclusion shows two alternate versions of events: a. Lilja and Volodya, now both dead, angelic and happily playing basketball on the roof of some tenement building, safe from all harm the world can do to them.
In the movie's alternate continuity, Goldar serves Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa, but when Ivan Ooze shows up, Mordant and he switch sides almost automatically after Ooze traps both Rita and Zedd in a snowglobe, depriving them of the their powers.

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