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arrest and warrant
Although wanted by the sheriff for killing an old man named Asher Jones, the warrant for his arrest had never been served.
Police Officers can arrest someone without a warrant for an Assault if it is in the public's interest to do so notwithstanding S. 495 ( 2 )( d ) of the Code.
Paoli was convicted in absentia, a warrant was sent for his arrest ( which could not be served ) and Napoleon was dispatched to Corsica as Inspector-general of Artillery to take the citadel of Ajaccio from the royalists, who had held it since 1789.
Section 3 ( 6 ) provided that a constable could arrest without warrant anyone he reasonably suspected to be committing affray.
In respect of the High Court, historically a writ of latitat would have been issued, but now a bench warrant is issued, authorizing the tipstaff to arrange for the arrest of the individual, and imprisonment until the date and time the court appoints to next sit.
In practice a groveling letter of apology to the court is sufficient to ward off this possibility, and in any event the warrant is generally ' backed for bail ' i. e. bail will be granted once the arrest has been made and a location where the person can be found in future established.
But criminal defendants are often taken into custody by police and brought before a court under an arrest warrant.
The same night, Lee breaks into the underground base, avoiding a booby-trap set for him, and gathers sufficient evidence to warrant Han's arrest, but sets off an alarm while using the radio transmitter to contact Braithwaite.
The Porfirian regime reacted by placing pressure on the Madero family's banking interests, and at one point even issued a warrant for Madero's arrest on the grounds of " unlawful transaction in rubber ".
* 1993 – Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms agents raid the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas with a warrant to arrest the group's leader David Koresh.
On 27 June, the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Gaddafi, alleging that Gaddafi had been personally involved in planning and implementing " a policy of widespread and systematic attacks against civilians and demonstrators and dissidents ".
He had been living in seclusion in Yugoslavia due to an arrest warrant issued by the United States for violating the U. N. blockade of Yugoslavia with his 1992 match against Spassky, and for tax evasion.
The arrest warrant started with the phrase: " Dieu n ' est pas content, nous avons des ennemis de la foi dans le Royaume " is not pleased.
On the opening ceremony, in Taylor ’ s presence, the SCSL revealed their charge against Taylor which they had kept secret since March, and also issued an international arrest warrant for Taylor.
* 1925 – Scopes Trial: serving of an arrest warrant on John T. Scopes for teaching evolution in violation of the Butler Act.
* 1593 – Playwright Thomas Kyd's accusations of heresy lead to an arrest warrant for Christopher Marlowe.
* 2009 – The International Criminal Court ( ICC ) issues an arrest warrant for Sudanese President Omar Hassan al-Bashir for war crimes and crimes against humanity in Darfur.
* 1712 – The Duke of Montrose issues a warrant for the arrest of Rob Roy MacGregor.
Patterson's expensive 16 mm camera had been rented on May 13, but he had kept it longer than the contract had stipulated, and an arrest warrant had been issued for him on October 17.
Police in the United States are also prohibited from holding criminal suspects for more than a reasonable amount of time ( usually 24 – 48 hours ) before arraignment, using torture, abuse or physical threats to extract confessions, using excessive force to effect an arrest, and searching suspects ' bodies or their homes without a warrant obtained upon a showing of probable cause.
If a person refused to be isolated, any peace officer may arrest without warrant.
The tinker, setting out to capture Robin, only manages to fight with him after he has been cheated out of his money and the arrest warrant he is carrying.
Despite his international arrest warrant, Omar al-Bashir was re-elected in the 2010 Sudanese presidential election, the first democratic election with multiple political parties participating in nine years .< ref >
The New York Times reported that the letter closing the offices " came from the Humanitarian Affairs Commission, which is run by Ahmed Haroun, one of the people facing an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court for mass slaughter in Darfur.
* The police can arrest under summary conviction without an arrest warrant if found committing a summary offense notwithstanding s. 495 ( 2 )( c ) of the Criminal Code

arrest and was
Several defendants in the Summerdale police burglary trial made statements indicating their guilt at the time of their arrest, Judge James B. Parsons was told in Criminal court yesterday.
During the morning hours, it became clear that the arrest of Spencer was having no sobering effect upon the men of the Somers.
When the mast was raised, Alexander gave the order for Small and Cromwell to be placed under arrest, and now three figures in irons sprawled upon the open deck and terror stalked the Somers.
The first is called the initial arraignment and must take place within 48 hours of an individual's arrest, 72 hours if the individual was arrested on the weekend and not able to go before a judge until Monday.
Public demonstrations usually take place without government interference, though one rally in November 2000 by an opposition party was followed by the arrest and imprisonment for a month of its organizer.
The demand for ormers is such that they led to the world's first underwater arrest, when Mr. Kempthorne-Leigh of Guernsey was arrested by a police officer in full diving gear when illegally diving for ormers.
* Assault with intent to resist arrest: under section 7 ( 1 )( b ); this offence was formerly created by s. 38 of the OAPA 1861.
But on September 11, 1185, during his absence from the capital, Stephen Hagiochristophorites moved to arrest Isaac Angelos, whose loyalty was suspect.
A lawsuit was filed for false arrest.
After the November 2000 G8 protest in Montreal, at which many protesters were beaten, trampled, and arrested in what was intended to be a festive protest, the tactic of dividing protests into " green " ( permitted ), " yellow " ( not officially permitted but with little confrontation and low risk of arrest ), and " red " ( involving direct confrontation ) zones was introduced.
* During the 1980s, the block of 16th Street NW between L and M streets, in front of the Soviet embassy, in Washington, D. C. was renamed " Andrei Sakharov Place " as a form of protest against his 1980 arrest and detention.
In 1797 he was sent to arrest the victorious march of General Bonaparte in Italy, and he conducted the retreat of the over-matched Austrians with the highest skill.
This was followed, in 356, by an attempt to arrest Athanasius during a vigil service.
Villeroi was helpless to arrest the process of collapse.
According to Olga Ivinskaya, Pasternak was deeply upset by Mandelstam's arrest.
According to Ivinskaya, " If ever the conversation turned to Mandelstam, Leonidovich would always hark back to the same thing: that he was not to blame for his misfortunes, and that if he had not written to Bukharin and in general made a great fuss about his arrest, then perhaps Mandelstam would not even have had the respite, brief as it was, which was granted to him -- with the result that the Voronezh Notebooks might never have been written.
Continuing violence by British troops escalated, and eventually the order was given to mobilise the troops in an arrest operation, chasing the tail of the main group of marchers to the edge of the field by Free Derry Corner.
Prince Sihanouk was put under virtual house arrest.
On 12 June 1987, he was convicted of having ordered the murders of at least 20 prisoners and the arrest of the schoolchildren who were murdered.

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