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eighteenth-century and novel
Transmuting the Gothic novel into a comprehendible tale for the imaginative eighteenth-century woman was useful for the Female Gothic writers of the time.
Later works include Laurence Sterne's eighteenth-century psychological novel Tristam Shandy, while in the nineteenth-century it has been suggested that Edgar Allan Poe's short story " The Tell-Tale Heart " foreshadows this literary technique .< ref >< http :// www. britannica. com / EBchecked / topic / 1785800 / The-Tell-Tale-Heart >.</ ref > Because of his renunciation of chronology in favor of free association, Édouard Dujardin's Les Lauriers Sont Coupés ( 1887 ) is also an important precursor to the stream of consciousness narratives of James Joyce and Virginia Woolf, and Joyce is believed to have known this work.
Among its most expensive flops were Great Balls of Fire !, starring Dennis Quaid as Jerry Lee Lewis and Winona Ryder as his teenage bride ; She-Devil, a domestic horror comedy featuring Meryl Streep and Roseanne Arnold ; and Valmont, a remake of Les Liaisons dangereuses, an eighteenth-century novel and twentieth-century play that already had been adapted and released as Dangerous Liaisons just a few months earlier.
The novel represents the coming together of the two competing aesthetics of eighteenth-century literature: the mock-heroic and neoclassical ( and, by extension, aristocratic ) approach of Augustans such as Alexander Pope and Jonathan Swift ; and the popular, domestic prose fiction of novelists such as Daniel Defoe and Samuel Richardson.
British critic Sir Christopher Frayling identifies three principal sources for A Fistful of Dollars: " Partly derived from Kurosawa's samurai film Yojimbo, partly from Dashiell Hammett's novel Red Harvest ( 1929 ), but most of all from Carlo Goldoni's eighteenth-century play Servant of Two Masters.
Throughout this part of the novel, the many passages depicting the blossoming of Van and Ada's love vary in rhythm, in style, and in vocabulary — ranging from lustrous, deceptively simple yet richly sensual prose to leering and Baroque satire of eighteenth-century pornography — depending on the mood Nabokov wishes to convey.
* Sentimental novel, an eighteenth-century literary genre
* Sebastian Valmont, portrayed by Ryan Phillippe, a character in the 1999 film Cruel Intentions, which updates the eighteenth-century French novel to modern New York City in the late 1990s.
* Liz Bellamy, Commerce, morality and the eighteenth-century novel, Cambridge University Press, 1998, ISBN 0-521-62224-7, p. 61

eighteenth-century and from
Related to the argument from morality is the argument from conscience, associated with eighteenth-century bishop Joseph Butler and nineteenth-century cardinal John Henry Newman.
The covered ark with golden staves carried by the priesthood ( Ancient Israel ) | priests, and seven priests with rams ' horns, at the siege of Jericho, in an eighteenth-century artist's depiction. The biblical account relates that during the Israelites ' exodus from Egypt, the Ark was carried by the priests some 2, 000 cubits in advance of the people and their army, or host.
The modern term chemical affinity is a somewhat modified variation of its eighteenth-century precursor " elective affinity " or elective attractions, a coinage of the Swedish chemist Torbern Olof Bergman from his book De attractionibus electivis ( 1775 ).
As late as the eighteenth-century some juries still declared the law rather than the fact, but already before the end of the seventeenth century Sir Matthew Hale explained modern common law adjudication procedure and acknowledged Bacon as the inventor of the process of discovering unwritten laws from the evidences of their applications.
However, in the following decades something extraordinary happened in the Thirteen Colonies, at least if one views the events from " a late eighteenth-century perspective.
Austen turns the conventions of eighteenth-century novels on their head, by making her heroine a plain and undistinguished girl from a middle-class family, allowing the heroine to fall in love with the hero before he has a serious thought of her, and exposing the heroine's romantic fears and curiosities as groundless.
It has been more recently theorized that the game and its name derives from an eighteenth-century Alsatian card game named Juckerspiel, a derivative of Triomphe.
As for preservation of handsaws, twenty-four saws from eighteenth-century England are known to survive.
Much of the furniture is by the eighteenth-century English furniture designer Thomas Chippendale, who came from nearby Otley.
Willmer House, an eighteenth-century town house with a decorative brickwork facade in West Street, houses an extensive collection of artefacts from all periods of the town's history and prehistory.
The term " proof " is generally, but not consistently, applied only to prints from the late eighteenth-century onwards, beginning with the English mezzotinters, who began the practice of issuing small editions of proofs for collectors, often before the " lettering " or inscription below the image was added.
Greenberg: The problem of the Earth's shape from Newton to Clairaut: the rise of mathematical science in eighteenth-century Paris and the fall of " normal " science.
William of Ockham, René Descartes and eighteenth-century Calvinists all accepted versions of this moral theory, according to Ralph Cudworth, as they all held that moral obligations arise from God's commands.
TellakDetail of an illustration from the Hubanname ( The Book of the Handsome Ones ), an eighteenth-century work.
The French Dining Room is so called because the eighteenth-century Rococo panelling ( or boiseries ) came from the Chateau d ' Asnieres near Paris, a chateau which was leased to Louis XV and his mistress Madame de Pompadour as a hunting lodge.
# The Smile of Reason-Here Clark discusses the Age of Enlightenment tracing it from the polite conversations in the elegant Parisian salons of eighteenth-century, through the subsequent revolutionary politics to the great European palaces of Blenheim and Versailles finally to Jefferson ’ s Monticello.
The creek derives its name from the eighteenth-century village of Layalhanning, an important Delaware Indian crossroads settlement located at the site where Fort Ligonier was built, in present Ligonier, Pennsylvania.
Squibs are mentioned in the prominent tort case from eighteenth-century England Scott v. Shepherd, 96 Eng.
Powelton Village takes its name from the Powel Family, seventeenth-and eighteenth-century Welsh colonialists who held extensive estates in the area.
Like Alexandre Dumas, he excelled at depicting scenes of chivalry and masculine adventure against a backdrop of pre-Revolutionary and pre-industrial France, specialising in scenes from seventeenth and eighteenth-century life.

eighteenth-century and
Caslon-old face, an eighteenth-century revival of a seventeenth-century typographical style ” became the type-face of deliberate and principled reaction or anachronism .” A type-face generally reserved for devotional and ecclesiastical work, its use in the pages of the Yellow Book at once identified it with the Religion of Beauty .” The use of catch-words on every page enhanced the Yellow Book ’ s link to the obsolescent.
Hence, although Canberra is undoubtedly Australian with respect to its landscaping and wider location, the underlying motivations for these aspects remained colonial, rooted in eighteenth-century Britain .”

eighteenth-century and We
"; Wir Pflügen, harmonised by Dykes and commonly sung to the words " We plough the fields, and scatter " ( a translation of the German hymn " Wir pflügen und wir streuen " by the late eighteenth-century German poet Matthias Claudius ); Melita, sung to the words " Eternal Father, Strong to Save " ( sometimes known as " For those in peril on the sea " from its recurring last line ); Gerontius, sung to the words " Praise to the Holiest in the height " ( taken from Cardinal Newman's poem The Dream of Gerontius ); O Perfect Love ; and Dominus Regit Me, sung to the words " The King of love my shepherd is ", one of the many metrical versions of Psalm 23.

eighteenth-century and must
But it soon became clear that the search for eighteenth-century furniture ( which Mrs. Kennedy feels is the proper period for the White House ) must be pursued in places other than government storage rooms.
Friand was formerly the reputable name for a connaisseur of delicious things that were not eaten primarily for nourishment: " A good gourmet ", wrote the conservative eighteenth-century Dictionnaire de Trévoux, employing this original sense, " must have le goût friand ", or a refined palate.

eighteenth-century and no
" Up to 1792 ,... conflicts were, of course, those of kings, and followed the pattern of eighteenth-century warfare: sovereigns sought limited objectives and entertained no desire to overthrow their adversaries ' ruling ( and indeed usually ancient ) dynasty.
* Michael Cousins, " Wroxton Abbey, Oxfordshire: an eighteenth-century estate ", Follies Journal, no 5 ( 2005 ), pp. 39 72.

eighteenth-century and more
Here young Few developed the skills expected of the eighteenth-century farmer. In an account of the early history of Orange County, Francis Nash wrote, " His father Few, Jr. s though, belonged to the better class of farmers, had more means and a better education than the average settler.
Although its setting is eighteenth-century France, it is a perfect illustration of Leningrad ballet in the 1920s and 1930s, during which time there was a determined effort to find subjects in world history which reflected the more immediate situation in Russia, and to show that the October Revolution was part of more universal movements and historical events.
In a large sixteenth-to early eighteenth-century English house, a withdrawing room was a room to which the owner of the house, his wife, or a distinguished guest who was occupying one of the main apartments in the house could " withdraw " for more privacy.
In more recent times, Edward Gibbon is presented as a typical " eighteenth-century English gentleman ... in the upper strata of ...
He subsequently designed more than 668 different boats, making him one of the most prolific boat designers of the 20th century, from the solidly conventional to extremely innovative, from a 114-foot-10-inch ( 35 m ) replica of an eighteenth-century naval warship, the frigate Surprise ( ex-Rose ), to the 6-foot-5-inch ( 1. 96 m ) plywood box-like dinghy Tortoise.
Then, we need to be able to identify the particular emphasis and quality of their Islamic scholarship so that we can place it with rather more precision then now, not just in the context of eighteenth-century Indian Islamic scholarship but also in hat of the Islamic world in general.
One of his more influential works is " The Century of Taste ", an inquiry into several eighteenth-century philosophers ' treatments of the subject.
The more accessible edition of The New Atalantis, which Rosalind Ballaster turned into a Penguin Classic, brought Manley wider recognition among students of early eighteenth-century literature.

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