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engraving and by
Apollo and Hyacinthus, 16th-century Italian engraving by Jacopo Caraglio
Constant pressure calorimeter, engraving made by madame Lavoisier for thermochemistry experiments
St. Christopher, engraving, 1521, by Albrecht Dürer
File: Hans von Gersdorff-amputation. jpg | A woodcut engraving in Feldbuch der Wundarzney ( 1519 ) by Hans von Gersdorff, showing how to perform removal of a leg.
One of many artistic depictions of Saint Anthony's trials in the desert, this painting was copied by the young Michelangelo after an engraving by Martin Schongauer
19th-century engraving by Thomas Allom.
These cards, slightly larger than today ’ s postcards, were produced by letterpress and wood engraving on coated card stock.
1865 engraving by Gustave Doré
An engraving by David Roberts in 1839 also shows the same ladder in the same position.
Daniel Defoe in the pillory, 1862 line engraving by James Charles Armytage after Eyre Crowe ( painter ) | Eyre Crowe
David Brewster, an engraving by William Holl after a painting by Henry Raeburn
The painting was later destroyed by Le Peletier's royalist daughter, and is known by only a drawing, an engraving, and contemporary accounts.
A typical custom-made encyclopedia engraving by Maurice Dessertenne for the Nouveau Larousse illustré ( France, 1898 – 1907 )
Drake's landing in California, engraving published 1590 by Theodor De Bry
Gibraltar antique engraving by Gabriel Bodenehr, c. 1704.
D. H. Friston's engraving of the original production of Trial by Jury
Huns in battle with the Alans, 1870s engraving after a drawing by Peter Johann Nepomuk Geiger | Johann Nepomuk Geiger ( 1805 – 1880 ).
' Emigrants Leave Ireland ', engraving by Henry Doyle ( 1827 – 1892 ), from Mary Frances Cusack's Illustrated History of Ireland, 1868
John Calvin at 53 years old in an engraving by René Boyvin
James Madison engraving by David Edwin from between 1809 and 1817
( A wood engraving made by Robert Bruce on 27 July 1866.
View of Maastricht, coloured engraving by Philippo Bellomonte, 1580 / 82

engraving and Bernard
Bernard de Montfaucon's 1730 engraving has a solid line resembling a spear being held overhand matching the manner of the figure to the left.
Henry VIII of England | Henry VIII presents the Barber-Surgeons Charter to Thomas Vicary. 1736 engraving by Bernard Baron ( 1736 ); after Hans Holbein the Younger.
The Galerie d ' Hercule, decorated by Charles Le Brun, in an engraving by Bernard Picart, ca.
Bernard Picart copper plate engraving of Florida Indians, Circa 1721 " Cérémonies et Coutumes Religieuses de tous les Peuples du Monde "
Copper engraving by Bernard Picart from Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde ( 1723 – 43 )
Copper engraving by Bernard Picart from Cérémonies et coutumes religieuses de tous les peuples du monde ( 1723 – 43 )

engraving and Picart
The engraving was created by B. Picart in 1731.
Hercules forces the bull to the ground ( engraving by B. Picart, 1731 )

engraving and depicting
' Victors of the Nile ', a celebratory engraving published five years after the Battle of the Nile, depicting Nelson and his 15 captains.
1868 engraving by Alexander Hay Ritchie depicting the March to the Sea
An engraving of a sketch by Turner depicting Brougham Castle.
The book did not include the author's name, instead offering an engraving by Samuel Hollyer depicting the poet in work clothes and a jaunty hat, arms at his side.
1818 engraving depicting the coining press as used in the Royal Mint
An 1800s Russian engraving depicting the Whore of Babylon riding the seven-headed Beast ( a Sirrush )
In the extant copy of the collection, each piece is accompanied by a small engraving depicting the mystery it portrays, while the image ( an ink drawing ) preceding the passacaglia depicts a guardian angel with a child.
Lucas van Leyden's depiction of the three Old Testament kings as exotic contemporaries, in an engraving of c. 1520 depicting the Worthies in three sections
Nineteenth-century engraving by William Barraud depicting the Earl of Arundel in the Tower of London.
Contemporary engraving depicting Daniel Shays ( left ) and Job Shattuck, another rebel leader ; the artist intentionally rendered them in a unflattering way
Contemporary wood engraving depicting the Kaiserdeputation
Copper engraving from c. 1640 depicting the town
In 1764, William Hogarth published his last engraving, The Bathos, or the Manner of Sinking in Sublime Paintings inscribed to Dealers in Dark Pictures, depicting Father Time lying exhausted in a scene of destruction, parodying the fashion at that time for " sublime " works of art, and satirising criticisms made of Hogarth's own works.
A 19th-c. engraving depicting an incident in the Pequot War
Andrew Sinclair speculates that the grave slab now in the crypt is that of a Templar knight: According to author Robert Lomas, the chapel also has an engraving depicting a knight templar holding the sword over a head of an initiate, supposedly to protect the secrets of the templars.
Federal Hall, Seat of Congress 1790 hand-colored engraving by Amos Doolittle, depicting Washington's April 30, 1789 inauguration.
Transylvanian Saxon engraving from 1462 depicting Vlad Țepeș
Shield depicting the surrender of John Frederick to Charles V, after an engraving by Marten Jacobszoon Heemskerk van Veen | Maerten van Heemskerck.
Early-18th-century engraving depicting Hindu temple in Astrakhan, Russia
19th-century engraving depicting Nicholson's councilors attempting to quiet the rebellion
1743 engraving depicting an Iberian horse
Stars is a wood engraving print by the Dutch artist M. C. Escher which was first printed in October 1948, depicting two chameleons in a polyhedral cage floating through space.
1864 engraving depicting the fight over McCall's artillery at Glendale.
A 17th century European engraving depicting a Dutch missions to Edo | Dutch tributary embassy to the Tokugawa's residence.

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