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example and film
For example, when the film is only four minutes old, Neitzbohr refers to a small, Victorian piano stool as `` Wilhelmina '', and we are thereupon subjected to a flashback that informs us that this very piano stool was once used by an epileptic governess whose name, of course, was Doris ( the English equivalent, when passed through middle-Gaelic derivations, of Wilhelmina ).
After two successful comedy albums, Comedy Minus One ( 1973 ) and the Grammy Award-nominated A Star Is Bought ( 1975 ), Brooks left the stand-up circuit to try his hand as a filmmaker ; his first film, The Famous Comedians School, was a satiric short that appeared on PBS and was an early example of the mockumentary sub-genre.
The sound can be heard, for example, when Spike Jones sings " Der Fuehrer's Face " ( from the 1942 Disney animated film of the same name ), repeatedly lambasting Adolf Hitler with: " We'll Heil!
An example of a compostable polymer is PLA film under 20μm thick: films which are thicker than that do not qualify as compostable, even though they are biodegradable.
The ratio between shot footage and footage forming the final edited film would often be high, for example 53 takes per a finished take in The Kid.
Although some of Chaplin's critics have claimed that credit for his film music should be given to the composers who worked with him, for example Raksin, who worked with Chaplin on Modern Times, has stressed Chaplin's creative position and active participation in the composing process.
The 1951 children's film Duck and Cover is a prime example.
An example may be Paul Verhoeven's big budgeted, highly sexualized Showgirls ( 1995 ), initially intended to be a drama film about the rise of a Las Vegas stripper, that flopped both critically and commercially when released theatrically ; afterward, it enjoyed success on the home video market, generating more than $ 100 million from video rentals.
Another example is the place of The Wizard of Oz ( 1939 ) in American and British gay culture, although a widely viewed and historically important film in greater American culture.
The Beastmaster is an example of the strange vectors which can lead to cult filmdom, as its reputation stems as much from ubiquitous cable-TV overplay as anything in the film itself.
An example of an editing error can be seen in the film It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World ( 1963 ), where a scene of people climbing a slope at the start is seen from below and then replayed from above.
Another example occurs in the 1998 film Waking Ned, when two of the film's characters, Jackie and Michael, are walking through a storm towards Ned's house.
For example, the Marx Brothers ' classic film Duck Soup, at the climax of the film, the camera shows a shot of Groucho Marx speaking a line, followed by a shot of something else happening, followed by another shot of Groucho.
Perhaps the best example of a film that straddles the line between his works of personal chaos and psychological confusion is Cronenberg's " adaptation " of his literary hero William S. Burroughs ' most controversial book, Naked Lunch.
Films showing many people ( for example, leaving a factory ) were often made for commercial reasons: the people being filmed were eager to see, for payment, the film showing them.
Another example is Francis Ford Coppola's Apocalypse Now Redux, which, like the original film, polarized the audience, with some fans considering the original version to be the definitive cut.
For example, the sentence " the film was good " could translate into E-Prime as " I liked the film " or as " the film made me laugh ".
The photo-sensitive side of photographic film is also an example of a colloid.
The The Great Train Robbery was ground-breaking and is still shown in film schools today as an example of early editing form.
One famous example of montage was seen in the 1968 film 2001: A Space Odyssey, depicting the start of man's first development from apes to humans.
In " The Master's Dollhouse: Rear Window ," Tania Modleski argues that Hitchock's film, Rear Window, is an example of the power of male gazer and the position of the female as a prisoner of the " master's dollhouse ".
Each of these art forms, and the criticism thereof, is primarily concerned with a sole creative force: the author of a novel ( not, for example, his editor or type-setter ), the composer of a piece of music ( though sometimes the performers are given credence, akin to actors in film today ), or the painter of a fresco ( not his assistants who mix the colours or often do some of the painting themselves ).

example and is
for example, the mode of bravery to this anonymous folk poem: `` They brought me news that Spring is in the plains And Ahmad's blood the crimson tulip stains ; ;
For the family is the simplest example of just such a unit, composed of people, which gives us both some immunity from, and a way of dealing with, other people.
This almost trivial example is nevertheless suggestive, for there are some elements in common between the antique fear that the days would get shorter and shorter and our present fear of war.
Perhaps the most illuminating example of the reduction of fear through understanding is derived from our increased knowledge of the nature of disease.
Beckett's own work is an example.
If he thus achieves a lyrical, dreamlike, drugged intensity, he pays the price for his indulgence by producing work -- Allen Ginsberg's `` Howl '' is a striking example of this tendency -- that is disoriented, Dionysian but without depth and without Apollonian control.
His name is Praisegod Piepsam, and he is rather fully described as to his clothing and physiognomy in a way which relates him to a sinister type in the author's repertory -- he is a forerunner of those enigmatic strangers in `` Death In Venice '', for example, who represent some combination of cadaver, exotic, and psychopomp.
Gustaf Vasa is a superb example, and Charles 10,, the conqueror of Denmark, hardly less so.
For example, suppose a man wearing a $200 watch, driving a 1959 Rolls Royce, stops to ask a man on the sidewalk, `` What time is it ''??
In the extreme and oversimplified example suggested in Figure 3, the organization is more easily understood and more predictable in behavior.
The assumptions upon which the example shown in Figure 3 is based are: ( A ) One man can direct about six subordinates if the subordinates are chosen carefully so that they do not need too much personal coaching, indoctrinating, etc..
This is an unsolved problem which probably has never been seriously investigated, although one frequently hears the comment that we have insufficient specialists of the kind who can compete with the Germans or Swiss, for example, in precision machinery and mathematics, or the Finns in geochemistry.
In the calm which follows the reading of a poem, for example, is the effect produced by the enforced quiet, by the musical quality of words and rhythm, by the sentiments or sense of the poem, by the associations with earlier readings, if it is familiar, by the boost to the self-esteem for the semi-literate, by the diversion of attention, by the sense of security in a legitimized withdrawal, by a kind license for some variety of fantasy life regarded as forbidden, or by half-conscious ideas about the magical power of words??
English philosopher Samuel Alexander's debt to Wordsworth and Meredith is a recent interesting example, as also A. N. Whitehead's understanding of the English romantics, chiefly Shelley and Wordsworth.
In his book Civilization And Ethics Albert Schweitzer faces the moral problems which arise when moral law is recognized in business life, for example.
Easily the best known of these three novels is The Space Merchants, a good example of a science-fiction dystopia which extrapolates much more than the impact of science on human life, though its most important warning is in this area, namely as to the use to which discoveries in the behavioral sciences may be put.
And to do this requires first of all the kind of information about people which is provided by the scientists in industrial anthropology and consumer research, who, for example, tell Courtenay that three days is the `` optimum priming period for a closed social circuit to be triggered with a catalytic cue-phrase '' -- which means that an effective propaganda technique is to send an idea into circulation and then three days later reinforce or undermine it.
One specific example is a secret `` fraternity '' which will `` coordinate anti-Communist efforts ''.

example and Woody
Woody Guthrie is a great example of a songwriter and artist with such an outlook.
For example, Alfred Hitchcock's 1935 thriller The 39 Steps features the gimmick of a young couple who find themselves handcuffed together and who eventually, almost in spite of themselves, fall in love with one another, and Woody Van Dyke's 1934 detective comedy The Thin Man portrays a witty, urbane couple who trade barbs as they solve mysteries together.
Historian Woody Holton, for example, argued that even though the boundary was pushed west in subsequent treaties, the British government refused to permit new colonial settlements for fear of instigating a war with Native Americans, which angered colonial land speculators.
Woody Woodpecker makes a cameo in nearly every film that Pal either produced or directed — for example, during the 1966 sequence in The Time Machine, there is a brief shot of a little girl dropping her Woody Woodpecker doll as she goes into the air raid shelter.
For example, the 1998 Woody Allen film Celebrity was shot entirely in black-and-white, and Allen has often made use of the practice since Manhattan in 1979.
Krautrock must generally be regarded, however, as a primarily West German phenomenon ; the East German musical avant-garde may be argued to have been more genuinely represented by, for example, political singer-songwriter Wolf Biermann, whose work more aptly bears comparison to Woody Guthrie or early Bob Dylan than to any progressive rock artists.
An example, from one of Woody Allen's early stand-up routines:
This technique has frequently been used in film comedy, for example in the Bob Hope " Road " comedies, Woody Allen comedies and in Ferris Bueller's Day Off.
A scene in Woody Allen's movie Annie Hall, in which subtitles explain the characters ' inner thoughts during an apparently innocent conversation, is an example of the subtext of a scene being made explicit.
For example, the rabbi is listed as W. A. Keonigsberg ( W. A. probably indicating “ Woody Allen ,” as Koenigsberg is Woody Allen ’ s birth name ) and the character is played by Binem Oreg.
One well-known example was his 1989 essay on Woody Allen, Modernism for the Millions.
This example, from " Talking Blues " by Woody Guthrie, a cover of " New Talking Blues " by Bouchillon, serves to explain the format:
However, there is no clear reason why, for example, Alexis de Tocqueville's Democracy in America or even Woody Allen's Annie Hall ( in which the protagonist experiences culture shock after traveling to Los Angeles from New York City ) could not be considered cross-cultural works.
For example, when Bill Medley of the Righteous Brothers appears and starts singing " You've Lost That Loving Feeling ", Woody asks him, " How come you changed your name from Righteous?

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