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explanation and for
Ejaculated the surprised woman, looking at Alex for an explanation but he, parting from her without ceremony, only offered a few words about the doctor's provincial American speech and a state of nerves brought on by the demands of his work.
Autosuggestibility, the reaction of the subject in such a way as to conform to his own expectations of the outcome ( i.e., that the arm-rise is a reaction to the pressure exerted in the voluntary contraction, because of his knowledge that `` to every reaction there is an equal and opposite reaction '' ) also seems inadequate as an explanation for the following reasons: ( 1 ) the subjects' apparently genuine experience of surprise when their arms rose, and ( 2 ) manifestations of the phenomenon despite anticipations of something else happening ( e.g., of becoming dizzy and maybe falling, an expectation spontaneously volunteered by one of the subjects ).
A suggestion Hypothesis also seems inadequate as an explanation for those who shifted their reactions after they were informed of the possibilities of `` normal '' reactions different from those which they gave.
A more tenable explanation for the change in reactions is that the added knowledge and increased familiarity with the total situation made it possible for these subjects to be less guarded and to relax, since any reaction seemed acceptable to the examiner as `` normal ''.
In contrast to this voluntary-control explanation for nonreactivity given by the Kohnstamm-positive subjects, the Kohnstamm-negative subjects offered an involuntary-control hypothesis to explain nonreactivity.
No single explanation is adequate to account for this.
Every dream, and this is true of a mental image of any type even though it may be readily interpreted into its equivalent of wakeful thought, is a psychic phenomenon for which no explanation is available.
When Mayor Dever heard of the banquet he summoned Hughes for an explanation of why he had been dishonouring the police department by consorting with these felons and fixers.
This is not to say that the only explanation of the present infatuation with Norman Vincent Peale's `` cult of reassurance '' or the other types of a purely cultural Christianity is the ever-present need for a demythologized gospel.
The explanation offered for her conduct is a misguided attempt to save her marriage to a neurotic husband left sterile as a result of an automobile accident.
He thought about it for a minute, could find no reasonable explanation for the presence of a sweater in the refrigerator, got the salami, bread, and a Bermuda onion, and put the whole thing out of his mind.
Anthropology has been used in Britain to provide an alternative explanation for the Financial crisis of 2007 – 2010 to the technical explanations rooted in economic and political theory.
" In short, ANOVA is a statistical tool used in several ways to develop and confirm an explanation for the observed data.
Johnston, who had little choice in allowing Floyd and Pillow to take charge at Fort Donelson on the basis of seniority after he ordered them to add their forces to the garrison, took the blame and suffered calls for his removal because a full explanation to the press and public would have exposed the weakness of the Confederate position.
The explanation for these different isotopes awaited the discovery of the neutron, a neutral-charged particle with a mass similar to the proton, by the physicist James Chadwick in 1932.
While the other main characters believe there is no rational explanation for the outbreak of plague, Paneloux believes there is.
Not only was his Belgian nationality interesting because of Belgium's occupation by Germany ( which provided a valid explanation of why such a skilled detective would be out of work and available to solve mysteries at an English country house ), but also at the time of Christie's writing, it was considered patriotic to express sympathy with the Belgians, since the invasion of their country had constituted Britain's casus belli for entering World War I, and British wartime propaganda emphasized the " Rape of Belgium ".
He argues that Hayek makes peculiar assumptions about demand curves for labor in his explanation of how a decrease in investment spending creates unemployment.
Although an explanation for the phenomenon was not provided until 1919, duralumin was one of the first " age hardening " alloys to be used, and was soon followed by many others.
* Giuseppe Barzilai goes back for explanation to the first verse of the prayer attributed to Rabbi Nehunya ben HaKanah, the literal rendering of which is “ O, with thy mighty right hand deliver the unhappy ,” forming from the initial and final letters of the words the word Abrakd ( pronounced Abrakad ), with the meaning “ the host of the winged ones ,” i. e., angels.
His explanation for this decision was, " Damn the Negroes, I am fighting those traitorous aristocrats, their masters.

explanation and choice
However, it is to be noted that there is no concrete explanation on how individuals pick partners because of the scarcity of theoretical and experimental researches that assess the importance of choice ; theoretically, models indicate that evolution of behaviors associated with altruism involving partner choices rarely occur due to variability of costs and benefits between multiple individuals.
An explanation sometimes given for the choice of Thursday as polling day is that it was, in most towns, the traditional market day, although it has also been observed that the choice has practical advantages — with the outcome of the election being known by Friday, the new or continuing administration then has the weekend to organise itself in preparation for the " government shop opening for business " on Monday, the first day of the new week following the election.
His explanation was that Villeneuve " was looking as though he might be a bit expensive " and that Patrick Tambay, the team's eventual choice for 1978, was showing similar promise.
However, when the U. S. Postmaster designated the name, he left no explanation for his choice so there remains some doubt about the origin of the name.
However, a recent result seems to rule out such an explanation by showing revaluation of items following a choice even when people have forgotten their choices.
His process explanation was correct, but his choice of terms caused confusion in the open literature.
The " analogy of faith ," as a rule of interpretation, he greatly limits, and teaches that it can never afford of itself the explanation, of words, but only determine the choice among their possible meanings.
A possible explanation for the choice of the Wisborg title is that Oscar was formerly Duke of Gotland and the fortification Visborg ( then spelled Wisborg ) lies within Gotland.
The explanation for the choice of colours is rooted in the history and customs of the Palauan people.
The common explanation of " blue sky above yellow field of wheat " was invented around that time, and, although it has nothing to do with the choice of colours and the history of the original yellow and blue banner, it certainly formed the flag as we know it today.
For a new Pope, the choice fell to Pantaléon, who took the name Pope Urban IV, and after hearing Bohemond's explanation for his submission to the Mongols, suspended his excommunication sentence.
Despite its initial choice of Algeria for nuclear tests, the French government decided to build Faa ' a International Airport in Tahiti, spending much more money and resources than would be justified by the official explanation of tourism.
This theory is a model of behavioral choice, that is, as an explanation of why individuals choose one behavioral option over others.
The choice of explanation determines the nature of the problem's resolution.
See algorithmic efficiency for an explanation of how the programmer can " assist " the compiler to make an efficient choice.
No explanation has been given for his choice.
In modern usage of the Russian Orthodox Church, the word primicerius ( primikirii ) is reserved for a junior cleric ( sometimes a reader or subdeacon ) holding a torch or a candle before officiating bishop during the divine service ; usually he goes ahead in different pontifical processions, which may be an explanation for the choice of given word ( the second part of the word in this case corresponds not to " wax ( of a tablet )" but to " candle wax ").
I used it in the sixth paragraph of my column because it looked like the missing explanation of an otherwise incredible choice by the CIA for its mission.
Christopher Haffner's own explanation of how the Masonic concept of a Great Architect of the Universe, as a placeholder for the Supreme Being of one's choice, is given in Workman Unashamed:
Unlike 2009, no official explanation was given for the choice of teams.
When he chose cosmetics and other such household items that would be associated with beautiful young women, the family gave his choice the socionormal explanation that as an adult he would be a rake, a man perhaps too strongly subject to feminine wiles.
He wrote that he was a “ segregationist by nature ” but “ integrationist by choice ,” and gave a reasoned explanation as to why segregation in education was impractical and bound to be replaced by one integrated system.

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