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explanation and may
While there may be several such industries to which the model of this paper is applicable, the authors make particular claim of relevance to the explanation of the course of wages and prices in the steel industry of the United States since World War 2.
Every dream, and this is true of a mental image of any type even though it may be readily interpreted into its equivalent of wakeful thought, is a psychic phenomenon for which no explanation is available.
American philosopher Michael Martin argues that it is not necessarily true that objective moral truths must entail the existence of God, suggesting that there could be alternative explanations: he argues that naturalism may be an acceptable explanation and, even if a supernatural explanation is necessary, it does not have to be God ( polytheism is a viable alternative ).
If the sick person wishes to receive the sacrament of penance, it is preferable that the priest make himself available for this during a previous visit ; but if the sick person must confess during the celebration of the sacrament of anointing, this confession replaces the penitential rite A passage of Scripture is read, and the priest may give a brief explanation of the reading, a short litany is said, and the priest lays his hands on the head of the sick person and then says a prayer of thanksgiving over the already blessed oil or, if necessary, blesses the oil himself.
may not require further explanation or clarification when the very nature of them shows that they are basic and elementary.
This explanation may imply that IQ tests do not necessarily measure a general intelligence factor, especially not Raven's as often argued, but instead may measure different types of intelligence that are developed by different experiences ( this argument is against the notion of an underlying general intelligence, or g factor ).
The author suggests that this may be one explanation for the Flynn effect and that this may be an important explanation for the link between national malaria burden and economic development.
Thus, from an evolutionary perspective men may have had more to gain from a large increase in resources than women have had, which may be one explanation for why men, and especially poor men, tend to gamble more than women.
One explanation may be that Hamlet was written later in Shakespeare's life, when he was adept at matching rhetorical devices to characters and the plot.
Hyperinflation is regarded as a complex phenomenon and one explanation may not be applicable to all cases.
Rabbinic tradition gave the explanation that Isaac was almost sacrificed and anything dedicated as a sacrifice may not leave the Land of Israel.
Journalists who believe they are being fair or objective may give biased accounts — by reporting selectively, trusting too much to anecdote, or giving a partial explanation of actions.
Painter states that it is likely that Eusebius may have obtained his explanation of the siege of Jerusalem from Origen.
Clemens Thoma provides an explanation for this based on the observation that Josephus may have learned of the details of the actions of Annanus in the twenty year gap between the writing of the Jewish Wars and the Antiquities, and thus avoided a positive tone when writing of Ananus in the Antiquities.
Put another way, the control that one class exercises over the means of production includes not only the production of food or manufactured goods ; it includes the production of ideas as well ( this provides one possible explanation for why members of a subordinate class may hold ideas contrary to their own interests ).
Another possible explanation for why the current minimum wage laws may not affect unemployment in the United States is that the minimum wage is set close to the equilibrium point for low and unskilled workers.
They may arise as overelaborated accounts of historical events, as allegory for or personification of natural phenomena, or as an explanation of ritual.
A combination of climate change and hunting by humans may be a possible explanation for their extinction.
One explanation is that the Quarto may have been cut in the printing house to meet a fixed number of pages.

explanation and lie
As this was going Hushim the son of Dan who was hard of hearing did not understood what was going on, and why his grand father is not being buried, so he asked for an explanation, after being given one he gets mad and says :" Is my grandfather to lie there in contempt until Naphtali returns from the land of Egypt?
This explanation, in conjunction with the fact that Carr's testimony corroborated Franklin's version of events, and the fact that police officials testified that both Boyer and Franklin had passed lie detector tests, was enough to convince the coroner's jury to accept Franklin's explanation, and return a verdict of justifiable homicide.
1915 – 1920 ) that designates experiences that lie outside " the range of normal experience or scientific explanation " or that indicates phenomena understood to be outside of science's current ability to explain or measure.
It would seem that part of the explanation may lie in the early conflict between Paul and the Desposyni Ebionim, led by James the Just, supposedly the brother of Jesus, that led to Gospel passages critical of Jesus ' family
The explanation may lie in the distinction between the MG business and the company of that name which may have come to own it later.
A further explanation may lie in the mistake made by some classical geographers in locating Ireland closely opposite Iberia.
An explanation of this transformation is needed, and the answer may lie in Menno's transformation from Catholic priest and apologist to pacifist Anabaptist reformer — a transformation linked to his relationships to the radical Münsterites and peaceful Melchiorites.
Hodgson subsequently claimed that the band's explanation for dropping his compositions from their setlist back in 1983 is a lie, and that the real reason was that he and Davies made a verbal agreement that they would not play those songs.
A serious explanation of such issues must lie somewhere within the network of macro and micro forces.
" The explanation may lie in Carr's comment that in espionage novels he preferred Matt Helm's Cloud cuckoo land.
Garak's claustrophobia coupled with Tain's refusal to acknowledge Garak as his son ; may provide an explanation for why Garak can lie so easily and comfortabily.
The definition given in The Science of Discworld is as follows: " A lie-to-children is a statement that is false, but which nevertheless leads the child's mind towards a more accurate explanation, one that the child will only be able to appreciate if it has been primed with the lie ".
The explanation may lie in the fact that Guangzhouwan was totally surrounded by Free China and that the Japanese did not occupy that part of the China coast.
Later, with the Doppler shifted signal confirmed, the team again speculated that one explanation may lie with new physics, if not some unknown systemic explanation.
Les Grands chemins ( 1951 ), considerably less dark, deals with the nature of the road, gambling, the lie, and friendship, again in a first-person narration entirely in the voice of the protagonist and devoid of explanation or elucidation from the author.
Terukichi steadfastly refuses to see Shinji for an explanation and when Shinji's mother, who knows her son will never deliberately lie, goes to see Terukichi, Terukichi's refusal to see her only increases the tension between Shinji and Hatsue.
The explanation may lie in the fact that Norway is still a small country with a small market, and no threat to anyone.

explanation and analysis
A third explanation is suggested by Richardson's analysis of Sukuma tone.
In protocol analysis the verbal data is thought to indicate which information the subject is attending to, but is explicitly not interpreted as an explanation or justification for behavior.
* Michael Halliday's systemic functional grammar argues that the explanation of how language works " needed to be grounded in a functional analysis, since language had evolved in the process of carrying out certain critical functions as human beings interacted with their ... ' eco-social ' environment ".
This can reduce the validity of an alternative explanation to a limited sub-class of lift generating conditions, or might not allow a quantitative analysis.
He argues that the explanation of how language works " needed to be grounded in a functional analysis, since language had evolved in the process of carrying out certain critical functions as human beings interacted with their ... ' eco-social ' environment ".
The second factor in such an analysis ( such as Eysenck's T-factor ) is the second best explanation for the spread of the data, which is, by definition, drawn at right angles to the first factor.
Some consider statistics to be a mathematical body of science pertaining to the collection, analysis, interpretation or explanation, and presentation of data, while others consider it a branch of mathematics concerned with collecting and interpreting data.
Hermeneutic consistency refers to analysis of texts for coherent explanation.
However, this analysis, often identified with Karl Wittfogel's theories on the Asiatic mode of production, is hotly contested, and few archaeologists or historians today accept it as a sufficient explanation for the first cities.
As a level of analysis the unit level is often referred to as the state level, as it locates its explanation at the level of the state, rather than the international system.
In 2004, Kenyon forwarded this explanation after analysis of Sedna's orbital data and computer modeling of possible ancient non-companion star passes.
For large corporations, these statements are often complex and may include an extensive set of notes to the financial statements and explanation of financial policies and management discussion and analysis.
In the song, Sadier sings " about capitalism's cruel cycles of slump and recovery " with lyrics that constitute " a plainspoken explanation of one of the central tenets of Marxian economic analysis " ( said critics Simon Reynolds and Stewart Mason, respectively ).
The authors of the FDA analysis note that " given the large number of comparisons made in this review, chance is a very plausible explanation for this difference ".
The first known recorded explanation of frequency analysis ( indeed, of any kind of cryptanalysis ) was given in the 9th century by Al-Kindi, an Arab polymath, in A Manuscript on Deciphering Cryptographic Messages.
After two years, the executive director, Gary Kinley, resigned with no explanation, and there was an analysis of financial problems in 1996.
Austin writes that he was both delighted and disturbed by the Alternative 3 controversy, and adds that the reasons " a clever hoax, openly admitted to be such by its creators, should continue to exercise the fascination it so obviously does the best part of a generation after its first appearance is beyond my feeble powers of analysis and explanation.
David Hume's " bundle theory of the self " is in some ways similar to the Buddha's skandha analysis, though the skandhas are not an ontological exercise, but rather an explanation of clinging.
* " purposeful, self-regulatory judgment which results in interpretation, analysis, evaluation, and inference, as well as explanation of the evidential, conceptual, methodological, criteriological, or contextual considerations upon which that judgment is based "
The list of core critical thinking skills includes observation, interpretation, analysis, inference, evaluation, explanation, and meta-cognition.
Drew Streib wrote the following in his explanation of keyring analysis:
In Harris's transformational analysis, inter-word dependencies suffice to determine mappings in the set of sentences, and many generalizations that seem of importance in the various theories employing abstract syntax trees, such as island phenomena, fall out naturally with no special explanation needed.
SSSOCCC members David and Nadine Nowlan, professors at U of T released their book The Bad Trip, an economic analysis of the project and explanation of their opposition.
However Durkheim made a clear distinction between historical and functional analysis, saying, “ When … the explanation of a social phenomenon is undertaken, we must seek separately the efficient cause which produces it and the function it fulfills ” in Coser, 1977: 140.

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