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international and convention
stronger water pollution control programs, and Federal ratification of an international convention to halt pollution of the sea by oil.
In recognition of his contribution to the creation of modern electrical science, an international convention signed in 1881 established the ampere as a standard unit of electrical measurement, along with the coulomb, volt, ohm, and watt, which are named, respectively, after Ampère ’ s contemporaries Charles-Augustin de Coulomb of France, Alessandro Volta of Italy, Georg Ohm of Germany, and James Watt of Scotland.
Game reserves have, however, been established in South Africa, British Central Africa, British East Africa, Somaliland, etc., while measures for the protection of wild animals were laid down in an international convention signed in May 1900.
The Convention on Offenses and Certain Other Acts Committed on Board Aircraft (" Tokyo Convention ") is a multilateral convention, done at Tokyo between 20 August and 14 September 1963, coming into force on 4 December 1963, and is applicable to offenses against penal law and to any acts jeopardizing the safety of persons or property on board civilian aircraft while in-flight and engaged in international air navigation.
The convention, for the first time in the history of international aviation law, recognizes certain powers and immunities of the aircraft commander who on international flights may restrain any person ( s ) he has reasonable cause to believe is committing or is about to commit an offense liable to interfere with the safety of persons or property on board or who is jeopardizing good order and discipline.
That convention, which is still in practical force, treats the straits as an international shipping lane, but Turkey retains the right to restrict the naval traffic of non-Black Sea nations ( such as Greece, a traditional enemy, or Algeria ).
For a work to be considered pirated, its illegitimate use must have occurred in a nation that has domestic copyright laws and / or adheres to a bilateral treaty or established international convention such as the Berne Convention or WIPO Copyright Treaty.
The first international convention for coin collectors was held 15 – 18 August 1962, in Detroit, Michigan, and was sponsored by the American Numismatic Association and the Royal Canadian Numismatic Association.
The convention recognized for the first time in international law that the conservation of biological diversity is " a common concern of humankind " and is an integral part of the development process.
The term convention is also used in international law to refer to certain formal statements of principle such as the Convention on the Rights of the Child.
The establishment of a Court to protect individuals from human rights violations is an innovative feature for an international convention on human rights, as it gives the individual an active role on the international arena ( traditionally, only states are considered actors in international law ).
* The bi-annual international convention and governing body of the Fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta
Through centuries of international convention, this has become the dominant rule to identifying an emperor in the modern era.
It enjoys local autonomy by virtue of an international convention of 1921, implemented most recently by the Act on Åland Self-Government of 1951.
Officials on the third day of the Fatah convention in Bethlehem unanimously accepted the proposal put forth by the chairman of the Araft Institute stating that Israel had been behind the " assassination " of the late Palestinian Authority Chairman and affirmed Fatah's request for international aid to probe the issue.
The Kyoto Protocol was the result of an international convention held in Kyoto, Japan, during which several industrialized nations agreed to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions.
Instead of the international date line convention, there are varying opinions as to where the day changes.
Exceeding an altitude of 100 km, this flight qualifies as a human spaceflight under international convention.
In opposition to the German submissions, the United States argued that the Vienna Convention did not grant rights to individuals, only to states ; that the convention was meant to be exercised subject to the laws of each state party, which in the case of the United States meant subject to the doctrine of procedural default ; and that Germany was seeking to turn the ICJ into an international court of criminal appeal.
After the state was admitted to the United Nations under the temporary reference " the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia ", other international organisations adopted the same convention.
Delegates from 60 countries attended an international convention of Natural Law Parties held in Bonn Germany in 1998.

international and is
The fact is due mainly to international wars, both hot and cold.
It became the sole `` subject '' of `` international law '' ( a term which, it is pertinent to remember, was coined by Bentham ), a body of legal principle which by and large was made up of what Western nations could do in the world arena.
The enormous changes in world politics have, however, thrown it into confusion, so much so that it is safe to say that all international law is now in need of reexamination and clarification in light of the social conditions of the present era.
But is the result new barnsful of tested knowledge on the basis of which we can with confidence solve our domestic and international problems??
At the national and international level, then, what is the highest kind of morality for the private citizen represents an instance of political immorality.
and the question before these meetings was, here is a man of international reputation and proved earning power ; ;
The international economy of 1960 is markedly different from that of the early postwar years.
The immediate need for this kind of co-operation is underscored by the strain in this nation's international balance of payments.
If Jews are identified as a religious body in a controversy that comes before a national or international tribunal, it is obviously compatible with the goal of human dignity to protect freedom of worship.
What is required is the full implementation of Article 2 of the Treaty, which provides: `` The Parties will contribute toward the further development of peaceful and friendly international relations by strengthening their free institutions, by bringing about a better understanding of the principles upon which these institutions are founded, and by promoting conditions of stability and well-being.
It is possible that international organization will ultimately supplant the multi-state system, but its proper function for the immediate future is to reform and supplement that system in order to render pluralism more compatible with an interdependent world.
In other words, the Secretary General is to be a nonpartisan, international servant, not a political, national one.
It is the consequence of the system of ideas that constitutes the frame of our international -- and in some degree our domestic -- policy.
Since the goal of our international planners is a World Government, this Atlantic Community would mark a giant step in that direction for, once American economic autonomy is absorbed, a larger grouping is a question of time.
The Office of Foreign and Domestic Commerce is also active in the field of international trade, assisting Rhode Island firms in developing and enlarging markets abroad.
The Peace Corps is not a diplomatic or propaganda venture but a genuine experiment in international partnership.
The United States Government shall have the right to terminate the financing of further sales under this Agreement of any commodity if it determines at any time after June 30, 1961, that such action is necessitated by the existence of an international emergency.
The international unit is equipotent with the USP unit adopted in 1952, which was defined as the amount of activity present in 20 mg of the USP reference substance.
It is not surprising that the international obligations of states were also viewed in terms of contract.
In fact, some -- Anzilotti is the principle example -- went so far as to say that all international law could be traced to the single legal norm, Pacta sunt Servanda.

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