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interpretive and historical
In attempting to revise the past, illegitimate historical revisionism appeals to the intellect — via techniques illegitimate to historical discourse — to advance a given interpretive historical view, typically involving war crimes or crimes against humanity.
The phenomenological tie-in with the sociology of knowledge stems from two key historical sources for Mannheim's analysis: Mannheim was dependent on insights derived from Husserl's phenomenological investigations, especially the theory of meaning as found in Husserl's Logical Investigations of 1900 / 1901 ( Husserl: 2000 ), in the formulation of his central methodological work: " On The Interpretation of Weltanschauung " ( Mannheim: 1993: see fn41 & fn43 )-this essay forms the centerpiece for Mannheim's method of historical understanding and is central to his conception of the sociology of knowledge as a research program ; and The concept of " Weltanschauung " employed by Mannheim has its origins in the hermeneutic philosophy of Wilhelm Dilthey, who relied on Husserl's theory of meaning ( above ) for his methodological specification of the interpretive act ( Mannheim: 1993: see fn38 ).
However, the Friends of Upper Fort Garry, a group dedicated to developing an historical interpretive park at the site, was convened to oppose them.
* Grand Staircase Escalante Partners support for public awareness, interpretive, educational, scientific, scenic, historical, and cultural activities.
AMIA also funds projects including: habitat conservation and restoration work, trail accessibility construction and maintenance, providing interpretive displays and written information, facilities and historical objects rehabilitation, and acquiring interpretive items.
A large interpretive display is housed there and provides historical background surrounding the work of Sir Wilfred Thomason Grenfell.
Sidney Griffith, the head of the department of Semitic and Egyptian Languages and Literatures at the Catholic University of America wrote in a review of Decline of Eastern Christianity that Ye ' or has " raised a topic of vital interest "; adding, however, that the " theoretical inadequacy of the interpretive concepts of jihad and dhimmitude, as they are employed here ", and the " want of historical method in the deployments of the documents which serve as evidence for the conclusions reached in the study " serve as dual barriers.
Today, the fort is run by Parks Canada and is designated a National Historic Site of Canada, and houses a museum and interpretive center, and hosts historical re-enactments of military drills ( as well as a number of contemporary cultural events ).
In return for these fees, both countries have full-time trail maintenance crews, ranger / warden stations, well-designed campgrounds, and have placed numerous interpretive signs adjacent to notable historical sites and objects.
Within the Municipality of Crowsnest Pass one can find the Frank Slide Interpretive Centre, an interpretive display at Leitch Collieries Provincial Historic Site, underground tours of the Bellevue Mine Provincial Historic Site, and the Crowsnest Museum in downtown Coleman where pamphlets for self-guided historical driving tours of the municipality are also available.
The fair features historical programs, exhibits and hands-on interpretive activities.
Ten parks have historical interpretive centers, farm learning centers or nature centers.
The museum's exhibition area uses historic films, photographs, artifacts and interpretive displays to document the events of the assassination, the findings of the official investigations that followed and the historical legacy of the national tragedy.
There is a display of some of the original remains of this historical site in the carpark, interpretive signs recording the history.
His approach to Islamic philosophy is historical and at the same time informed at the interpretive levels by readings from contemporary Continental Thought and Anglo-American Analytic Philosophy.

interpretive and trail
* Sams Walker Day Use Site offers an interpretive trail, access to the Columbia River, and opportunities to view wildlife.
The park contains a kiosk, paved trail, interpretive signage, a cabin reconstruction, and a picnic area.
Along the trail are interpretive signs that
There is a small car park and a clearly marked and signposted battlefield trail with interpretive boards which make it easy to visualise the battle.
A 1. 3 km trail features a recreated logging camp, a steam-powered amphibious tug called an " alligator ", logging equipment and interpretive panels about logging industry activities in the park.
A small garden with interpretive native plant signs is at the entrance to the trail.
An interpretive trail guide to the natural features of Anderson Marsh State Historic Park.
SPGA runs a regular recreational and interpretive hikes on the Giant and volunteer trail maintenance programs.
Other than a few picnic tables, the only feature between Arch Rock and mile 3 is the Lake Shore Nature Trail, a short interpretive trail on the inland side of the road.
* Miners Falls, interpretive trail
* Miners Falls — This self-guiding interpretive trail passes Miners Basin and ends at Miners Falls.
The Bureau of Land Management has restored roofs to rows of single-miner's quarters, established an interpretive trail for visitors to Swansea, and is engaged in efforts to shore up other structures.
The Hickison Petroglyph Recreational Area, located 28 miles east of Austin, features a short interpretive trail where visitors can see ancient drawings carved into the rocks.
The Northland Loop Trail is a 0. 3 mile interpretive trail just south of Red Creek Campground on FS Rt 75 which accesses Alder Run Bog a typical, and much studied, " northern bog " or " southern muskeg ".
The heavily wooded park features a small interpretive display and a shady trail.
) interpretive trail that twists through a stand of old-growth western red cedar and hemlock trees, some more than 800 years old.
) interpretive trail that leads through valley bottom rainforest and fragile wetlands inhabited by muskrats, beavers, bears and the strange skunk cabbage plant.
This section of the Wilderness Road is now a hiking trail, including an interpretive center about the road's history located on the Tennessee side.
A lakeside interpretive trail has 18 panels which discuss the natural and cultural resources in the local area.
The Friends play a key role in many special events, including the annual Candlelight Ski, annual campout, trail construction and interpretive presentations.

interpretive and named
A group of local Councils fund the project named Riverlife, which trains tour guides and organises interpretive walking and cycling tours of the " river " most weekends.

interpretive and Trail
There is an interpretive site there now at " The End of The Oregon Trail.
The Discovery Trail offers a wheelchair accessible pathway, interpretive panels in Braille, and tree hugging platforms.
Important features of that national park include One Tree Hill ( formerly a fire-lookout, but now covered with trees, the lookout is in disrepair ) and the Kokoda Trail, a memorial walk dedicated to the Kokoda Trail of WW2 ( includes interpretive signage )— this part of the National Park is located in the neighbouring suburb of Upper Ferntree Gully — and accessed via the Mt Dandenong Tourist Road.
The interpretive Worthington Farm Trail, a pair of loops ( one nearly two miles ( 3 km ) long, the other 1. 6 miles ( 2 km )) on the northern portion of the battlefield, allows the visitor to walk parts of the battlefield and explore the native flora of the region.
The Lookout Trail features interpretive panels about the site's history.
An interpretive center for the Iron Goat Trail, located at Scenic on the upper Tye River, describes the history of the area including the old railroad and new trail.
The Chalk Bluff Hiking Trail traverses parts of the battlefield, with interpretive wayside markers and panels.
Two interpretive trails are the Arkansas Trail through the Arkansas Arboretum and the Kingfisher Trail next to the Little Maumelle River.
The Juan Bautista de Anza National Historic Trail " project " is ever growing as local, state, and NPS efforts establish more trails, signage, and interpretive programs.
The Cumberland Plateau Trail is a self-guided interpretive trail that loops through a diverse forest stand downstream from the dam.

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