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ode and her
" 100 Miles from Memphis ( released July 20 on A & M Records ), the distance from her hometown to the music mecca, is an ode to her formative memories of music-and one that the label hopes can inspire young music fans to investigate the landscape beyond processed pop and Auto-Tune.
Sir Arthur Sullivan composed music for her arrival and Poet Laureate Alfred, Lord Tennyson, wrote an ode in Alexandra's honour:
In Greek mythology, as recorded in Pindar's 9th Pythian ode, Cyrene ( or Kyrene, ) (" sovereign queen ") was the daughter of Hypseus, King of the Lapiths, although some myths state that her father was actually the river-god Peneus and she was a nymph rather than mortal.
The album was certified gold and included the hit " Mala Sangre ", an ode to her detractors.
According to the tradition of the Orthodox church, Saint Brigit lost one of her eyes which saved her from being married against her will as related in the first and second troparia of the fourth ode of the canon of the saint from the Orthodox Matins service:
Though the movie features excellent songs they all depict the situation like nothing else could, like a prisoner singing an ode to an imprisoned bird, " O Panchhi Pyare " sung by Asha Bhosle and Asha Bhosle's touching, ' Ab ke Baras Bhej Bhaiya ko Babul ' composed in ' Raga Pilu ', excellently uses the folk idiom of a traditional song of a newly married girl longing for her maternal home, ( maika ), but being sung by a prison inmate of Kalyani, immediately conveys the irony in its placement.
He complimented Morissette's emotions and writing in the album, but also said " The album is nearly 15 minutes too long ( did an ode to her mother, the sweet " Heart Of The House ," really need to be made public?
Because the mind of the plucker in this ode is divided between her task at hand and the love she has for a man in the ranks of Zhou, she cannot complete the simple task of filling her basket.
Their first child, Olivia Frances Madox, was born in September 1875, and her birth was celebrated in an ode of Swinburne.
She currently resides in her native Trinidad and Tobago with her 4 year old son, who became muse for her first book, “ Letters To Ailan ”, an ode to him and about her experience as a mother.
Williams ' 1801 Sketches of the State of Manners and Opinions in the French Republic showed a continued attachment to the original ideals of the French Revolution but a growing disenchantment with the rise of Napoleon ; as emperor, he would declare her ode " The Peace signed between the French and the English " ( also known as the " Ode on the Peace of Amiens ") to be treasonable to France.
The text, consisting of four paragraphs, is an ode to Norea, one of the emanations in Gnostic cosmology, the syzygy of Adam, and Sophia after her fall from grace.
Menard's music has been used in a number of TV shows internationally, most notably her tongue-in-cheek ode to gender politics, " If I Were a Man ", which was featured on an episode of the series Queer as Folk.
Lyrically, the piece is an ode to Björk's native land and her best friend, while containing subtexts relating to emergency.
" Becky Bain of Idolator praised the track, stating that " Britney goes genuine for this ode to her unborn baby.
New York Tendaberry is loosely Nyro's love ode to her hometown, New York City.
The newer songs include " Modela est ", a cover version of Kraftwerk's " Das Model " (" The Model "), sung in Latin ; and " Feralia Genitalia ", another ode to transgenderism as Anna-Varney Cantodea describes her " genitals rotting off " and her transformation into a woman.

ode and memory
The film is an ode to the memory of Joyce Hunter, a Queens waitress Cornell met in 1962.
Also in 1760 he composed an ode in memory of the late George II and as homage to George III ; it was first performed at the Drury Lane Theatre.
His memory was shortly afterwards honoured by Mr. Swinburne in a funereal ode of surpassing beauty.
Around 1720 Jacob Roeters came into possession of the estate and he renamed it Trompenburg and had a gilded plaque with an ode by Gerard Brandt in memory of Tromp installed over the entrance in 1725.

ode and So
So to ease their minds, and free them from any superstitious thoughts or forebodings of evil, Timoleon halted, and concluded an address suitable to the occasion, by saying, that a garland of triumph was here luckily brought them, and had fallen into their hands of its own accord, as an anticipation of victory: the same with which the Corinthians crown the victors in the Isthmian games, accounting chaplets of parsley the sacred wreath proper to their country ; parsley being at that time still the emblem of victory at the Isthmian, as it is now at the Nemean sports ; and it is not so very long ago that the pine first began to be used in its place .” “” ( Plutarch, Life of Timoleon ).</ ref > Victors could also be honored with a statue or an ode.

ode and many
Indeed, many people have come to see the song as a life-affirming ode to optimism.
Simonides embellished his ode with so many references to the twins Castor and Pollux ( heroic archetypes of the boxer ) that Scopas told him to collect half the commissioned fee from them — he would only pay the other half.
As mentioned above, both Cicero and Quintilian are sources for the story that Scopas, the Thassalian nobleman, refused to pay Simonides in full for a victory ode that featured too many decorative references to the mythical twins, Castor and Pollux.
In one victory ode, celebrating Glaucus of Carystus, a famous boxer, Simonides declares that not even Heracles or Polydeuces could have stood against him — a statement whose impiety seemed notable even to Lucian many generations later.
For example, the poetry of William Topaz McGonagall is also remembered with affection by many despite its seeming technical flaws, as in his ode on the death of Alfred, Lord Tennyson:
La Harpe has said that the poet, called by his friends, perhaps with a spice of irony, Lebrun-Pindare, had written many fine strophes but not one good ode.
It is in many ways similar to the ode and chant royal.
Derzhavin's ode Waterfall lamented his death ; likewise many in the military establishment had looked upon Potemkin as a father figure and were especially saddened by his death.
There were many joint works and collaborations: Rivers inspired a play by Koch, Koch and Ashbery together wrote the poem " A Postcard to Popeye ", Ashbery and Schuyler wrote the novel A Nest of Ninnies, and Schuyler collaborated on an ode with O ' Hara, whose portrait was painted by Rivers.
As a day of remembrance towards all gurus, through whom God grants the grace of knowledge ( Jnana ) to the disciples, special recitations of the Hindu scriptures especially, the Guru Gita, a 216 verse ode to Guru, authored by the sage, Vyasa himself, are held all day ; apart from singing of bhajans, hymns and organising of special kirtan session and havan at many places, where devotees from all over gather at the ashrams, matha or place where the seat of Guru, Guru Gaddi exists.

ode and who
The Pindarick of Cowley was revived around 1800 by William Wordsworth for one of his very finest poems, the Intimations of Immortality ode ; irregular odes were also written by Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, and Percy Bysshe Shelley who wrote odes with regular stanza patterns.
The ode plays upon the fact that those who are listening to Bacchylides have also read the epics of Homer, and understand the whole story behind this scene that would speak poorly of Achilles if people did not know the role he played in the Trojan war.
In Bacchylides ' ode, composed for Hiero of Syracuse, who won the chariot race at Olympia in 468, Croesus with his wife and family mounted the funeral pyre, but before the flames could envelop the king, he was snatched up by Apollo and spirited away to the Hyperboreans.
The most memorable included " The Footie Song ", an ode to football sung and written by people who clearly neither cared or knew anything about it, " The Robert De Niro Calypso ", a tribute to the famous actor, " My Name is Roscoe ", a country and western song whose lyrics included the theory of relativity and " Song For Bob Hoskins ".
The song, titled " Divine ," was an ode to the actor, who was one of Antony's lifelong heroes.
The entire duration of the novel up to that point is a romantic ode to their friendship-painting Rupert's love for Edgar in classical hues as Orestes who loved Pylades.
Cold's song " The Day Seattle Died " ( from the 2003 album, Year of the Spider ) was an ode to Staley, as well as Kurt Cobain, who were both figureheads of the grunge movement.
In 1832 he addressed an ode to Alphonse de Lamartine, who was then at Marseille on his way to the East.
But it was also was a protest ode dedicated to his friend ( ironically, a former Beatle who had shooed him across the Atlantic in the opposite direction ), John Lennon.
Sexton parodied body image as Dusty Springroll, who sang an ode to the fashionability of bulimia.
A number of Toulouse poets, mostly laureats of the Academy, may be termed followers of Goudelin: of these François Boudet deserves mention, who composed an ode, Le Trinfe del Moundi ( 1678 ), in honor of his native dialect.
* Anne Killigrew ( 1660-1685 ), poet and painter, who was maid of honour to the Duchess of York, and was the subject of an ode by Dryden, which Samuel Johnson thought the noblest in the language
" A Church Not Made With Hands " is an ode to a woman who " is everywhere and no place / Her church not made with hands ".
" Suzanne ", an ode to a " half-crazy " woman who lives near the St. Lawrence River in Montreal and who is capable of profound personal / spiritual connection with the song's narrator, was ranked 41st on Pitchfork Media's ' Top 200 Songs of the 1960s '.
The song is an ode to Fenn, who worked with Hawkins in Two Moon Junction.
The album featured several fan-favorites, such as " Radio Player ", " Overrated " and " Somewhere on Fullerton " ( an ode to the legendary Chicago punk venue, Fireside Bowl ), though the band had to part ways with both Rossi and Chris Rogner, who would concentrate on his own band August Premier.
Allman envisioned it as an ode to his then-girlfriend, a groupie named Dixie Meadows, who later would unsuccessfully sue to control Allman's estate after his death.
The album also contains a composition by 20 year old M. Rey DeLeon, entitled " Sock Monkey March ", a blistering and ominous march, intended to be a send up of old Esquivel compositions, and an ode to their then manager, Richard " Cord " Burk, who some say resembles a sock monkey in flight.
He was a nephew of the Poet Laureate of England, Robert Bridges, who honoured him with an ode To His Excellency.
Some fans took the latter as a veiled ode to John Lennon, who was shot and killed the preceding winter.
This is both a reference to the Disney film and an ode to Bradbury, who helped design the theme park.
Music who wrote that the song hints at what is to come as the warbling begins to move into overdrive on " ... a faintly sickly, if admirably slick, ode to that old Destiny's Child staple ... ", independence and self-belief in the face of a cheating man.

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