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Anatomy and Lesson
* 19th Century Anatomy Lesson Animated dissection following Gray's Anatomy
" Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp " by Rembrandt van Rijn, 1632.
Rembrandt paints the Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp, by Rembrandt, depicts an autopsy.
The portrait shown in the header is derived from the painting The Anatomy Lesson of Dr Tulp by Rembrandt and represents the leading Amsterdam physician Hartman Hartmanzoon ( 1591 – 1659 ).
The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp by Rembrandt ( 1632 )
He was signed to a solo deal by Sony Records in the early 1990s, but his intended debut solo album, The Anatomy Lesson, was shelved by the label and remains unreleased.
* The Anatomy Lesson ( 1983 )
* Moe's face is featured on Rembrandt's The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp.
* The Anatomy Lesson ( 1957 ) ( short stories )
In the picture, Maurício shows his reproduction of " Anatomy Lesson ", from Rembrandt.
The second Swamp Thing issue written by Alan Moore, The Anatomy Lesson reinterpreted and rewrote the whole history of the title character and changed the series ' focus majorly.
*" A Lesson in Anatomy " ( issue 12 )-Ray Bradbury's " The Man Upstairs "
In 1632 Rembrandt van Rijn was commissioned to paint the surgeons at work, and the resulting The Anatomy Lesson of Dr. Nicolaes Tulp made his reputation.

Anatomy and Dr
Or, The Anatomy of a Male Opossum: In a Letter to Dr Edward Tyson ," from Mr William Cowper, Chirurgeon, and Fellow of the Royal Society, London, by Edward Tyson, M. D. Fellow of the College of Physicians and of the Royal Society.
* Dame Kay Davies, FRS, Dr Lee's Professor of Anatomy
In John Irving's 1985 novel The Cider House Rules, Dr. Larch orders his apprentice gynecologist Homer Welles to read Gray's Anatomy.
* Grey's Anatomy ( 2008 ) — Dr. Derek " McDreamy " Shepherd is canonically a Bowdoin grad.
Lowe passed on the role of Dr. Derek Shepherd of Grey's Anatomy, which eventually went to Patrick Dempsey.
In 2006, she appeared in the television medical drama Grey's Anatomy as Jane Burke, the demanding mother of Dr. Preston Burke.
* In " The Name of the Game ", an episode of the drama Grey's Anatomy, Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Bailey treat a 7th grade regional spelling champion, making him spell words in order to both reduce his anxiety during awake brain surgery and test his cognitive function during the procedure.
Dr. Cristina Yang, a surgical resident played by Sandra Oh on Grey's Anatomy, graduated from Smith College with degrees in French Literature and Chemistry, and lived in Tyler House.
From 1846 to 1856, Dr. Gull held the post of Lecturer on Physiology and Comparative Anatomy at Guy's.
* Dr. Preston Burke, Grey's Anatomy
She is best known for the role of Dr. Cristina Yang on ABC's medical drama Grey's Anatomy, for which she has won Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild awards.
* Dr. Cristina Yang, a character on the popular medical television drama Grey's Anatomy is a Stanford alumna and ' graduated first in her class ', despite Stanford's medical school not actually having grades or rankings
Raver joined Season 6 of Grey's Anatomy in a recurring role as Dr. Teddy Altman, a cardiothoracic surgeon brought in by Dr. Owen Hunt, who served with her in Iraq.
* Dr. Addison Forbes Montgomery, a character in the American TV series, Grey's Anatomy spun off to the series Private Practice
MacNicol has joined the cast of Grey's Anatomy as Dr. Stark, a pediatric surgeon.
She plays Dr. Virginia Dixon, a surgeon with Asperger syndrome for three episodes of Grey's Anatomy in 2008 and 2009.

Anatomy and .
Anatomy and geometry are fused in one, and each does something to the other.
Anatomy ( from the Ancient Greek, anatemnein: ana, " separate, apart from ", and temnein, " to cut up, cut open ") is a branch of biology and medicine that considers the structure of living things.
* Anatomy Mnemonics Mnemonics in Anatomy.
* Anatomy of the Human Body Gray, Henry.
Angola: The Anatomy of an Oil State.
As Grey's Anatomy is on ABC, but is carried in Canada on CTV at the same time, for instance, the cable, satellite, or other broadcast distributor must send the CTV feed over the signal of the carried ABC affiliate, even where the ABC version is somehow different, particularly commercials.
According to medical intuitive and author, Caroline Myss, who described chakras in her work Anatomy of the Spirit ( 1996 ), " Every thought and experience you've ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases.
Films like 12 Angry Men ( 1957 ) and Anatomy of a Murder ( 1959 ) show the inner workings of a courtroom.
He graduated from the medical department of the University of Pennsylvania in 1838, and a few years later set up in practice at Philadelphia and became a lecturer at the Philadelphia School of Anatomy.
In 1852, he bought and revived the Philadelphia School of Anatomy, where he continued to work through 1862.
From Gray's Anatomy.
His Anatomie menschlicher Embryonen ( Anatomy of human embryos ) employs a series of his most important drawings chronicling developing embryos from the end of the second week through the end of the second month of pregnancy.
Michael Richardson and his colleagues in a July 1997 issue of Anatomy and Embryology, demonstrated that Haeckel fudged his drawings in order to exaggerate the similarity of the phylotypic stage.
" Producing Development: The Anatomy of Human Embryos and the Norms of Wilhelm His.
The Anatomy of Fascism.
Anatomy of the vulva, showing the clitoral glans, Crus of clitoris | clitoral crura, Corpus cavernosum of clitoris | corpora cavernosa, and Bulb of vestibule | vestibular bulbs.
For a short time, when the University of Vienna closed, Hayek studied in Constantin von Monakow's Institute of Brain Anatomy, where Hayek spent much of his time staining brain cells.
Shock and Awe: The Performance Dimension of Galen ’ s Anatomy Demonstrations.
* Richard Sammons, The Anatomy of the Georgian Room.
An Arabic manuscript, dated 1200, titled Anatomy of the Eye, authored by al-Mutadibih.
The Tashrih al-badan ( Anatomy of the body ) of Mansur ibn Ilyas ( c. 1390 ) contained comprehensive diagrams of the body's structural, nervous and circulatory systems.

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